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Replaces saber mats, some guns and has a continuous force jump and a grapple. This is my 1st mod so tell me what you think.


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Download: Bosso's Patch
File Size: 304k
Date: 09/28/01
Author: Bosso_27
Downloads: 791


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 4
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DarkMaster676Posted: 09/29/01 02:25   Report Abuse
Nothing we haven't seen before. Try and at least include a couple perks.


Deek FalwonPosted: 09/29/01 06:03   Report Abuse
hmm....not real good but making a mod can be tuff so u get 1 for effort, 1 for quality...hey are you that guy who is banned from playing Baron's Hed RPG?


JMotS_RAPTORPosted: 09/29/01 14:21   Report Abuse
Great Mod Bosso, as me and you were the first ever to test it. I was wondering, could u make a rail det that shoots cows?? That would be funny, and could you make a new force or something, that would be great but make sure you let me test it first hehe. I gave you a ten because i know how hard you worked on it and how hard you tried to make this mod. I hope you continue to make mods, and maybe a level to go with it. For your first go this is quite good.



PhenixPosted: 01/19/06 18:18   Report Abuse
I made confusion between the mod Bosso's Grapple and the mod Bosso's Patch. I did not test this mod also I withdrew my comment.



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