Cliff City Battle Arena

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A Large level that is based off of a city inside a cliff valley.There is a lot of room to battle, so you don't have to worry about being cornered.If you prefer smaller spaces you can battle in one of the many buildings.


Level Info:

Download: Cliff City Battle Arena
File Size: 55.9k
Date: 08/14/01
Author: Av_VeNoM
Downloads: 281


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 2
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Super S51Posted: 08/14/01 14:15   Report Abuse
Yawn.....this is such a boring level, i fell asleep while i was playing it. I gave it a 2.


ChrisPosted: 08/14/01 16:29   Report Abuse
Its not that boring. Its alright. It could have had a cliff you could have fallen off. Also there could have been some more items in the rooms.


SuperThundererPosted: 08/14/01 23:27   Report Abuse
This reminds me of a level i played a long time ago- UBJK HQ. Except in that level, it had traps and such. In this, it looks just like 3 buildings and a big box. Yawn, its okay, i guess. Better than what i can do.


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