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Adaptation of the Cargo Ship multiplayer level from Mysteries of the Sith. The changes make the level larger, and there are more powerups. No-force matches still work.


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Download: Cargo Chasm
File Size: 155k
Date: 06/10/01
Author: Gelatinous Drool
Downloads: 747


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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GelatinousDroolPosted: 07/01/01 05:49   Report Abuse
No comments...?...Please, atleast tell me everything that sucks about this level!


rshotgunPosted: 08/30/05 03:27   Report Abuse
To the author, although he won't read this, nothing sucks about this level, in fact, it's probably the best adaptation of the cargo ship to date.

JK has canyon Oasis, MotS has the Cargo Ship. If it was me, I'd pick the Ship over Oasis, but that's just me. Now what happens if you take the ship, and add it to a canyon enviroment? Cargoasis? Not really, you get this level. It is really, really good actually. Frankly I was surprised. It excelled in many ways. For instance, the ship feels much less confined now, that's an excellent achievement. Better yet, this was designed really well, with tons of outdoor eyecandy, one big stone pillar for example. In other words, it looks nice. Plus the powerups have been changed around a bit, and have been tinkered with. One of my favorite features was with the thermal detonator traps... they've been changed. Gargantuan grenades... can't go wrong!

This level, is basically, Cargo Ship's older, better brother. Another nine.


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