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This a large level that is supposedly a listening station for the Rebel Alliance that is run by holograms, with holo technology so advanced you can actually walk INTO the screens and inspect approaching ships firsthand. You are an inspector, and you've come to survey the station's work and findings for the customary five minutes. Instead of that, you find the station deserted, the main generators dead. The only holograms you can access are the recreational ones. Then you see the Imperial fleet in the distance and know that you only have a little time to get ready for them before they arrive. You begin to hoard weapons, when you realize the other inspectors are doing the same...
This level has a large hangar connected to the strangest control room you'll have ever seen, and extruding from the hangar are long, winding hallways that eventually lead to large refresher stations, a holographic chamber with two buttons, and a briefing room. Note that the left red button activates a program I like to call "Cosmic Being", in which you are huge in size comparison to Imperial starships and you walk over Darth Vader's Executor in deep space. The other activates a program I like to call "Don't Look Down", in which there are five platforms in deep space, where you fight with your opponents. Note that if you fall off either the Executor or a platform in the holodeck, you will not die, as this IS a holodeck. You will simply be transported back to the main room. You can only be killed by other players in the holodeck, not of natural causes. I tried to make the architecture decent, as I'm not the best at such things. Please enjoy!


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Download: Holo Base
File Size: 1Meg
Date: 07/05/01
Author: AtomEntity
Downloads: 980


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 7
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Shadow ThiefPosted: 07/05/01 20:25   Report Abuse
I havn't dled this yet but it sound wicked


TrashbashPosted: 07/05/01 20:51   Report Abuse


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 07/05/01 23:15   Report Abuse
Nice level. Though I got lost easily, it was very good. A little constructive critism would be to fix the hallways, the turns and such didn't seem.. I don't know... even. Also, where is the Holoroom? I found a room where I could get on a Star Destroyer, near the hanger, is there any way to get on the Executer? If so, I don't know. Please tell me if you can


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 07/05/01 23:24   Report Abuse
OK nm, I read the discription several times and found out. Great level. But I still feel the same about the hallways :D


DarTh_MaiDenPosted: 01/01/03 22:30   Report Abuse
This level is pretty good, but you really need to change the architecture. All that grey isn't nice and it kinda made me dizzy. I gave it an 8 for your original idea and i find the destroyer really cool. So could you make another version of this with a little less rooms and better architecture?
Keep up the good work!


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