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Chief Engineer Ray Arnold from the Jurassic Park Series.


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Download: Chief Engineer Ray Arnold
File Size: 50k
Date: 09/22/01
Author: Timewolf
Downloads: 496


Score (0-10): 7
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AKPiggottPosted: 09/22/01 23:07   Report Abuse
Hmmm.. looks like it was based off of TPMTC's Mace Windu skin (makes sense seeing as both chracters are played by Sam J). Labcoat textures could use smoothing over, and I was never a great fan of mixing photo realistic textures with drawn textures. Just one final note: Arnold doesn't qualify as being in the Jurassic Park "series".. he's only in the first one...


General TragetonPosted: 09/23/01 00:47   Report Abuse
One could use it for the deleted scene, where he loses his arm :D.


TimewolfPosted: 09/23/01 01:42   Report Abuse
I like photo-real faces on skins.


DarkMaster676Posted: 09/23/01 03:42   Report Abuse
I think it would be a lot cooler if you made a skin featuring Dr. Allant Grant, maybe two from JP and JPIII. Otherwise, good job. (They actually have a seen of him getting his arm ripped off? Is this on the DVD?)


TimewolfPosted: 09/23/01 06:18   Report Abuse
No you don't see his arm get ripped off, your not supposed to know he died until then. The Jackal was making a Grant skin dunno how it is going.


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