Escape from Space Station X554 (Part 1)

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Your Mission: You are on Space Station X554 (Center) and you must find the way to the upper levels.


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Download: Escape from Space Station X554 (Part 1)
File Size: 88.4k
Date: 06/29/01
Author: Denis
Downloads: 2339


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 7
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MOFO_DONUTSPosted: 06/29/01 19:27   Report Abuse
Architecture and lighting were nice in some spots.

Gameplay hurt. There were a LOT of doors that were useless and had nothing behind them but a Gran ready to take your head off. I didn't see any major problems (HOM, etc.)

You may want to play through it, but I doubt you'll keep it on your hard-drive.

The Good: Fair attempt at lighting and architecture, objectives set up correctly.

The Bad: Fake doors, too many doors, only lasts ~10 minutes.

Rating: 4


Darth VedderPosted: 06/30/01 11:26   Report Abuse
Looking at the story gives me serious doubts about this level...
the first screenshot looked nice but the second one looks boring.
So I don't know if I'll download the level or not. I gues i should just wait for more comments and or ratings.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/14/01 23:34   Report Abuse
Yeah was fun but really short, took like 5mins Great job thought, I know its really hard to create levels. 6/10


_gigaHURTZ_Posted: 10/02/01 15:38   Report Abuse


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 03/10/02 05:37   Report Abuse
I'm downloading it now so i'll rate it later :)


kunckles1Posted: 03/27/02 02:16   Report Abuse
done downloading yet? :P


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 05/12/02 04:43   Report Abuse
The Gran's behind the useless doors were a waste of time, it was ok.


Matt02Posted: 07/03/02 05:09   Report Abuse
Well, this level only lasted me 1 minute of playing. Good-job anyway because it gave an idea of detention centers, although you should make rooms for the detention hall-ways not at a door at the end..



ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 21:29   Report Abuse
Not very impressive, standard and devoid of all plot. This strikes me as a first attempt, please keep practicing and show us something once you've got more expereince. :)


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