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This is a 16 bit multiplayer level that is packed full of guns. The beta testers all agreed that it is great with mods. There are several traps and secrets to gain the "upper" hand. I made this level with fast and furious game play in mind, and it worked out nicely for only my second level submission to Massassi. Download and enjoy...


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Level Info:

Download: 16bit FightTown
File Size: 343k
Date: 08/21/01
Author: micoal
Downloads: 1924


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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jeremiah23Posted: 08/21/01 10:56   Report Abuse
Fun level . The traps and secrets are really cool . I beta tested this level and it was a lot of fun (especially for guns) . Definately worth the download . Great job !!!


Jedi Red 2Posted: 08/21/01 14:51   Report Abuse
Looks nice! Good textureing, and architecture overall good job! =)
-Jedi Red 2


micoalPosted: 09/07/01 05:27   Report Abuse
I just wanted to ask everyone that has already downloaded (uh like they would be on this page again) this level...to please download it once again. this will take care of any fatal errors that were in the level. i am suprised by the lack of comments on this one..please...give me you opinion..and a question....has anyone found any secrets yet?


PommyPosted: 10/12/01 19:21   Report Abuse
Very, very good for guns and FF. I like it.


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/30/01 20:00   Report Abuse
What's with the phrase 'fast and furious gameplay.' isnt it kind of old?


Force master2Posted: 04/09/02 20:40   Report Abuse
cool lvl, dude, great fun going to the top of the tower and sniping, but strange textures!


Force master2Posted: 11/10/03 16:14   Report Abuse
then again, it IS 16bit, an' I don't have a 3D accelleration card! whoops!


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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