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This is my first level. It takes place deep in a Imperial Palace, it has been untouched for many decades.


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Download: Abandoned Computer Complex
File Size: 75k
Date: 09/24/01
Author: Punk_Skater
Downloads: 1001


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ChrisPosted: 09/24/01 13:30   Report Abuse
Well it certainly has computers but thats about it. Theres some corridors and doors. It doesn't really look as though its been untouched for decades, you could add some textures that would reflect this perhaps. The complex could have been bigger for the imperial palace. There could have been a number of floors using either ladders or old lifts to get to. There could have been a central computer room with a lot of computers and chairs and consoles to access.


Bad_BudPosted: 09/24/01 14:58   Report Abuse
Needs new computer 3D0's.... BAD!! If its old and abandoned people dont just stand at some button pad and hit it. At least we dont.


Punk_SkaterPosted: 09/24/01 20:49   Report Abuse
What would you recommend I put in the revision? Does anyone have any cool swively chair 3d0's? And this was my first level, I was learning as I was going along, go easy.



MaverickmanPosted: 09/26/01 00:45   Report Abuse
Hey I think that it is a pretty good level for a first timer. I agree with the new mats. I would also add some new Computer 3dos, Massassi has a great selection, try the computer console, or the computer table, anything like that. Nicely done for the first time though, Continue with the work.


NeutonPosted: 06/29/02 22:17   Report Abuse
Interesting Level... Kinda small, but I can understand since it's your first map. I was a little surprised when it said Mission Objective Completed!... I got to a part in the level that I couldn't get out of...


X-BoarderPosted: 12/19/02 20:59   Report Abuse
...I see why its abandoned...Looking forward to seeing some better work out of your next level.


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