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Kyle teams up with Corellian smuggler, Han Solo to do a job on Nal Hutta. Little do they know that General Mohc is out for revenge and has a surprise planned for the two. *Note* This is a very dark level, if you have problems seeing things, turn your gamma up.


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Download: Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 2
File Size: 7.10megs
Date: 09/15/01
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 3946


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 48
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O-TrainPosted: 09/15/01 14:52   Report Abuse
The level looks awesome, a masterpiece of editing. Good job Anthony, I hope that Toam3 is just as good. By the way, I liked the level you did of Toam2 with George Lucas. That cracked me up.


ElmoPosted: 09/15/01 16:59   Report Abuse
Donno what to say!

Give it a 10 that's sure...


SeiferPosted: 09/15/01 17:01   Report Abuse
you're awesome man!!! 10!!! A+++!!!


mscbuckPosted: 09/15/01 17:04   Report Abuse
Definitly a ten, that level was awesome!!!


StX_blacknightPosted: 09/15/01 17:19   Report Abuse
This level was simple amazing, as always
Definately a 10!


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 09/15/01 17:28   Report Abuse
Great level, excellent cutscenes and scripting. Once complaint increasing gamma didn't improve visibility due to the gloomy sector tint...

I gave it 9


kyle90Posted: 09/15/01 19:03   Report Abuse

The best level I have ever seen. Period. I loved the way you made it look like the train was moving, and the boat moving was the most realistic motion i have ever seen.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/15/01 20:16   Report Abuse
Another superb level, with professional quality cutscenes, excellent voices, and several amusing plot features! And onwards to gameplay...

1) The "Falcon" was fun, but not quite as I had envisioned.
(You could have showed a cutscene with Kyle exiting from one of the compartments, like in ANH.)

2)Once in the swamp I relly enjoyed the boat ride. Very innovative. However, the swamps were still just a bit too dark for my liking. Gamma was on maximum, but it was still quite aggitating. You could have added some storm effects (from the swamp levels in MOS), but it is only a suugestion. Han's was cool, but slightly buggy. You should have used the cog employed in "Force Fire", an incredibly advanced one at that. I was a bit stumped on how you were meant to get by the bridge to the palace (although I didn't spend much time over it)and ended up using "fly".

3)The train was excellent. I have never seen that done before in JK or MOS! I found absolutely nothing wrong with it. I blew up a few times at the end, until I figured out where you were meant to go (cool Twi'leks)!
The Gammorreans had a greener shade, more like in the movie. I liked the stain glass windows.

4) The Rancor was very difficult. I cheated, in order to kill him, but I could have beaten him without them (It just took me a while to figure out what you were meant to do). I wish you could have seen a cutscene showing the remains of Jappa, or whatever his name is, using the squished Jabba mod!

5)I was dissapointed with the final part, but it was still ok!

To sum it up, this was a great level. However, it was quite short, and was not quite as good as I had hoped. I was impressed by the release date; I had heard it was to come out sometime in April.
I think the the author should do a special edition, like in BofM.

Anyway, good job! I give it 8 out of 10 Massassi rating and 87% personal rating. Keep up the good work.

(Mr. Piggot's response to this would be appreciated. Sorry if I spelt your name wrong.)

"Feel the full power of the Daft Side!"

-Daft Lord of the Sith


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 09/16/01 00:33   Report Abuse
Awesome level,I like the way it ended in suspense. Keep it up! I only used fly twice. First was in the swamp thingy. I didn't know how to extend the stupid bridge. The other time was the 1 minute I had before the train blew up. I loved the new way to kill the MR-9. Needed more scenes though. Can't wait for ToaM3 and ToaM SE! Btw,what happened to Kyle in ToaM2?


FirestormTFPosted: 09/16/01 03:49   Report Abuse
I gave it a 9. It was extremely good and a must download. Its still has some things that don't make it perfect (such as Han's mouth not moving when he talks). The voice acting was surpurb and i love that you changed the font for the system messages (on the res i play it makes it much easier to read what they are saying). A great level no doubt and im glad the JK community has someone like AKpiggot with us.


VegetaPosted: 09/16/01 04:33   Report Abuse
TEN OUT OF TEN!!! THIS IS AWSOMELY AWSOMELY THE BEST I EVER SEEN/PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EnzoPosted: 09/16/01 12:44   Report Abuse
k, forget every add-on level you've played, forget LEC's levels, u can't imagine this till u play it! download it now!!!! 11/10

makes me wonder wot AK could do working for a software house. . . . . . .
and you're thinking of retiring from editing without finishing the trilogy????


XD_Martin_BPosted: 09/16/01 13:36   Report Abuse
I knew Anthony wouldn't let me dow on this one. I give it a ten!!!


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 09/16/01 13:59   Report Abuse
By the way,I give massassi rating a 10,and my personal rating 1,000. I didn't notice Han's mouth not moving,but that must have been cause I wasn't paying attention for that. I was too busy seeing how marvelous the level was. *SPOILER*The train was cool,especially that crate you had to move and jump from. *SPOILER*


Scorpion KingPosted: 09/17/01 13:27   Report Abuse
One of the best levels I have ever played.
It is much better than tales of a mercenary part 1.I give it 10


NomiPosted: 09/17/01 21:59   Report Abuse
An amazing level, as usual Ant. Excellent architecture and lighting. Wonderful, just wonderful... Only ONE problem. When Fett comes out of the vent, sometimes he screams as he drops... a bit strange. And yes, the bridge is a bit hard... but it is easily dealt with once you find out how. And not get Han squished in the process... 10/10. Im off to play ToaM1 now...


Darth TristanPosted: 09/17/01 22:33   Report Abuse
This is the best level ever! I love the new skins, the new enemies (A Hutt with a gun?), the voices are great, and it's awesome how just when you think it's over, it's not! Boba fett just wont give up! Although I found it quite easy to beat the MR-14, all you have to do is......****Power goes out in Tristan's home*******


Star_GhostPosted: 09/18/01 15:48   Report Abuse
Ghost's Review:

Architechture: WOW! It has really good architechture! Lighting is a bit low but I still had lots of fun!

Gameplay: From the boat ride to the train to the MR-9 (sorry if this a spoiler) it was all amazing... although I really never found many shields... maybe you could put more in... all I found was one shield recharge and one super shield. I even liked how you got rid of the MR-9 :). The new hutt enemies look good too.

Final Comments: A great level that fit well into the series. I can't wait for thew third installment now!


General TragetonPosted: 09/18/01 20:39   Report Abuse
A great level!

There's only one thing:

I could've killd Han while trying to shoot the bridge switch of Jopanna's palace! He alwsys tried to walk on against me. Grrr!

Excellent work though!

- Vincenso -


Rogue15Posted: 09/19/01 14:15   Report Abuse
that's the most boxy thing ever!!!!!!!!!

/end sarcasm

nice lighting. :D


finity5Posted: 10/27/01 22:13   Report Abuse
]-|-o [----Bill
Bill's comment?
Ooo, ya!
(nice, very nice)

]-/-o [----Disco Bill
Disco Bills comment?
(a work of art)

i gave it a 10, who wouldnt? really cool lvl


yoda_488Posted: 10/27/01 22:59   Report Abuse
This is the best SP level I have ever played!


PolizeiPosted: 10/29/01 03:19   Report Abuse
This is a grand level with an excellent mixture of radical textures, advanced architecture, and... well... "interesting" lighting. However, this level could use a little touching up - what level couldn't use a little touch up? The fact is, everyone can make a grand level such as this if we all just give our levels the best effort. I love the ending, reminds me of the suspense after watching ESB on the big screen and pondering, "is he really his father?"

Good show! 9/10


Shadow2852Posted: 10/29/01 17:50   Report Abuse
Yes! Very rarly do you see a SP level as the level of the week, AND have a steady 10/10 rating! Awesome work, Piggy


HidetoraPosted: 10/29/01 22:02   Report Abuse
I have to say, the first was a bit better.

However, this one generated more of a "Star Wars" feel. The hutts were enjoyable, as Dack (or whoever did them) perfectly recreated the deepness and comic atmosphere of their common speech pattern. I liked having Kyle team up with Han Solo, and Chewie was cool. It actually would've been cooler if Chewbacca came with you. Then you'd be three, and that would be fun simply because it's never been done; it's always just one sidekick, with the exception of Strike Force (even in that all your allies die right at the start). I also like both sides of your sense of humor, Piggot. The first:

The kind you use in your levels, like the George Lucas and the malfunctioning Mecanical Rancors, and having Haggis say in BoaM 1 SE:
"How d'you turn this bloody thing off?"

The second:...
Err... Just go over to TACC and read Correilian Pie.

Great level, but just the far off volcanoes and new creatures of the first ToaM seemed more appealing to me, even though this one was "more Star Wars".

Keep it up, Piggy. Your levels are STILL classics; no matter what some of these critical buggers like Matt B say.


HidetoraPosted: 10/29/01 22:06   Report Abuse
Oh yeah, I gave it a 9/10.


Zap2590Posted: 10/31/01 19:16   Report Abuse
Hey man, your lvl rocks. Nice screenshots


GodPosted: 10/31/01 20:11   Report Abuse
I've been Uh.. Away from JK/MOTS since the new zone core files won't download -_- So I've downloaded and played a lot of the Add on levels lately. This is about the best so far! I love the humor and storyline. =)


SimonskiPosted: 11/05/01 20:03   Report Abuse
Once again, utter brilliance.


EmonPosted: 11/05/01 21:43   Report Abuse
I gave this a 9...I would have given it a 10, but the voice acting wasn't too great. I don't expect it to be fabulous, but I expected more excitedment in the voices. Like when Mohc shows up, Kyle and Han say "Mohc." not "MOHC!!!" The cutscenes also didn't have enough action. Han should have immediatly pulled his blaster when he heard that door open on the Falcon, as well as Chewey. It's the kind of person Han is.

1 other flaw was the Han AI not moving fast enough. He just couldn't keep up with Kyle "super legs". (No points taken off here).

Overall, a good level. I await the release of ToaM 3 and whatever comes after that.


WLP_SnojoPosted: 11/10/01 01:49   Report Abuse
WOW! Nothing can match up to da power of The Mercenary Series! I'll give er' a....................15/10!!!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Crimson_DragonPosted: 11/24/01 14:28   Report Abuse
Really nice level! Great work once agian, keep it up. *I need help getting past the 1st level in BoaM*


ValenwoodPosted: 01/13/02 01:10   Report Abuse
Apart from Search for Leia, this is the best level I have downloaded. Anthony Piggot has set such high standards for everyone else to live up to...including the staff at Lucasarts. The only thing wrong with that is that those highstandars are the things that are keeping me from making my own levels...that and a complete lack of any level bilding proficiency.
Good Work Fella!


El CazadorPosted: 01/27/02 18:09   Report Abuse
way cool level. . lots of fun anc chellenge. . *but i'm stuck trying to get past the rancor! any hints or help greatly appreciated - email me. :-]


Viper_GT_BlastPosted: 01/29/02 18:39   Report Abuse
WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! This is the best level ever,in the history of Dark Forces, JK, Mots,in the history of MASSASSI for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!! WHEN R U COMING OUT WITH ToaM 3~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


El CazadorPosted: 01/30/02 19:17   Report Abuse
nevremind. . . i figured it out. . . waaaaaaaaaaaay cool. . . download this level!


GoliathManPosted: 04/17/02 00:55   Report Abuse
This is a fantastic level. Just one teensy problem: How do I get past the Rancor? I love a challenge, but I may be missing something. I know you hate questions like this as specified in your ReadMe. It's up to you


Hard DriverPosted: 04/27/02 06:03   Report Abuse
Tip: There's a flaw in architecture that could be easily utilized...


trj0223Posted: 05/11/02 02:42   Report Abuse
Another wounderfull level. The MR9 part was hard. I'm giving it a 10.

And Anthony, why are you not making Toam3?!? When I found out that, I was so MAD! Plz, don't trash it. We all LOVE your levels, and not making the last one is a big bummer.


Luke2004Posted: 08/15/02 22:48   Report Abuse
i give this a 9/10 han kept droping into the swamp at the bridge then on the train when i got back to the ariplane the train just blew up.

P.S. only one of the walls on the train moves


WeedoPosted: 03/19/03 02:02   Report Abuse
Great level! I give it a 10. This is soooo much better than the LEC levels.

Please do not give up on ToaM 3. You're my favorite level author. I have waited so long to find out what happens to Kyle.


WeedoPosted: 03/19/03 02:02   Report Abuse
Great level! I give it a 10. This is soooo much better than the LEC levels.

Please do not give up on ToaM 3. You're my favorite level author. I have waited so long to find out what happens to Kyle.


WeedoPosted: 03/19/03 02:03   Report Abuse
Sorry about that double post. Could an admin. please delete it?


ssj4electronicpestPosted: 08/13/03 15:27   Report Abuse
where is the sequel its been 2 years now


OTrain3184Posted: 03/05/04 01:27   Report Abuse
Like I said back on 9/15/01. Great level. But dude, where is ToaM3? You haven't released it. You have to release ToaM3 because you have not completed a series that needs a conclusion and you have laid off it for too long. I would suggest releasing before even considering finishing your "Rise of a Mercenary" for JA. So please, release ToaM3 for not only my sake, but more importantly for the sake of your loyal fans, Mr. Piggott.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 03/31/04 17:57   Report Abuse
Has he made a Toam 3? cause i belive thats an even more important question


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