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An ancient arena where a battle wages for ultimate supremacy. A level where 'Jedi Dojo' meets CTF with two teams defending each tower against the onslaught of the opposing team.


Level Info:

Download: Rival Clans CTF
File Size: 967k
Date: 08/17/01
Author: EnigmaNoir
Downloads: 1237


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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PengunPosted: 08/17/01 14:54   Report Abuse
Not only is this level good looking, but also extremely well laid out. I encourage everyone to download this level, it's very much above average. Too bad it wasn't submitted around the CTF contest, it would be a winner for sure.


JG_SaberisticPosted: 08/17/01 15:38   Report Abuse
Very good level, although CTF isn't very popular in JK...


Super S51Posted: 08/17/01 15:52   Report Abuse
I agree. This level is fantastic, but you should make a DM version of it.


EnigmaNoirPosted: 08/17/01 22:22   Report Abuse
Thanks you guys, only my second released...and Wow, encouraging...and S51, I'm already working on sequels -Definently a DM variation, Possibly a Domination var. as well...thx!
JG_Saberistic, I know better than most that CTF isn't popular...I don't even Play CTF...I just thought it would make a great level...but thanks again!


ReAcToRPosted: 08/19/01 22:11   Report Abuse
"Very good level, although CTF isn't very popular in JK..."

JK CTF is popular amongst the Zone community. It's not AS popular as DM, but that's because of the CTF learning curve. It takes a person the better part of a year to get good at The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa, and they will still get schooled by the old-schoolers. As far as strategy goes, CTF is by far the most difficult to learn. I just thought that I'd state these facts so people would know why CTF isn't more popular than it is. Most people just don't have the patience to learn The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa.

You have a decent level here, but it won't get too much play, because 99.9% of the existing JK CTF community only play NF CTF, and this level seems to be designed more for FF. I for one enjoy both NF and FF CTF and will try to get some games going with your map, but it will be difficult. Good job, thanks for the effory and I hope to see all of you learning to play CTF.

ph34r JK CTF.


SmoffPosted: 08/27/01 17:20   Report Abuse
Thanks for releasing this.

I agree with Reactor's comments on JK ctf in general.

Granted that the numbers who enjoy jk ctf are not excessive but those that do play love it.

I'd urge anyone who plays jk to learn ctf. If you need help or want to join a group who play then look us up. AV_Lord_Smoff is my name you will see me knocking around.

As for this level I see it as a crying shame that the author doesn't like jk ctf. You thought this level would be a good idea? You were right.

I have enjoyed playing it, I've had a few games on it already and see it being fun for both nf and ff.

The more alternative ctf maps we get the better,. I hope to see more of this kind of thing.

A vest in each base might have been better


JG_SaberisticPosted: 08/27/01 22:56   Report Abuse
Why does everyone ALWAYS say something related to MY opinion? It's not like one of my comments is the outcome of who the next president is!


EnigmaNoirPosted: 08/28/01 07:25   Report Abuse
Well Smoff, Since the release of this level, I've sprouted a liking for CTF, with great interest in Fusion, and the Eeeerie recreation of Coret...
Maybe even enough to make a second CTF
but we'll see...
-I'll probably avoid the Rival Clans CTF2-


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