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In an effort to enhance JK for optimal saber dueling, I've created Guardians of the Galaxy:

  • It speeds up the saber attacks (the .KEYs and the time between them), replaces the big double slash with a quick twirl, producing no more damage than any other attack, and reduces saber damage to lengthen duels (and to balance it as a weapon due to swing speeds.)
  • It adds a Sith Saber, with new animations by yours truly.
  • There are new sounds for the Lightsaber, Sith Saber (different), and most Force powers.
  • It adds the Force Push power, new gun bolts, and Glowsaber 3 technology on the sabers with all new saber models.
  • There are a bunch of great new skins for duel/robe/robe-with-hood with personal robe tints, and all new player models, including 9 of the 12 Jedi Council members.
  • There's a useful flip feature, wherin you tap Force Jump in the middle of a jump, and it performs a back/front flip, depending on direction, and gives you a little boost upwards.
  • Also, there's a special "Dramatic Music" function, which plays a file called "music.wav" in your resource/sound folder (you must supply it; see the documentation).

I must say, the lightsaber is now a wonderful art. Dueling (as long as you don't have too much lag) can evolve into a strategic series of blocks, swings, and dodges, and my beta testers and I all agreed that, if played correctly, this can be considered a revamp of the saber system. The only advice I can give now is "don't stop swinging". Really, the game will block when it needs to in a duel, most of the time. Trust the Force!

Note: This patch requires a video card capable of displaying 16-bit mats.


Level Info:

Download: Guardians of the Galaxy
File Size: 5.3Megs
Date: 06/21/01
Author: TIE
Downloads: 4539


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 42
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monkeyonastringPosted: 06/21/01 19:21   Report Abuse
2nd download! w00t! :D
can't wait to try it out!


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 06/21/01 19:27   Report Abuse
This mod kicks serious arse. I love it! I give it a nine, because there's always room for improvement, but in this case, not very much. Slowing the player movement down a bit, slowing down the sithsaber animations, changing the saber ignition sounds, and adding a few features I talked to Darth J about would make this PERFECT. But as it is, it's an EXCELLENT mod, and I never want to play JK without it.


WhiteHamsterPosted: 06/21/01 19:35   Report Abuse
I'm downloading right now.. Damn, I've been waiting a long time for this!! I haven't even played it, but I've given it a 10. ^_^



WAR_BrahamaBullPosted: 06/21/01 20:13   Report Abuse
hey its awsome that this mod came out on my bday its like a birthday present,but i was wondering if it had sith in their sith robes?
the screens look awsome


Sith WitchPosted: 06/21/01 20:15   Report Abuse
As one of the primary testers for GotG, I must say that TIE's innovation and creativity on this mod make it one of the best ever released for Jedi Knight. There are more new features than you can shake a stick at (really!) and every byte of this thing is worth it. It's great to even just play around with it to discover all the new things... Go download, I command you!


FirestormPosted: 06/21/01 20:54   Report Abuse
Yeah it rocks.. nuff said.. this is the best thing to happen to JK since Spork.


Cave_DemonPosted: 06/21/01 22:38   Report Abuse
People! Stop telling every secret of this mod!
This mod is the best ever made (after AM4, of course:p)
I played it 2 hours, and we had Episode 1 -remake :)
3 player,
Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and maul @ DotF SE, it was so much fun...


WAR_FranticPosted: 06/21/01 22:56   Report Abuse
this mod is so bad!!!

i love the sabers, the new weapon 3dos, and the sounds, and the skins are the best skins i have ever seen.

and maybe you could add a small saber trail, not as big as the Glowsaber one, one smaller and more simple to keep the frame rate high and the lag low

thanks for making such a great saber mod


lazerus250Posted: 06/21/01 23:39   Report Abuse
I gove this a ten!!! Its a great mod. I have one problem... Some of the skins dont show up the mats are messed. How do I fix this darth mauls face is fuzzy multicolored and almost everyone else is. How do I fix this.


lazerus250Posted: 06/22/01 00:13   Report Abuse
May I use GOTF for a clan name. Pretty Pleeeaaassse


Darth JPosted: 06/22/01 00:15   Report Abuse
The problem with the mats is because your 3d card does not fully support 16bit mats, I get the same problem occasionally.


SeiferPosted: 06/22/01 01:30   Report Abuse


Jedi HowellPosted: 06/22/01 01:50   Report Abuse
You making a v. 2? Cause I got a few(And I mean few) suggestions:

1. Turn off saber, but keep it in your hand. Maybe you could do this with the SithSaber for pressing 'da SS button a 2nd time; same with the saber except 'da saber button

2. When you hold teh sithsaber and run, hold it by your side pointing forward, with a slight angle, maybe.

3. Fix those skins!

4. Not a suggestion, but a question: Sith Witch, how do you do that 1337 jump?



BoL_PretenderPosted: 06/22/01 02:04   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a 10 because it sounds so awesome! Downloading now ^_^


JipePosted: 06/22/01 03:20   Report Abuse
I hate to say it, but someone had to.. this is basically Spork, 2 years later, except with faster animations and slightly lower quality keys. It really isn't the great revival of JK - sure, it's fun to play, but not too much original stuff.. the .wav player was very nice and added some atmosphere.


BoL_PretenderPosted: 06/22/01 04:05   Report Abuse
A few things i'd like to comment on that would make this not just another SPORK really.

1) Add some more variety to the saber moves. I noticed with second fire its basically twirl with a overhead on single blade and double blade its pretty similiar. Perhaps if you could make the player do different moves for first fire or left/right back/forward on second fire it would add more variety to this.

2) Sounds and I cant emphasize that enough. It would appear you used default Kyle Katarn sounds for all the characters, when really proper character sounds really do help enhance the experience further. If you the author want to I would allow you to use the sounds I recorded from my Brigade of Light Skinpack 1.0 here at Massassi as long as I was credited in your README file. I recorded a lot of sounds for all the major characters from the movies.

3) Perhaps add in a grapple hook/hookshot. I know JK has a limit of 3 new cogs that can be assigned keys in Keyboard setup, so if Drama Music was removed you'd have room for a grapple hook. I dont see myself using drama music and I do not think many other people would either.

4) I noticed with the Sith Saber you dont allow for color toggle. If you allowed for color toggle on some characters when using Sith saber it would help.

5) Make a version of this MOD without Glowsaber technology. While I do like Glowsaber technology it can get to be boring after awhile. A version without glowsaber would then allow for custom/normal saber .MATS and even 16 bit saber mats.

6) Replace force grip with something new as well. Perhaps a saber throw cog saber similiar to the one found in MOTS or something to do with enhanced blocking or swinging would be nice.

Otherwise very nice work on the MOD I liked the new BM screens you did very nice. ^_^
BoL will probably also try this mod out in our next 8-10 player Saberfests we sometimes hold on weekends with a cable/DSL host, should be LOTS of fun. =)


WhiteHamsterPosted: 06/22/01 08:08   Report Abuse
I tried it out last night.. Jedi Tower. I were Yarael Poof, my fav. Star Wars character, and I kicked @$$!!
It was great fun. This MOD deserves a 20, not a 10.


l Kryton lPosted: 06/22/01 12:09   Report Abuse
This is a great mod. but there is some kinks that need to be worked :

1)sabers are pretty horrible, the yellow one is fine but the others are ugly,plus they loose thier glow when your in battle.

2)sithsaber was crap. wasnt effective at all.
(also one end of the blade was black and the otherside was red) also the sound when it was idle was very annoying.

3)you have got to change skins to 8 bit for the love of jesus...hehe i have a chitty @$$ ATI rage pro turbo the cannot handle them.

4)make all saber more like glowsabers 3.0
if people dont want the laggy saber trails then can just turn them off, i really hope that if you update this your put that in.

ok thats all i can think of...dude you've made a sweet mod i hope you work out the bugs and such and update it.

oh yeah i gave it a 9 and those BMs you made kicked @$$.

- peace


Gilg85Posted: 06/22/01 13:20   Report Abuse
Love the mod. I just have a couple problems.
1. The Sith saber seems to move a bit too fast.
2. I'm not big on the reduced damage. I always thought of the lightsaber as an immensely powerful weapon.
Other than that, I enjoyed it.


The Can-day ManPosted: 06/22/01 17:22   Report Abuse
Whoa! This is so much better than spork! I mean, sure, it doesn't have all those good skins and the grapple, but the saber improvements are tight. Love the music feature. Keep up the good work.

Do you like Can-day?


TIEPosted: 06/22/01 17:40   Report Abuse
I'll add a comment only to disperse some of the false things being said about the mod:

The skins/saber are not "messed up." Any bugs, including a black sithsaber, are the result of 16-bit mats. In the menu, lots of skins look wierd because of the 16-bit mats. JK's character selection screen runs in software mode, therefore you get ugly pink/white textures. If you have a sufficient video card, everything will work expertly in-game.

Someone mentioned I should replace force grip - I did. It's now force push.

People have been saying how the saber is too weak - I did this to
a) balance the weapon after speeding up it's attacks
b) lengthen saber duels. (More so "b" than "a")

Also, as most people know, I removed the saber trails because the swing-speed combined with the saber model-switching caused an unplayable amount of lag. I didn't want to replace any of my hotkeys to make room for toggleable trails because
a) I prefer all of my current hotkeys over saber trails, and
b) I still wouldn't be able to use them anyway.

I did not use the default kyle sounds for every character. I did, however, use LEC's sounds. I may have recorded sound from the movie, but
a) I think 5.3 mb is big enough for a mod, and
b) You can only say "ugh" so many different ways.

The Sith Saber - I made only a red sithsaber because I've only ever seen a red Sith Saber. No use trudging closer to the "too many models=everyone's Kyle" bug with pointless Sith Sabers. (And I WAS trudging close.)

This should clear some things up for people reading the comments before downloading the mod.



robPosted: 06/22/01 19:07   Report Abuse
this in my opinion is one of the best mods ever. its better than spork and much better and AotL (even though its for MotS). i only found one small problem and that was the sithsaber. it goes to fast and it is really hard to hit someone with but otherwise its pretty cool


forcenewbiePosted: 06/22/01 19:11   Report Abuse
ok. TIE. great mod, i love it. only one bug i found that i didnt understand.

you made the grip into dark force push
and i bound a key for it. then i saw that there was still an option to bind a key to force grip. puzzld, i bound a key for it. and tested the key. to my supprize it fired a destruction ball. can you please explain this for me?


TIEPosted: 06/22/01 22:50   Report Abuse
Forcenewbie - Yes, force grip was replaced by push, but Force Destruction's label is Force Grip...a "bug" a just noticed yesturday. Thanks anyway.



ID_JunkguyPosted: 06/22/01 23:08   Report Abuse
I'm making a mod (GoldenEye) with a similar music feature... and I had the idea months ago, so when its released, don't say I'm copying this mod. I already had the feature before this mod was released, and even now I still haven't downloaded this mod.


lazerus250Posted: 06/22/01 23:46   Report Abuse
Hi may I use your skins in my level???


mscbuckPosted: 06/23/01 00:08   Report Abuse
good mod. it wont take the place of Spork tho for a couple of reasons.
1. spork has more moves
2. the sithsaber second fire in gotg hardly hits anybody.
3. one hit taking off only 15 health is a little bit to small.

still, a good mod that is really only to be played in mp


IRG_CommandoJoePosted: 06/23/01 01:05   Report Abuse
I am VERY sorry to say this, but I must confess I am not very impressed with the one most important thing of the mod--the saber moves. I find that IWP2, a mod that wasn't even focused on the saber fighting, to have a better variety of moves. It DID keep many basic moves, but it had different ones as well. It only had two new moves, but the way the author blended in these two moves with a flip, one could have a never-ending flow of different lightsaber moves that I never grow tired of. If you use the secondary fire button and either sidestep or move backwards, you do a spin very similar to the one in LotJ (aka SPORK). And the three chops you make while going forward are the same, except the third chop is a lunge foward--something I have never seen before in any mod. I've always enjoyed that last stabbing motion the most in that mod. Plus, the added flip changed a lot of the moves. When the character flips in your mod using the secondary swing, the character is still upright. But in IWP2, no matter what swing you use, the character still flips and the lightsaber moves look that much better while using the secondary swing or the third primary swing. Also, the lightsaber acted more like a lightsaber. In other words, if you walked up against a wall, the wall would spark and things actually take damage from the blade itself, not just when you swing it. In my eyes, IWP2's lightsaber aspect is very successful because it has many new moves while still retaining everything from the original game. By making the moves different based on movement and the flips, the author was able to create a fluent lightsaber battle in either Single Player or Multiplayer. So, my suggestion to you is to make more primary and secondary swing animations that change based on moving forward, backward, side to side and jumping. But notice I said lightSABER. You have excelled in your lightstaff. It is the best one I have ever seen. Period. Other than the fact you cannot change the lightsaff's color, the moves are excellent. I don't see anything wrong with leaving it alone. One should remember that the lightstaff is supposed to be very difficult to master and that you shouldnít expect to hit every single target your were hoping to hit. I think itís good that you made the lightstaff hard to use, so it is more realistic in that it takes skill to master it. The sabers donít really need a trail, and I agree with your reasons for not putting them in the mod. I wouldnít ruin the mod with a grapple, because it would completely mess up the realism of two or more Jedi fighting each other. I also believe that when you use Force Persuasion, just before the character turns invisible, he/she should wave his hand like Ben did to the Stormtroopers. That would be so cool to have in the mod. Everything else is supberb. Iíve never seen skins that greatly detailed anywhere else. The only minor flaw is that Lukeís hair in The Empire Strikes Back is more like his hair in Return of the Jedi, so if you plan on making another version, you should make it look less messy, like in A New Hope. I really like the idea of replacing the original Force power sounds with Williamsí music. When I use the Light Side powers I feel emerged within the Star Wars universe, listening to the peaceful music of the Force. :) Here's something I noticed to be very swift: Use Force Seeing, Force Persuasion, and then Force Protection (well, I used the Uber Jedi cheat at first to test out all the new changes.) at the end of each excerpt of music, and it blends in nicely, as well as making a deadly opponent out of you. hehehe Great mod. I give it an 8. If it had the better saber moves, a 10. I hope to see you include these improvements in a new version.


GreenDevilPosted: 06/23/01 01:47   Report Abuse
TIE, this is excellent mod, very well done. But I must agree with some people on the following:

1) I know you quickened the saber moves and such to make saber duels better, but their actually almost too fast.

2) I ask that you reduce the skins so that people like me who get stuck with crappy video cards can really enjoy this mod.

Other then that, I'm completely satisified with this mod, its awesome!!

P.S. If your worried about the size of the mod, why not break it down into like 2 or 3 different downloads of like 2-3 megs each.


GethroPosted: 06/23/01 02:31   Report Abuse
this Mod is GREAT!!

Oh yeah and almost everytime you swing the sithsaber you miss.

I just wanna know a good level to play it on, any suggestions?


KosiganPosted: 06/23/01 02:50   Report Abuse
It may have been designed this way, but the sithsaber seems very weak and difficult to hit someone. The only way I saw was to attack by moving towards an opponent's side and swinging while running the direction your opponent is not in (i.e. left or right). Anyway, the rest of the mod I think is great :). Good job TIE!


WarpedNewtPosted: 06/23/01 06:39   Report Abuse
this mod is cool i must admit it just kind lacks on gameplay..everything is fine except the saber attacks..for one the spin thing is nice for secondary but it not realistic or practical i think a better secondary would be a stab forward or a over head you pull the saber behind your head and then they slam it real hard cuttin a log with a axe type of chop. i also recommend you add a hotkey to do a kick similar to ninja cage and make the secondary of the sithsaber where you smack yuor handle forward liek maul did to stun qui gon before he impaled him.. also slow down the primary attack just a bit more they are cool but just too fast. if you keep the spinnign secondarys make them so that you dont just hit the wall once everyliek 2 seconds..i eman if i spinny around with a sith saber i should see sparks filling ym screan and crakles deaffening me if im too close to a wall while attack
yet i spinning 2 or 3 time around with my saber tounching the wall almost all the time
second later
also the force flip thing it is cool but it is kind of stupid with full jump you smash into the ground and hurt your self if you attemt to use it..i think an assigned hot key that makes you do a flip or just a toggle key that makes you look like yuor doing flips when your jumping or flip it back to regular..
also you need a sithsbaer color toggle


StX_blacknightPosted: 06/23/01 18:20   Report Abuse
WOW! What a great mod! I got one of the first downloads and i've played probably about 10 games with this mod the first day! It ranks right up there with Spork, WoW, and KWP2.
It's lots of fun recreating Episode 1 at DotF SE :)

I give this bad boy a 10.


SM_ZeddicuusPosted: 06/24/01 07:29   Report Abuse
This mod is very good. I really like it but it seems to be locking up my system quite a bit, such as from playing the Music for Duels or from flips occasionally. Anyone else have this problem? The LightStaff doesn't seem to hit all that often either, but overall I think it is very well done. best saber mod I've played since SPORK.


AKPiggottPosted: 06/24/01 19:55   Report Abuse
This is a good mod, but I can't see what all the hype is about. It's not really doing anything that hasn't been done before, but rather combining two or three mods into one. It's basically a cooler looking Glowsaber 3.0 with a couple of extra saber moves and a load of skins. No disrespect to TIE, he's done a really good job, but it's just not original. The only thing I can say that I honestly didn't like about this mod was the running key when you had the saber out, it plays the fists running key which looked kinda dumb.

I know it's been said before, but I think saber trails and a colour changing lightstaff should be put in there. I know we've only seen a red lightstaff, but we've only ever seen red, blue and green lightsabers in the movies, that didn't stop LucasArts adding yellow, orange and purple sabers to the game. The trails may cause lag, but if the player doesn't disable them, that's their fault. There are a few other featues that have appeared in Saber mods that are absent in this, such as kick, ingnite/de-ignite blade and saber throw.

To make this mod more special, never before done (or previously done, but done badly) features should be added to this pack. Here's some suggestions:

i) Two sabers - like Boc, or Yoda in TPMTC
ii) Different sized sabers - not sure how this could be implemented but you could add an array of different sized sabers, the larger the saber the harder it is to control
iii) Force guided saber throw - a new force power like Saber throw, but you can move the saber around, like the Redeemer's secondary fire in UT
iv) Scorch marks - 'nuff said


Darth JPosted: 06/24/01 23:31   Report Abuse
What you want is not possible in JK. It is definitely a possibility in MotS, but JK only allows 3 new hotkeys, and has a limited number of models. I know that this might be a little difficult for those of you that aren't familiar with editing JK, but please try to understand this. The three new hotkeys are already bound to the saber color change, the music, and the sithsaber. I know that a lot of you don't use the music hotkey, but it was an original idea. The problem with adding multiple sithsaber colors is that each saber requires it's own model, and at the time of the release, TIE was already dangerously close to the limit. When the limit is reached, a very strange thing occurs, everybody looks like Kyle, and the 3do's turn into different things.

I bothered TIE for a long time about implementing a saber throw, and he actually tried, but he couldn't do it. Besides, the only time you've seen someone throw their saber was Vader, and that was once.

As for the running key and lack of a kick, there is no excuse for this. I pestered TIE again and again, but he told me that there was no place to put a kick, and that he liked the running key.


forcenewbiePosted: 06/25/01 00:26   Report Abuse
ok, i have an idea. for the persoon who posted the comment that he wanted to use two lightsabers. i have an idea, but its just an idea. you could make another version that insted of useing that lightstaff, use the two lightsabers. you could make the cog for the color change able to handle chngeing the color for both the sabers. and if you talk to the author of the M.A.C. mod, clown, you may be able to make it so the two versions are both playable together, say , a person with the double lightsaber version could take on a person with the lightstaff versoin without any problems. just a little brain storm i had. oh a little idea i had, make it so you take no damege from falling. that would be nice.


Dark_KnightPosted: 06/25/01 18:26   Report Abuse
You seldom see mods with excellent quality such as this. Very good-one of the best mods ever made for Jedi Knight. I look forward to seeing more from TIE. Keep up the good work!


Darth MaulPosted: 06/25/01 18:55   Report Abuse
ok, first I just wanna congradulate TIE on an awsome mod. But the reason I gave it an 8 was because: it requires a 3d accelerator, saber fights get wwwaaaaayyyy to long and there's no kick, or flip or saber trails or any of the little things that make mods so fun. Mabe it's just me but I actually liked ninjakage 7.0 better. Although this is number 2 on my top mods list. If you wanna play me my zone name is titaniumxlaser


AKPiggottPosted: 06/25/01 21:03   Report Abuse
JK only allows three hotkeys? I think that TIE should make the next version of this for MotS. It'll also be better because you can't get Glowsaber for MotS.


JotF_FarScapePosted: 06/27/01 20:16   Report Abuse
I have one word for ya guys


WarpedNewtPosted: 06/27/01 21:25   Report Abuse
umm 3 new hotkeys..cough space soldiers 3 there are like 7....sorry but it can be done


Darth TristanPosted: 06/28/01 04:33   Report Abuse
You hear everywhere about mods that sound very promising, very great for gameplay, but then turn out very crappy and awfull. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE MODS! Great job! Better than any mod ever! Even better than AotL because AotL didn't have glowing lightsabers! Woo Hoo!

12 out 10!

I know my numbers real good!


DarthBosskPosted: 06/28/01 14:13   Report Abuse
Absolutely the best saber mod out there. If I include all the details I want to, this will be a very long comment. So to make it short, perfect 16-bit skins, great saber animations, and nice force power modifications; they make gameplay much more realistic. My only complaint is, "Why no saber trails?", but mod is still worthy of a ten.


Shadow CloudPosted: 06/30/01 02:40   Report Abuse
My first time rating a level....and I'm stuck with this name since someone already took the name Cloud (which I use in the forums). Anyways I give this a 7 because the mode really wasn't that creative. Many of the ideas has been used before and I agree with alot of people on the negative aspects. Like the saber hardly damaging and the secondary fire pretty useless. However the music was cool though. I reccomend most people to wait for the Obi-wan TC. It's going to be the best saber mode....


JotF_ExterminatPosted: 06/30/01 17:01   Report Abuse
Great job TIE! I gave it a 10 and it deserves it! I really like how the GS tech is in the mod. It makes it look so much more realistic. Good job!


JubeiPosted: 07/01/01 07:07   Report Abuse
Wow, I'm really late at downloading this mod. But it looks phat and my god I really need to get some sleep.. looks cool. Night. -_-



ID_JunkguyPosted: 07/11/01 17:53   Report Abuse
This mod is ok but I think spork was better cause it's a classic :)


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 07/12/01 01:49   Report Abuse
Look, this was a "good" mod, because, I for one, CANNOT make a mod. You've all seen Halfman's Sabers......they suck, a'ight? But anyway, here's what I thought....... The sounds were not that great, because they sound like weapon pick-ups and stuff. The skins didn't look all that spiffy, but that's because they are nothing new. I'm getting sick of just the same old Star Wars skins getting stuffed into every mod. And that's how I feel. I give this mod a 10 just for having to listen to me gripe.


PicPosted: 08/20/01 20:01   Report Abuse
This mod has some definite problems. The colors for 3/4 of the skins were tweaked, automatically shuts itself down, all the sabers look alike. THIS MOD needs some serious redoing.


Nephew of FettPosted: 11/28/01 07:09   Report Abuse
Wow, this is amazing. This mod makes JK look like an entirely different game. This is definitly the BEST MOD since SPORK/Legacy of the Jedi. A few suggestions you may wanna consider for a later version(if you make one)-

+Flip automatically when you jump.

+Saber causes a bit more damage.

+Make the "Sith Saber" able to change colors.

+This may be a bit extreme but- perhaps added gore?

- Just some suggstions. I think with those it may be the PERFECT mod. But you aren't too far from that now. Keep up the awesome work! :)

::Nephew of Fett::


MunkYPosted: 12/01/01 06:52   Report Abuse
Kryton, I feel your pain! I used to have the exact same type of card, and it sucked! Your video card isn't capable of displaying the 16bit sabers, so it makes them look messed.

Anyway, this is all-time favorite mod. I really can't wait for GotG2:ME :)


Exar KunPosted: 12/16/01 04:05   Report Abuse
A mod worth dowloading. 10


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 12/23/01 04:21   Report Abuse
Ok... I'm here to review the Guardians of the Galaxy mod.

- variety of sabers
- glowsaber technology
- new "sithsaber"
- new saber attacks
- new skins
- duel music

- specific video card required for good color and performance
- saber duels...too lengthy

- without a proper video card, the saber colors are messed up

- good saber mod. but what about those Jedi Knight players who like to use the saber in non-saber combat situations? it takes about 6-8 swings to take down a stormtrooper. If TIE could release another version, one where the swings were more powerful, then players could have thier choice. Good mod.

- a color toggle for the sithsaber
- more powerful swings
- a flip or kick

- for those of you who have the right video card, this mod is a keeper.


pcjedi007Posted: 07/14/02 01:42   Report Abuse
THIS MOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!! i havent even played it yet but the mod looks so cool. im downloading it now. ps any one want to callenge me to zone when i have it? great job im also downloding your others.
=) relly great mod. download it now or else your an idiot!!! (just jokeing)


YAPC_YodaPosted: 10/04/03 21:35   Report Abuse
the sabers dont look like in the screenys.... wut the heck....


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