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Jan Ors, the heroine of Jedi Knight, wakes up in a cell and has no idea where she is. She must find out where she is and get out.

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Download: The Adventures of Jan Ors
File Size: 2Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: jensyx
Downloads: 3549


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 6
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DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/09/00 22:37   Report Abuse
do not down load this level!!!!!!!
it is very short and has very long boring cutscenes!


DakkonPosted: 12/03/00 17:03   Report Abuse
And I might add, the last level is like impossible to beat.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/16/01 18:00   Report Abuse
Well, sorry man but this is stupid, dont release levels like that. 5mins per level (4 mins of no-goal cutscenes) the 3rd level is unbeatable and we dont even have Jan Ors.


AdmiralSayonaraPosted: 10/03/01 04:55   Report Abuse
Whether it's good or bad, people should be allowed to post it; just give them some constructive comments so they can improve next time.


ConnemaraPosted: 09/17/03 14:31   Report Abuse
I can't beat the third level either...that is the level on the Lusankya, right?

The idea to use the Lusankya is really cool, I woudl love a good level with Ysanne Isard, bt this wasn't it. First of all, the guy used an Amidala skin for Ysanne, second of all...there's like no plot whatsoever. And I can't beat the level. Is there a way to beat it, or did the author forget to add one?

Anyway...try to work a little harder next time.


Commando-15Posted: 04/14/10 20:48   Report Abuse
No one will read this, but what the hey? Level three is beatable. In the room with the Mailoc behind the glass there is a secret door on the floor. Going through the door, you should end up near some sort of tram station. Just ride the tram, and eventually you'll end up outside.


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