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It Is a Dark time for the New Republic, it is a constant struggle to keep the peace as the Empires forces are far from being defeated. The Remnants of the Empire have vast fleets of Star Destroyers and Secret Bases everywhere. One such base was constructed on the remains of Echo Base on Hoth. It is a huge base and serves as a refueling and staging area for one of the largest Imperial fleets. The new Senate and Luke Skywalker, have decided to commit the bulk of their forces to destroy the base, this would be a serious blow to the Empire and could well bring about an end to the conflict... You play as Luke, your mission is to help your forces Take the Imperial base on Hoth, this is just the beginning, good luck, and have fun.


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Level Info:

Download: Return to Hoth
File Size: 2.8Megs
Date: 07/14/01
Author: Rob Smith
Downloads: 3163


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 14
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Janitor BobPosted: 07/14/01 19:41   Report Abuse
Wahoo! Single Player level!


NagaSadowPosted: 07/14/01 19:42   Report Abuse
First! v00t! Going to dnl asap :) oop, no dangit, the janitor beat me


FlexorPosted: 07/14/01 19:47   Report Abuse
Looks great from the screenshots, I'll dl it later.


Jeff WaltersPosted: 07/15/01 06:27   Report Abuse
Terrific design...the landscape and bases look great. Only problem in this area is that some surfaces aren't lighted properly. This aside, the atmosphere created by the design & sound effects is very good.

Some aspects of the level do need work though. At one of the cutscenes at the beginning I was actually killed because a stormtrooper managed to get into the trench...none of the rebels around me took any notice as he blew me away.

Currently I'm actually stuck and can't find a way to progress so I'll hold off on a rating until I can finish the rest of the level.

Definitely worth a look.


vlixPosted: 07/15/01 18:36   Report Abuse
This was a pretty good level. Nice cut scenes. I loved the AT-AT battle in the background nice touch.


RulefreakPosted: 07/15/01 20:34   Report Abuse
A level nice all in all but to be honest a little too easy for my taste, but a part from that nice background noise and all that I even liked the atat that you could kill :) The trooper with the force field was also a nice touch I think something is always fun :)
Historicaly it is not very sound at least I have a hard time putting it in to a time line but hey it's only a game :) There a minor glitch with the cut scenes as you could get killes there. I gave it an 8 in score as it was a fun level with nice design, the downsides I have already pointed out :)


StrikemePosted: 07/16/01 20:32   Report Abuse
Hey, looks like a good level going to download it and get back to you...looks like the most recent level with good rating so far
Be back...


SladePosted: 07/17/01 05:23   Report Abuse
Nice level bro, I gave it a 9. I liked your landscapes and the AT-AT ruled. The puzzles were varied and fun. Thanks for the fun!


SpaceNutsPosted: 08/02/01 10:53   Report Abuse
I have downloaded your level because I liked the screenshots. And I most say the level itself is even better.
I like the background sound and the environment. The base and with the trenches are very cool with those turrets. I also like the AT-ATs and the force field trooper.
But there are some things that need some work, like there was said before the surfaces that are black, and you can get in the doors that are locked, when a stormtrooper opens the door from the inside you can get in.
My rating for this level is an 8 maybe it wil be a 9 or a 10 in the future. I also liked to see a cutscene at the end, for example Han or Chewie saying something.

There is just one thing to say DOWNLOAD THIS LEVEL AND PLAY!


GethroPosted: 08/02/01 23:45   Report Abuse
very nice level man.


PolizeiPosted: 09/30/01 22:02   Report Abuse
Excellent level! I just love levels with snow and snowtroopers. Although it did have a few little spots that needed work, the gameplay surely made up for that. I gave it a 9 because I don't really know what a level rated with a 10 would be like. AMAZING!


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