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This is a multiplayer saber patch that will scroll the words "All your base are belong to us." I made it after my friend showed me the popular phrase "all your base are belong to us."


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Download: All Your Base
File Size: 4k
Date: 08/13/01
Author: Shinigami
Downloads: 832


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 19
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Logo By Rieekan []

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MechWarriorPosted: 08/13/01 16:18   Report Abuse
Very Unfortunate this is very unfortunate.


AoG_588Posted: 08/13/01 18:11   Report Abuse
well... it fulfilled its purpose... reminds me of that "spray logo" in half life... i give it an 8


AbolisherPosted: 08/13/01 20:19   Report Abuse


Super S51Posted: 08/13/01 21:07   Report Abuse
Yeah, but can you cook? This thing is very boring and gets old fast. I give it 4.


cthonPosted: 08/14/01 01:08   Report Abuse
i love the all your base website andhave watched the movie many times!


JabberwockyPosted: 08/14/01 02:59   Report Abuse
I'm just going to give this a zero out of principle. No hard feelings or anything; you just get a zero.


Darth_DeekayPosted: 08/14/01 10:06   Report Abuse
The screen shoot looks like tower of the jedt, Why, is it just me... no rating]


Samurai_JackPosted: 09/11/01 22:57   Report Abuse
Thats from the movie and game Zero Wing, this is what i remeber of it:
Mechanic: Captain!
Captain: What!!!
Mechanic: Somebody set up us with the bomb!
Captain: Message!!
Monitor turn on
Cats: Greeting gentlemen
Captain: It you!!!
Cats: You on path to destruction!
Cats: All your base are belong to us!
Cats: Make your time.
Monitor off
Captain: Take off every "zig"
Pilot: What!
Captain: Take off "zig"
Captain: For great justice!

Note: Bad grammar is result to the game's bad grammar. It was not my bad grammar. The game was like that.

Samurai Jack, Samurai Jack, Went back to the past!


DOOFPosted: 11/10/01 00:08   Report Abuse
oh shut up man..

I love that quote

p.s. see a movie on that at my school website

go to the bottom of the paper to comp. apps
"meet the creators"

2nd hour under "alex"

go to the link "Elsewhere"


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 12/23/01 03:38   Report Abuse this supposed to be a motivator? (laughs) If it is, who the heck would be "motivated" by this? Multiplayer saber dueling is all skill and ability. Sorry, man, next time make a mod that actually DOES something.

Rating: 0

This is the Digimon Emperor once again.


vader153Posted: 02/17/02 21:02   Report Abuse
How stupid can you get!!!??? Its not bad enough that some idiot made that gay cartoon, but now you follow in his footsteps and defile Jedi Knight with it????

You disgust me!!!!


ErucolindoPosted: 02/20/02 15:52   Report Abuse
Ummm...I'm missing something, I think. The idea is nice...I suppose...


Maxim DuoPosted: 03/09/02 19:44   Report Abuse
Basicly, this is a hack. Nothing more, nothing less.

the currently unkind Maxi


MajinBuu222Posted: 06/17/02 22:00   Report Abuse
Pretty bad, stupid idea, don't download.


KaioShinPosted: 08/15/03 04:45   Report Abuse
Guys, calm down. I have a feeling he just got bored, made it, thought "hey this is kinda funny looking" and sent it in. Why do you guys have to pick people apart. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, not PURE INSULTS!

I give it a 5 for creativity.


PIPPosted: 03/15/04 22:18   Report Abuse
if all it does is say "all your base" right in your face, then I'm not wasteing my time downloading.


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