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3D9X, almost an exact replica of 3D4X, the famous protocol droid who assassinated his master, Hekis Thun, on Mechis III when IG-88 reprogrammed him has had a rough life. He was sold to Svan Mardak, a notorious killer on Ovoo IV. After given an assigment to hunt down and kill a senator who had just recently dared to tread on the pride of Svan's employer, Kohan Gatspsus, Nine Ex was sent to do the dirty job himself. ThreeDeeNineEx was supposed to shoot the senator right in the middle of his speech in the Grand Colessium. Earerly awating the downfall of him nemesis, Kohan attended the speech. 9X was just lining up his sights right in the middle of the senator's fat forehead, when he had a change of heart. So, shifting his sights over to Kohan, who was sitting right beside the senator, shot him right in the face. Thinking that NineEx was useless, and had commited a crime, Svan junked him. Nine years later, a young nobleman was riffling through the trash, to find parts for his new accountant droid, which he thought he would call 8T88, He found an intact droid head, and it seemed to attached to something. Digging deeper, he found what was left of 3D9X, and decided to put off the 8T88 project, and re-assemble 3D9X... (description continues for quite a bit in the readme file)


Level Info:

Download: 3D9X: Assassin Extraordinaire
File Size: 151k
Date: 06/03/01
Author: Nightmare_Demon
Downloads: 1765


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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Demon_NightmarePosted: 06/03/01 00:39   Report Abuse
Um, dude, no offense or anything...but could you change your name?

It just seems odd you come up with my exact name just switched...

*The True* Demon_Nightmare


DoublefakePosted: 06/03/01 06:04   Report Abuse
What does this mod do anyhow?


DemonicMurrayPosted: 06/03/01 18:45   Report Abuse
That story line is cool, but you left out a few important details. Like, maybe... um... oh yeah, WHAT DOES IT DO?


scaramangaPosted: 06/05/01 18:01   Report Abuse
This is ok. Worth the download if you've downloaded everything else that is mediocre or above. Good skin, but that is all the Mod has. Maybe you should try releasing this as a MP skin pack (obviously, have to come up with more skins) or come up with some level involving this character. I give it a 5, considering it WAS a good looking skin.


DarthBosskPosted: 06/05/01 22:00   Report Abuse
Ummm... I've read Tales of the Bounty Hunters, and 3D4X isn't an assassin; IG88 just installed his memory into 3D4X, as he had to three other IG assassins... not to mention all the droids on Mechis III. So 3D4X didn't do it consiously, and even if he WAS an assassin, he sure wouldn't look like this... Assassins aren't supposed to be so noticeable!!


BrianNewmanPosted: 06/09/01 02:58   Report Abuse
yeah, that wasn't funny. Who cares if you are affending anyone?! It's constructive criticism. I'm sure he's a big boy, I'm sure he can whipe his own @$$, and I'm sure he can take an insult.


Super S51Posted: 06/14/01 15:23   Report Abuse
Yeah it's called freedom of speech dude


-=[RPM]Wraith=-Posted: 07/26/01 00:53   Report Abuse
he he ha ho ha ha ho. Good tay.


DarthyunPosted: 08/14/01 16:17   Report Abuse
This really bites the big one.........


AoG_588Posted: 08/17/01 23:00   Report Abuse
oh... and the story isnt even in the game


JL_SnapePosted: 12/16/01 03:16   Report Abuse


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