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An old abandoned farm with a large area out back for saber fighting.It has a sabers only and a gunners version in the gob.Fairly empty inside but there are few cool secrets inside and out.


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Download: Abandoned Farm
File Size: 226k
Date: 08/15/01
Author: Jeremiah23
Downloads: 1668


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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PeePeeInMyIceeHasmoPosted: 08/15/01 05:18   Report Abuse
heh 1st DL on this. looks good too


Shadow ThiefPosted: 08/15/01 09:48   Report Abuse
Heh, Looks just like in the movies...


Super S51Posted: 08/15/01 14:13   Report Abuse
Looks pretty cool.


Jedi Red 2Posted: 08/15/01 16:26   Report Abuse
1st screenshot looks beutiful, 2nd one not so sure, but if it plays as good as it looks,i like it, except that it doesn't from the outside it looks wonderful, but the inside, is to bright for an abandoned farm, also it is way to boxy, needs some archetecture, plus the guns version, well doesn't have enough guns, just too many mines, and well leaves something to be desired. =(


ChrisPosted: 08/15/01 18:04   Report Abuse
Pretty good. Definitley has the look and feel of a farm, though you could have added a barn and stables perhaps. Quite a few secrets, and one particulrly nasty one.


RadicePosted: 08/16/01 14:19   Report Abuse
I got a could not load level error...


EH_PhoenixPosted: 08/16/01 20:03   Report Abuse
Uh.. there was nothing in the winzip file


SuperLiveCatPosted: 08/16/01 21:46   Report Abuse
umm... is it just me or does it look like the grass and the barn are made out of concrete?

other than that it looks sweet


Jd_YnPosted: 02/23/04 04:45   Report Abuse
This is a really cool level, the lighting was done well. But it was a little small, but I'm not too worried about that. I wait to see more from the author. 9/10


VancePosted: 12/04/05 10:22   Report Abuse
Wow. Shadowing is amazing, i sometimes look for mp levels and put some AI into and make a sp level (I don't put it up on massassi) but it'd be good to do that 8/10 nice, fast-paced level.


VancePosted: 12/04/05 12:27   Report Abuse
:') traps, sweet!!!!!! This is excellent with the "Man o' War" Mod. Jet-packing everywhere makes all the secrets show out well......


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