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A small multiplayer level designed with 'flow' in mind.Add that with this the small size of this level, and you get fast and furious gameplay redefined!Obviously the Gantry level of the MotS add-on was my inspiration for this level, so I turned it into an 'arena'.Hence the name. Although it's no where near the same level as the Gantry.The concussion rifle was strategically placed so that everyone in the game will see it from almost any point in the level It should prove a hard weapon to pick up!


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Download: Gantry Arena
File Size: 93.2kb
Date: 08/14/01
Author: Brian Brecht
Downloads: 630


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 2
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ChrisPosted: 08/14/01 17:05   Report Abuse
Alright, its interesting for saber fights, could be ok for a guns fight too.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 08/14/01 20:29   Report Abuse
What do you mean, no screenshots? There are two! And from the looks of it, it looks like a pretty cool guns level!


Val LangleyPosted: 08/15/01 08:19   Report Abuse
Hopefully the author will make more levels like this. It was great gameplay--go for the armor and Conc Rifle, but don't get shot or you fall and go splat. My friends and I had a blast. I only wish the level was larger and had more tiers [levels, hieghts, Gewe!s]
I was hungry for more places to run--7


KrusadaPosted: 08/15/01 15:52   Report Abuse
It's a nice level, but I think authors really need to stop worrying about the flow of the maps because now everyones getting high powered modems and computers which makes little lag problems anymore...keep up the good work!


AbolisherPosted: 08/16/01 01:13   Report Abuse
Flow deals with gameplay, not lag. And not everyone has broad-band.


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