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This is the new edition of my sabers... so to speak. I have simply put together my four best sabers. They are as follows: Halfman's Saber (see screenshot 1), the Shadowfiend Saber (see screenshot 2), the Rainbow Saber, and the Night Saber. I have eliminated the EVIL LITTLE BLACK BOX using Mat16... one problem. Some of the other colors also magically disappeared too. If anyone can help with this problem, please let me know. And I would really really appreciate all the criticism I can get, good or bad. I'll never be a good editor otherwise. One note: If you don't like my sabers... don't use them. But tell me what you don't like.


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Download: Halfman's Sabers Again
File Size: 27k
Date: 06/11/01
Author: Sef Halfman
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Han5678Posted: 06/11/01 13:18   Report Abuse
okay to fix that use paint shop pro. Then download the colormaps from misc. Then take your mats and convert them back to bmp's then press shift + o then open one of the colormaps. Save then put through mat16. I think that should fix your problem.


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 06/12/01 00:17   Report Abuse
I tried that with the default colormap/palette thing, and it still makes too much transparent. I can't figure out why, either. Thanks anyway, though. SOMEONE RATE MY CRAP WORK please! hehehehe!

Sef Halfman


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 07/22/01 00:43   Report Abuse
NOTE: The sshots are reversed from what I said!


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