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This patch has some great guns although this is only a BETA release (the full version is on the way). The full version will include internal models too but this BETA only includes external models. The guns are really cool but the JPEGs suck because they are small files (18 kb); don't let them dissapoint you. This BETA version was released so I could get some help and get bugs fixed in the full version. If you want to help email me.


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Download: The FPSMan'sGuns v.5 BETA
File Size: 498k
Date: 06/09/01
Author: TheFPSMan
Downloads: 846


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 2
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AeolusPosted: 06/09/01 10:08   Report Abuse
/me kicks self!

Send your MotS in for an new one, you goof!

/me kicks self!


JC_PloKoonPosted: 06/09/01 11:14   Report Abuse
...kinda hard to see the screens...too blurry...the gun on Screenshot #2 looks neat though...(may not if I could actually see it clearer)


OvermindPosted: 06/09/01 12:40   Report Abuse
You need a new video card fast if your screen shots are turning out like that! Good work keep it up I bet the full version will get a 10 for sure.


dV8_D_STRUCTAHPosted: 06/09/01 17:42   Report Abuse
Bwah, wish I could find MotS somewhere... try resolution 1600x1200, I get 60fps steady. Shots look fresh.


SykoPAthEPosted: 06/09/01 20:50   Report Abuse
"the JPEGs suck because they are small
files (18 kb);"

I think they are all blurry is because they are compressed so much...


GethroPosted: 06/09/01 22:47   Report Abuse
I got MotS off the Internet. Not illegally I bought it.

Its about time someone made a gun mod for MotS!


TheFPSManPosted: 06/10/01 14:34   Report Abuse
Umm.. the reason why the screen shots turned out that way is because i set the grass texture to 20w 20l stretch factor and then I accidently took the screens and put them on JPEG quality 119 which put them on a 19 kb space. I had my resolution as high as I could go 1024x768(because of my moniter).

Can somebody please help me with the MOD i'm not sure how to make First Person guns.


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