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Oh, no! Another Aftermath mod! Wait... This is something more. Suicide bomb is back with things such as radio phone, buying option, new weapons (ion cannon, heavy blaster, grenade launcher...), jumpjet , etc... What can I say? Download this! Note: This mod contains 2 16-bit mats, but it shouldn't matter even if you don't see the textures...


Level Info:

Download: Aftermath 4
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 06/22/01
Author: Cave_Demon
Downloads: 3048


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 12
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WhiteHamsterPosted: 06/22/01 08:06   Report Abuse
Really nice Cave_Demon. Exellent. I love the weapons, big time. They're great - I gave it a 10.



ProudCloudPosted: 06/22/01 12:30   Report Abuse
w00t! it has been a while since i've post at massassi! cavey u remember me i hope??? and i hope u kept my pic (the aftermath4 an lensflare-like effect)!!! good job by the way


ID_JunkguyPosted: 06/22/01 14:21   Report Abuse
This mod isn't very good. None of the weapons have firing keys when in external view, the #2 3do was weird, #3's key was screwy and the bright flash lasts too long and the projectile looks ugly, #5's 3do was ok (it kind of looks like KWP's #7 3do...) but projectile had no sound, #6's 3do had bad texturing and the bullet hit was unrealistic, #8's 3do was not bad although a little simple and the projectile doesn't have any weight, and the saber just used the punch cog. The jetpack wasn't good.
Only a few things were good: The #9 gun had a good 3do and key and projectile, and the laptop and radio phone are innovative ideas.
This mod looks like it was rushed. Some good cogging, but the projectiles and some 3dos could have been better.


LEGION_DARKPosted: 06/22/01 14:58   Report Abuse
Sweet Cave i give it a nine!

Lighten up a bit Junk... I think he has realy improved sincehis other aftermaths!


Cave_DemonPosted: 06/22/01 15:01   Report Abuse
Nope, prudcloud, i lost the image when i formatted my hd :(
Oh, and i have no idea why the firing keys don't work in external view, the 'saber' is not saber, it's something i made up, since this mod didn't have fists, and everyone else than you liked it, i had almost 50 beta testers :)


Cave_DemonPosted: 06/28/01 19:48   Report Abuse
Oh, and junk: it is not jetpack, it's jump jet...


Jedi Master JayPosted: 07/04/01 15:25   Report Abuse
Pretty tite, the computer helped when i was runing low on ammo! junk duz have a point about the .key's they are a lil screwed up, specially in the third person, nice job though, i really like it though it wont have a perminent home on my h/d it was good for a rainy afternoon!


MoD_PsicHoDeliCPosted: 07/22/01 00:22   Report Abuse
I dont know why but I dont like it. Sry man


Cave_DemonPosted: 07/25/01 22:21   Report Abuse
It's ok if you don't like it...
...nobody can make everyone happy...


Cave_DemonPosted: 07/25/01 22:22   Report Abuse


NoctielPosted: 09/29/01 18:30   Report Abuse
Having a spot of trubble d/ling it but I aint giving up yet! Get back to you when I sort things out:)


JentsuPosted: 11/23/01 19:42   Report Abuse
Sweet mod man! I love the suicide bomb! I love to find a hiding spot, set my radio to the afterlife one, and then wait to see someone. when I find someone, i hit the radio and use the bomb, when i'm right behind the unlucky victim. Since I don't get any points, I guess I'm just a psycho!

Tokyo no Ginsu Jentsu


DeathWizzPosted: 12/20/01 04:56   Report Abuse
Dear Id-JunkGuy,
GET OFF HIS CASE YOU IDIOT!! The only reason I'm not cussing my head off is cause of the "No rude language is tolerated." thing.

P.S. I like you mod so I gave it an 8


RalkahnPosted: 01/31/02 08:49   Report Abuse
Oh, don't worry about Junkguy. He can dish out critisicm, but he can't take it at all *grins wickedly*


felixPosted: 02/13/02 01:58   Report Abuse
me likey
i like all the weapons, even the .key files or lack thereof (i always thought the motions were a little too exaggerated). the skin looks nice too, a little random, but nice.
you can't blame Junk for some things though, the keyboard setup does call the #0 weapon a "lightsaber" and the "jumpjet" a "jetpack."
oh, and is it supposed to be a MP mod only? because whenever i play it in single player it shuts down JK when i press spacebar after i die. i guess i'll just have to not die.
did i say i liked it?
i like it.


The PredatorPosted: 03/01/02 17:28   Report Abuse
Great! i gave it a 10


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 08/04/02 18:40   Report Abuse
I hope this works or I will be pretty mad. Cause it would be a good pack gone bad.


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 08/04/02 18:42   Report Abuse
How come aftermath 3 didnt work???


PIPPosted: 06/04/04 20:18   Report Abuse
I liked the #5 gun I gave it a 9....and the same thing the last guy said about aftermath 3 not working (sorry I didn't see ur name but I agree wif U am 3 dosn't work 4 me either).


PIPPosted: 06/04/04 20:20   Report Abuse
this mod is sweet =)


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