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You are James Ward, an ex-special forces agent currently working security for Project Blackwind, a biological weapon in its first stages of development that's so secret few top government officials know of its existance. One day everything goes wrong when an odd terrorist attack cripples Facility C5-025 and permantally delays Project Blackwind. Luckily, you were in the basement of the facility at the time of the attack. These terrorists have somehow changed all the passwords on the doors and turned all the security measures against you.

This is my first level I've released, so if there's something in the level that you didn't like, be kind.


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Level Info:

Download: Deep Facility C5-025
File Size: 448k
Date: 09/08/01
Author: Fetch
Downloads: 2497


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 12
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kunckles1Posted: 09/09/01 00:04   Report Abuse
I havent d/led it yet but i have 1 comment, never release your first lvl!


kunckles1Posted: 09/09/01 00:32   Report Abuse
it had a cool storyline and cool skins but it was way too easy


MecharPosted: 09/09/01 00:56   Report Abuse
He said first level he released not first level...


PengunPosted: 09/09/01 01:08   Report Abuse
Heh, the boys at TACC will probably jump on this.


StrikePosted: 09/09/01 02:05   Report Abuse
50% downloaded right now (make that 60%) so ill play in a sec (70%) im working on a single player (80%) level pack called Xivian, it will (90%) be my second release - my first was Duel Wasteland (download complete). aight lemme check this out, brb!


StrikePosted: 09/09/01 02:20   Report Abuse
not bad, not bad at all. i must admit it was VERY short and the whole level & story line were not at all in depth, but it wasnt too bad all the same. I highly suggest you continute w/ SP missions, some (like me) get really really bored with all the MP levels coming out. Anyway, keep up the good work (and if you need any special events you want to happen - im the cogman to make them work)


Darth VedderPosted: 09/09/01 15:54   Report Abuse
Anyone called for a TACCer?


Darth VedderPosted: 09/09/01 16:20   Report Abuse
I just played the level; I gave it a 4; but that doesn't mean It's horrible; it actually showed you got quite some talent which is just waiting to pop out!

firstly the architecture was decent; pretty good for a first level actually. (way better then the architecture of mine)
In future levels try to do some more variations in hallways; and some more bigger areas with ramps and more floors.
I think that when you spend a little more time on it you'd be able to build very good architecture!

the lighting wasn't very well; it was mostly to dark, luckily there were plenty batteries.
It had many streaks and all.
But I can understand; Lighting is one of the hardest things of editing imho.

the itemplacement: there were way to many. therefore the level bacame way to easy.

the new tuskanskins were a nice addition though a bit plain; but at least you did some effort for it.
Also it would've been great if you did some new voices for them.
And the level was a too short...

overal, if you spend twice the amount of time on your next level (if there will be one) you'll have a pretty decent level!


RhettmanPosted: 09/09/01 16:23   Report Abuse
True, this isn't exactly a TACCer's dream level.

I gave it a 5. It was a little better then I expected. Most of the architecture was boxy, but he actually did use adequate lighting(which is rare for newbies).

If he would've spent twice as long making this thing, I might have given it a 7.5.

His next level will be even better...


RhettmanPosted: 09/09/01 16:25   Report Abuse
Vedder, we posted at the same time, and said the same thing!


FetchPosted: 09/09/01 17:49   Report Abuse

Thanks for the comments. We all have to start somewhere I guess. I've already started my second level. It won't be as rushed as my first, I promise! (My VERY first level was never realesed. I still play it for kicks sometimes!)


ChrisPosted: 09/10/01 18:39   Report Abuse
It had an interesting story but was a lot shorter than i figured it would be. I expected something like Die Hard that would be cool. It would be better if you could go in more of the rooms or save some of the workers at the place. It was pretty good though.


the true Jim7Posted: 09/12/01 00:00   Report Abuse
wow a single player level i love it when someone makes a single player level


FetchPosted: 09/13/01 17:59   Report Abuse
I am devoting my editing to single player levels. They're so much rewarding when complete, and present more of a challenge to make (for me at least!)


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/14/01 02:08   Report Abuse
Great Job man, you got some real good ideas.
I give it 8/10 :)


KrellPosted: 12/31/01 19:59   Report Abuse
Interesting level. I like the fact that it's not set in the Star Wars universe, and the lighting is great! I also like how you can blow out the glass in the windows. However, couldn't you have picked a diferent sound scheme for the terrorists that Tuskens?! They sound like MONKEYS for crying out loud! Oh, and the elevator doesn't work.


iron_jediPosted: 02/07/02 23:07   Report Abuse
a little bit short, but other than that there was pretty good enemy placement and i found the architecture in some areas fantastic.
i give it a 9.


moronmissionPosted: 02/24/02 02:28   Report Abuse
A little too short, a little too easy, but it was still pretty good. I give it an 8.


ConnemaraPosted: 03/16/02 04:48   Report Abuse
It's an ok level. But I'm gonna sound reeeeeeaaaaalllly stupid here- where the heck is the yellow wrench? I found the blue one, I think. I know I found one of them, and couldn't for the life of me find the other. :S


FetchPosted: 03/25/02 01:28   Report Abuse
One wrench is past an underwater sector which is assecible through a hole in the floor in the room with a half closed door. The other is directly across from the place where you need the 2 wrenches. Just go into that room and go right into the shadows: There should be a narrow passage that leads to a wrench.


ConnemaraPosted: 04/04/02 14:14   Report Abuse


MajinBuu319Posted: 06/08/02 17:41   Report Abuse
Kinda lame


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