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This is a medium sized multiplayer level set in ancient ruins filled with lava. Volcanic eruptions add to the fast and furious gameplay. This level contains 16bit mats, and requires a 3d card capable of displaying them.


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Download: Lava Hot Death Match
File Size: 2.4Megs
Date: 07/13/01
Author: Darth J
Downloads: 1152


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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ElmoPosted: 07/13/01 23:37   Report Abuse
This level rox.
Only problem is:
The lava comes from the pipes... but if you jump in one of these pipes you can walk on the lava in the pipe.

I like the wooden bridge, even if the ledges are flying in the air =).

great work...



SemerilPosted: 07/13/01 23:47   Report Abuse
This is a level that would be great for saber dueling. The level design itself and the texturing is quite solid. I also like the erratic shaking movements that make being in an active volcano more believable. My only complaint is that the big weapons are too easy to retrieve.

Yes, it's very interesting how you can jump into the little alcoves where the lava flows from and not get hurt.

Excellent job Darth J.


adrenalmedullaPosted: 07/16/01 06:25   Report Abuse
EXCELLENT level. very original and fun to play. i gave it a 9 - there's always room for improvement. i thought it funny the wooden bridge making a metal sound, and of course how you can run on some of the lava. but, it's fun to play, great to look at, and has great textures and architecture. keep it up.


BalethannmasterPosted: 06/15/04 19:42   Report Abuse
Best patch for this map is SBX 3.0. Double lightsaber duels amidst pools of burning lava...ya gotta love it. Also, force push is your friend...


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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