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Welcome to the Rebel Strike Ship Elora Dawn. Wars are fought for many reasons. The crew of the Elora Dawn fight for their freedom. This is a Saber level meant for 2-4 Players. It is set in the scene of a Rebel Hangar. There is a catwalk area, as well as a runway, and control room beneath it.


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Download: The Hangar of The Elora Dawn
File Size: 415k
Date: 09/08/01
Author: JO_Aden_Lore
Downloads: 255


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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Scrubbing BubblesPosted: 09/08/01 22:43   Report Abuse
its an ok level, the layout is nice but im sick of default textures. Overall i like the layout.


SuejjPosted: 09/09/01 00:25   Report Abuse
An alright level, needs more secrets. The two vents are nice, but would be better if they led down to another room, maybe the power core?

Hmm I see a light surge but no dark! Ahhh!
Anyway nice level.


JO_LinkPosted: 09/09/01 17:11   Report Abuse
So you put it up at massassi eh?


ChrisPosted: 09/10/01 18:33   Report Abuse
Its alright but not that much like a rebel hangar. Could use more space on the level too its not very big. A more accurate hangar is the nebulon b frigate level.


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