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A fairly large level meant to be used with a DBZ mod. It looks sort of like grand kai's space arena from Dragon Ball Z TV show. It has a comet, a tournament arena, a bunch of floating platforms put together to make a "jumping" arena. And, a lot of 0-gravity crates that a floating around. It is my FIRST level. So don't blame me, blame my inexperience.


Level Info:

Download: DBZ Space Arena
File Size: 17Kb
Date: 09/30/01
Author: Sith_Lord_Varos
Downloads: 1247


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 14
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/01/01 12:03   Report Abuse
Hey, they seemed to like Skies of Aduin enough! And I only spent about on hour on that. But, then, that wasn't my first level, was it... lol


SS_VegetaPosted: 10/01/01 18:58   Report Abuse
This level stinks! It dosent even remotley resemble the Grand Ki's fighting arena! Mabye you should try dancing or somthing.


ChrisPosted: 10/01/01 22:38   Report Abuse
Another strange dbz level. I don't really like this it just seems to me to be a load of platforms put in a room thats meant to be space? The big round thing slowed my computer down with framerate. I have to agree with the people who say not to realease a first level. Get people to beta test it first. If they think its good then release it but if its not then work on it or make another level. Don't just make a level and post it.


duoPosted: 10/02/01 05:49   Report Abuse
perfect in every way


Twisted BladePosted: 04/09/02 22:38   Report Abuse
y0 175 73h cr3470r 0f 73h 13v31. 1m n0w 83773r 47 3d171n6 4nd 1 4m w0rk1n6 0n 4 n3w 13v31 c4113d "Tower 309 DM". 17 w1ll n07 b3 45 n00815h. 1 n33d 50m30n3 70 8374 7357 17 7h0.


VengaurdPosted: 07/31/04 16:59   Report Abuse
can you please speack in a language every one can understand.
even for people who can read it its very anoying.
for those who cant:
"y0 175 73h cr3470r 0f 73h 13v31. 1m n0w 83773r 47 3d171n6 4nd 1 4m w0rk1n6 0n 4 n3w 13v31 c4113d "Tower 309 DM". 17 w1ll n07 b3 45 n00815h. 1 n33d 50m30n3 70 8374 7357 17 7h0."

means: "yo, its the creator of the level. im now better at editing and i am working on a new level called "Tower 309 DM". it will not be as noobish. i need someone to beta test it tho."


halucidPosted: 08/01/04 00:23   Report Abuse
LotW = a joke


MrRavenXPosted: 08/01/04 02:50   Report Abuse
Wow, this is way better then Planet Sith. Awesome.


FlexorPosted: 08/01/04 04:17   Report Abuse
Someone needs to put the lotw system out of it's misery.


[SF]pjbPosted: 08/01/04 11:13   Report Abuse
An interesting experiment by someone, The LotW system must not be desintergrated, insted upgraded. however, wait untill after my new levels reliced, or it will enver get LotW :P


Nemesis_0_Posted: 08/02/04 14:03   Report Abuse
LOTW WTF... This makes me wanna projectile vomit with rage!


LaserjoltPosted: 08/03/04 02:48   Report Abuse
Projectile vomiting with rage... never expected to see that comment, but after this I have to agree... not supposed to be overly critical of newbies, but your level is horrible... just plain bad... :P now, back to waiting for Spiral to come out with Laboratory, which WILL be a good game ;)


Nemesis_0_Posted: 08/06/04 00:55   Report Abuse
Wow its not the lvl that makes me vomit with rage, its the fact that it got LOTW... did some1 like sit there and refresh the LOTW vote or something?


SpearleafPosted: 08/06/04 01:32   Report Abuse


Bus DriverPosted: 08/12/04 01:17   Report Abuse
This level was fantastic, I thought I was truly in space among the stars!


Lord VarosPosted: 08/12/04 04:18   Report Abuse
ROFL! I was on massassi and decided to vote for my level... once. It totally sucks, and the "1337" was a half-joke. By "totally sucks", I mean it really freakin' rules joo. Though, I must say, Mr. Bus Driver, I thought your joke was... bad, but better than my half of one. Later, yalls, peace, cya, brb, afk, kokokokok.


Bus DriverPosted: 08/13/04 01:19   Report Abuse
Your level is a joke, mwhahaha


Lord VarosPosted: 08/14/04 03:49   Report Abuse
Yeah... well, I hope you realize I made this years ago. In JKEdit (shudder). With hopes someone would actually play it with a DBZ mod.


Bus DriverPosted: 08/15/04 07:44   Report Abuse
Meh, just having some fun.


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 08/16/04 04:20   Report Abuse



iron_jediPosted: 08/18/04 06:33   Report Abuse
dude, wtf?!!
if you are going to release a level called "Grand Kai space arena"
make it actually look's like it. you should've called it "box with some platforms you stoopid n00b.


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