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Kyp Durron, newest Jedi Knight trainee to Luke's camp on Yavin 4, disillusioned after the murder of his brother Zeth on Carida by an Imperial Officer, and led by the spirit of the long dead Sith Lord Exar Kun, sets out on a journey of destruction and revenge against what he sees as the embodiment of the Empire. Admiral Daala. He knows he can not easily get on board her Star Destroyers without her knowing about it, so he goes about getting himself noticed so she will "invite" him aboard. 5 levels where the object isn`t just to blast from one end to the other, but has objectives to accomplish and problems to solve. You must remember to use the force, or you are unlikely to survive. Contains new characters, cutscenes, 3do`s, mats, cogs and the rest. My second released level, so kind reviews would be nice, also requires coloured lighting enabled. Am I the only female Jedder?


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Download: Revenge of a Jedi
File Size: 5.5Megs
Date: 06/11/01
Author: Kai
Downloads: 3204


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 23
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LEGION_DARKPosted: 06/11/01 11:26   Report Abuse
I like it!

I give it an 8...

P.S. Whats wrong with being the only female Jeder? :)


LinkPosted: 06/11/01 14:53   Report Abuse
its awsome I give it an 8

P.S.(its ok)


Shadow2852Posted: 06/11/01 16:44   Report Abuse
This is great!


Frostbitten-MonkeyPosted: 06/11/01 17:39   Report Abuse
It looks like a great level, I would be downloading it, but I unfortunately do not have Mysteries of the Sith. The screenshots look great, and that hangar has a nice look to it.
( Wasn't that the original title for "Return of the Jedi"?)


Chris SwanPosted: 06/11/01 18:04   Report Abuse
Well, it was Revenge of THE Jedi. This level sounds pretty good. I'll comment when I've played it.


LEGION_DARKPosted: 06/11/01 19:03   Report Abuse

Nightmare, this author is a she not a he... :)


Demon_NightmarePosted: 06/11/01 19:24   Report Abuse
I gave this level set an 8. Here's my review.


Arch goes up and down throughout the 5 levels. There's some really detailed parts that are pleaseant to look at, yet some parts are just boxes put in. But hey, most building's are boxy...=) Different styles emerged throughout the levels, and you never really got bored wandering through the levels.


This is one of the weakest area's in level. Most area's were fine, but there were several that just were plain ugly. CMP problems on some textures also plagued part of the levels, but overall it was pretty good.


I usually don't bring this up, but this is what took the most away from the fun. Everytime something happened "COG_61049" or something like that would show. A simple fix to cogstrings would fix that.


This is where the level set shines. 5 levels, and none short at that. You have the average find the key, deactivate force field, type puzzles, but it seemed to mix very well.

Also, these levels are long! It took me almost 2 hours to beat the entire set, so if you have time, then you should give it a shot.

Cutscenes were pretty decent getting the story across and not being too boring. She did some neat tricks like comlink's etc with the cutscenes that really added to the level.

My only problem with this level set was lots of the stuff she did wasn't entirely new. You saw some stuff that was influenced by BoaM (Stormies shooting targets), enemies straight out of ORS, etc. While she mentioned it in readme, I think it would have been better if she had done several things a bit more fresh.

Overall, this set is definalty worth the download if you have MotS. The levels do what they should, entertain. While a few drawbacks, it doesn't ruin the gameplay.

Also, it's nice to see someone else was influenced to start editing by C@rni...might not believe in his views, but ORS was what sparked me too. =)

Can't wait for more levels from this author, as it shows she has what it takes to make them.



Demon_NightmarePosted: 06/11/01 19:24   Report Abuse
Thanks legion, I fixed it...=)


GonkPosted: 06/11/01 23:30   Report Abuse
Let me first dub you mistress of the curved surface. HOLY CRAP are there a lot of them. :) Now, on to more schtuff. First off, I loved the hangars! I also love the scene of 'oh.. my... god..' that watching all those imps ride slowly up on the elevator creates.. The skybox outside with the ISDs was a nice touch as well. The starting passageway to (I think it was) the 2nd or 3rd level, the one that curves downward, is amazing. I love how you did that, and for your second level released, that's much better than my paltry skills. I also REALLY like the globe thingy that floats in the air. Is that a .par?

Just a few gripes.. First off, when I break out of the cell (which is fun in itself.. :)), I have to go grab my saber. Ok, that's done, level finished, off I go. So we make a big deal out of finding the saber, and then for the remaining levels I'm not given a saber, period. The saber would've been much appreciated as well, because, well, I was constantly at like 12 ammo on my repeater, with everything else either being saved should there be an AT-ST around the corner, or empty. Without the aid of a saber I literally found myself running around punching and gripping anything that would shoot at me, just because I wanted ammo.. I know he's breaking out of the ship and all, but the imps HAVE to store ammo SOMEWHERE don't they? Also, the Cogstrings are very simple to edit, but it confuses most people. Just go to the Episode Editor in JED, and hit the Edit Strings button. If you need an example as to how to fix the 'COG_xxxx' messages, just look at one of the Cogstrings.uni files from JK or MotS.

Overall, though, this one's a keeper. I love seeing new people introducing some really cool new ideas, and teaching us oldbies a thing or two. A conc rifle stormy is a good idea... I might have to get to work on that. :P God, they've got me into enemy packs again... help... please..?


Demon_NightmarePosted: 06/12/01 00:36   Report Abuse
Gonk, I had the saber every level except that tiny part of level when it was taken away. Then once I got it back, it was there the hole time.



DormousePosted: 06/12/01 03:45   Report Abuse
the most fun level pack i've played in quite some time..and that's saying a lot..
the architecture and texturing was excellent , a few misalignments but nothing dreadful..
really just fun..(:


The Last True EvilPosted: 06/12/01 11:16   Report Abuse
Heh, "Mistress of the Curved Surface"...what an honour for her it must be...


JEDI_StormiePosted: 06/12/01 11:44   Report Abuse
I'm giving this level a 4, because you pinched stuff oua leeza's Destiny, I saw something that looked like something outa TNE2, BoaM was in there...


scaramangaPosted: 06/12/01 21:46   Report Abuse
But I liked this level. Liked it to the level of 8, in a matter of fact...


Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/13/01 18:46   Report Abuse
Hmmmm... I loved the cutscene, except for the blurry text at the beginning, but maybe that was just me. One of the cogs couldn't be found, and the waterfall and fountain were TOO LOUD!!!! That's all you could hear. Other than that, a great level! Oh, btw, I never made it past the first one, because the doors were uncogged, and couldnot open. The grates wouldn't slash for me, either. :P :(


JEDI_StormiePosted: 06/13/01 19:35   Report Abuse
I think it was level 3, but you pinched the best bits outa leezas destiny, retextured them and hoped people wouldn't notice! At one point everything was boxey apart from the stuff you pinched


Plasma ManPosted: 06/13/01 20:50   Report Abuse
She did thank the people for giving her permission to use them in the readme. ;)


kaiPosted: 06/13/01 21:37   Report Abuse
Cheers guys for the majority of e-mails and comments that have been positive and encouraging, and to the small minority of people who seem to have taken a personal offence to my level, I don`t do this for money, to further my career or fame, but as a bit of fun for people like you to play in your spare time. Thanks again!


Evil_GrevenPosted: 06/14/01 14:45   Report Abuse
If someone ASKS PERMISSION to use 3dos/mats/cogs/etc in a level, you've no right to criticize because of that. Stealing is one thing, asking and being granted permission is another.


JK2k_AvengerPosted: 06/14/01 20:46   Report Abuse
This is a really good SP level, kinda reminds me of Dark Forces a bit. anyways I'm gonna give this level a 7


ChrisRokPosted: 06/14/01 22:56   Report Abuse
This was a real good level pack. Maybe the best add-on yet. The puzzles were very good, some took a few minutes to figure out. Good Job, Thanks for the level.


Lore seekerPosted: 06/15/01 22:35   Report Abuse
this is a purdy good level pack! i really wish there were more sp levels around though... i hope you make another for us!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/19/01 12:37   Report Abuse
Oh, and I agree with Stormie, there definately were quite a few 'pirated goods,' you might say. 3do's from whoever they are, (lol, I forget), and a few guys from One Rebel's Sacrifice. If you steal a few cogs here and there, and maybe a nice 3do or two, no one notices, or if they do, no one says much, but if you take something that was on the 'cover' (main menu screen) of ORS, ppl will definately notice.


master_jedi_knightPosted: 08/05/01 16:16   Report Abuse
This level is amazing, it is huge, taking over 3 hours to complete, and it is just right in all details, architecture, enemy placement etc, plus a good story and brilliant cutscenes. There were one or two slight niggles (minor texture misalignments, and cog anomalies that didn`t really effect the overall game play), that would have take maybe half a day to fix, and with all the effort and time the author has obviously put into this, I don`t know why she didn`t do it. As I can`t give it nine and a half, I`m giving it a ten! Please bring out another SP level, and I`ll deffinately DL it.


DarthDoobyPosted: 09/09/01 08:07   Report Abuse
I'm Downloading it now and it seems rather interesting. I was a huge fan of the Jedi Academy Trilogy by Timothy Zahn and also I,Jedi. We'll see if Kyp lives up to redeeming his brother.


kaiPosted: 09/23/01 10:15   Report Abuse
Over a thousand DLs! Thanks to every one who has taken the time to download my level, play it and send me e-mails! Thanks!


KammericePosted: 09/29/01 17:03   Report Abuse
The Jedi Academy Trilogy was written by Kevin J Anderson. Timothy Zahn wrote the Heir to the Empire trilogy.
Haven't downloaded the level yet, so can't comment.


DelavantePosted: 02/24/02 13:35   Report Abuse
Looks just fine, but what do you do after you landed in the first level? Iīve knocked out all the baddies but I canīt seem to get anywhere.


Hard DriverPosted: 04/13/02 03:15   Report Abuse
hey, it's really nice to see girls who do stuff that guys only do. one problem though, Jedi do not have revenge! otherwise, I'm putting this on my "to download" list.


deathsaber 5Posted: 10/22/02 15:29   Report Abuse
This is the best one I've ever downloaded. I loved the ships in the hangar at the begining of the game. I give it a 9.


cbPosted: 04/25/06 04:27   Report Abuse
An interesting level that made me want to read the last two books in the Anderson trilogy. I like the levels based on actual Star Wars books or scenes from the movie. Has anyone thought of an Episode II or III level?


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