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A remake of the Perfect Dark Felicity. For those who don't know, the Perfect Dark Felicity is 95% like the GoldenEye Facility, save the textures. Special thanks to SM GrimR3 for giving me the door sounds. NOTE: This level uses 16-bit textures. An 8-bit version will be posted on the H.E.S. site soon. Hazardous Environment Studios


Level Info:

Download: Perfect Dark Felicity
File Size: 1Megs
Date: 09/21/01
Author: SM Sith Lord
Downloads: 1565


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 11
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DSettahrPosted: 09/21/01 03:36   Report Abuse
Did he really mean to say Felecity, or did he mean Facility?


SlingsRatPosted: 09/21/01 03:53   Report Abuse
DSettahr, whos ever heard of the "Goldeneye Felicity"?


Coconut BoyPosted: 09/21/01 03:53   Report Abuse
It's felicity, I don't know why, but it's felicity exact same name as on Perfect Dark. Great level, heh, we should have gotten together to make the perfect dark level pack cuz i made the perfect dark complex


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 09/21/01 05:25   Report Abuse
To keep this comment area clear of the "Did he really mean Felicity?" comments, in GoldenEye the level is called Facility, but in Perfect Dark it's spelled Felicity. Letter for letter, check if you doubt me. And Cocanut, i know dude! I posted on your lvl's comments about a Perfect Dark level pack too. hehe.


PicPosted: 09/21/01 11:52   Report Abuse
I didn't rate this, cuz it doesn't look like the facility from goldeneye. The facility in Goldeneye has a blueish tint, and not tan colored walls. They were greyish-green


AdiPosted: 09/21/01 12:29   Report Abuse
Try reading the title Pic. where does it say Goldeneye? Its the Perfect Dark Facility, which is a rip off of the Goldeneye Facility. The textures are different because its copied from a different game.


Locke608Posted: 09/23/01 02:42   Report Abuse
Just to let all those people know. Perfect Dark is made by Rare. The SAME people that made Goldeneye. So it is not a rip off, the Perfect Darks version is updated with new textures and better graphics. And i really like this level! it goes good with the UWP4 cause it is based off of Perfect Dark!


CoLd FuSi0NPosted: 09/23/01 17:25   Report Abuse
To clear up. The reason they called it Felicity in Perfect Dark is to do with copyright information. They didn't have the James Bond license and thus couldn't use name fromt he previous game.


SGohan360Posted: 10/21/01 22:50   Report Abuse
Good level. Give it a 9.

It would be totally nice if we can get some cooperative Perfect Dark levels. I know the first level quite well but it has too many things for me, and I only rentde the game....


GethroPosted: 01/14/02 02:24   Report Abuse
great level!

its a shame there aren't more downloads


YAPC_YodaPosted: 09/07/03 03:41   Report Abuse
Great... i love these N64 levels in JK. i could now play without going upstairs to play the 64!!! i gave it a 10.


Mara_Jade07Posted: 09/11/05 18:55   Report Abuse
i give it a seven 'cuz i think its a bit empty, but all SM Sith lord's level's are great, keep up the great work SM!


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