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While activated, this 16-Bit Sabers Pak will REPLACE the old 8 bit sabers when it comes to choosing your saber. There are NO NEW BM files. You MUST have a 3D card for this to work. Also, on a more positive note, you will NOT get a checksum failure if you decide to run this mod by yourself and the host doesn't. I think you'll be pleasently surprised by how this mod turned out.


Level Info:

Download: 16-bit Saber Pack
File Size: 176k
Date: 07/19/01
Author: Evilution
Downloads: 3968


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 11
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EvilutionPosted: 07/19/01 04:20   Report Abuse
Hello everyone. I would like any constructive feedback you can give me on my new mod. Thanks.


BoL_PretenderPosted: 07/19/01 20:12   Report Abuse
I rated this a eight. I looked at the saber mats you created and for some the colors could have been a bit brighter, but overall good work.

I have also done 16 bit sabers in the Brigade of Light Saberpack here at Massassi, so I am glad to see now that more people are finally producing 16 bit sabers. =)


DOOFPosted: 07/19/01 23:06   Report Abuse
Sabers look pretty but they don't shimmer so it isn't too great. Yep.


VhalLorPosted: 07/20/01 00:54   Report Abuse
good job,got some nice ones ,but also uglys =\... i gave it a 4


EvilutionPosted: 07/20/01 15:31   Report Abuse
Yeah, I really wish I knew cog so I could somehow impliment a glowsaber effect of some kind. And yeah, I know there are some uglys, but weren't there some uglys that came with JK? (Yellow, orange...)


MightyBobPosted: 07/20/01 18:44   Report Abuse
I gave it a four. It was good to try to make a saber pack with 16-bit MATS but frankly they don't look too good. They really look more like metal cylinders than lightsabers. Keep editing.


MoD_PsicHoDeliCPosted: 07/22/01 00:11   Report Abuse
Pretty good sabers! But I put 7 cause this idea is old. No one will play sabers pack. BFP already done it.


EvilutionPosted: 12/02/01 22:32   Report Abuse
YAAY! My 700th download. I'm so happy! Keep downloading and playing JK, that is, until Outcast comes out...


EvilutionPosted: 01/09/02 07:05   Report Abuse
Yaaaaay! My 862nd download. I don't know why I decided to comment on #862, but I did. Thanks for making this mod semi-popular and keep playing...



WeedoPosted: 06/19/02 20:18   Report Abuse
Hey, they just released Mat16 v7, with TRANSPARENCY!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can make transparent saber tips.


_yo_tacos5Posted: 04/11/04 21:09   Report Abuse
nice keep making more


element156Posted: 03/22/05 17:52   Report Abuse
they are awesome sabers but if you animated them they would be a 10 instead of an 8


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