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This is just a grapple mod that works for mots, replaces field light.


Level Info:

Download: grapplemod101
File Size: 7k
Date: 06/09/01
Author: clint waspe
Downloads: 1615


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 6
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Spider-ManPosted: 07/11/01 13:11   Report Abuse
This mod is excellent. I like how you can use weapons while you are using the grappling hook. I give this a rating of 9. But could you make an icon for the grappling hook instead of replacing the Field Light? I can't see anything in the dark!


NatetheokayPosted: 08/23/01 23:43   Report Abuse
Pretty good in MP but it won't work in SP. Also, replacing the field light was a bad idea. You also might to try making it so you can switch between toggle and hold\release.


TaronDaxPosted: 11/06/01 19:53   Report Abuse
Not bad. An idea I've seen worked successfully elsewhere is to map the grapple to secondary fire on the Bryar pistol.


stickystufPosted: 12/30/01 14:55   Report Abuse


The_Person88Posted: 07/11/04 02:16   Report Abuse
It was no good... It would of been better if you assigned it a hotkey and didnt have to hold it down


PhenixPosted: 11/05/05 21:45   Report Abuse
Good mod but this mod is not compatible with SBX's mod. :(
We can use the sabre to replace the field light. :)
We can use this mod with the good mod Dark Forces 3.0 :
In Dark Forces's mod you have IR Goggles when you begin. :)


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