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Ian Malcolm from the Jurassic Park Series.


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Download: Dr. Ian Malcom
File Size: 65k
Date: 09/22/01
Author: Timewolf
Downloads: 578


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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General TragetonPosted: 09/23/01 00:50   Report Abuse
Nice skin, but I miss the leather jacket and the sunglasses, those were cool.


TimewolfPosted: 09/23/01 01:43   Report Abuse
Well what I tried to do was make him so he could be used for both TLW and JP. Seeing that he has a T-Shirt which he wore in JP and short hair, which he had in TLW.


JedigreedoPosted: 09/23/01 09:32   Report Abuse
In the first pic it actually looks like Tim Curry, IMHO. I gave it a 7. The face just needs some work on it. ;)


Delta_VelociraptorPosted: 09/23/01 17:12   Report Abuse
Dude! That totally ROCKS! How'd you get it to look exactly like Jeff Goldblum? Awesome. This for the JP TC?


TimewolfPosted: 09/23/01 18:23   Report Abuse
If, Darth J, Jackal, and I are still working on the JPPC, yes it is used in it. Along with Ray Arnold. We already have 3 dinos, just need levels :). As for making the face I got it from a picture on InGenNet.com


filip666Posted: 11/20/01 00:13   Report Abuse
Really nice skin, only it looks like " The Rock " heh


Black_RoninPosted: 08/07/02 20:05   Report Abuse
Well, The screenshots do show that you know what you're doing, but wouldn't you rather play as someone else? I mean, sure, he's the only other guy that lives through JP and TLW, but I think it would be seriously amusing to see John Hammond blowing away STs and caning them, huh?


HomicidePosted: 10/22/03 21:19   Report Abuse
Where the hell is his right hand?


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