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This is my first attempt at JK editing so give me a break on the ratings. I downloaded the gun sound pack, 2 cogs from one of my friends, and the gun 3DO pack. Then, I made my own cogs and BMs and threw them together to get this. The mod modifies all the weapons but the saber. It also has a IR goggle cog that lets you fly if you use the ir goggles. I plan to make a 2nd version and replace the IR goggle cog with a grappling hook. Its a small download so just give it a try.


Level Info:

Download: Brutal Weapons Pack
File Size: 336k
Date: 06/10/01
Author: RoBoBeau
Downloads: 2494


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 7
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HebedeePosted: 06/10/01 23:11   Report Abuse
I had the same idea as you - its not a good one. See "Chaos Weapons Pack", it has the exact same features, guns from the same pac, and I THINK sounds from the same pack as well. Keep working at cogs, make your own templates, etc. Its better to have original stuff than the same.


Chiss LordPosted: 02/22/02 02:26   Report Abuse
Very good for a first try. The graphics are impressive for a first try, but not perfect. The gameplay is fun though. Heavy weapons dominate :)


MoDaNPosted: 10/03/02 12:15   Report Abuse
pretty good mod, especially for your first try. i think you should make some more mods as well



EdwardPosted: 07/14/03 11:00   Report Abuse
They were nice!
But I god a bit carried away with the mines... I placed a hundred and when they went off, I got splattered against every wall!



Knuckles ßetaPosted: 07/16/05 06:59   Report Abuse
i rated 10! its bloody amazing!


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