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While smuggling some goods for Raha The Hutt, you ran into an Imperial blockade that has resulted in the loss of Raha's whole shipment. You are am now returning to Anchoron with nothing but an apology to offer. You realize this act of good faith may result in your death. This level includes 16bit textures, 3Dcard required. Note: the screens I sent are sort of dark.


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for Persecuted

Level Info:

Download: Persecuted
File Size: 5.8Megs
Date: 10/06/01
Author: Elmo
Downloads: 2371


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 33
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EL3CTROPosted: 10/06/01 20:27   Report Abuse
VERY nice level, i liked it a lot :D And the elmo posrt was funny :D


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 10/06/01 20:37   Report Abuse
I would prefer the level if I could see, but the bits i could see when i was firing the repeater non stop were pretty cool


ElmoPosted: 10/06/01 20:44   Report Abuse
sorry my st00p question... but where did you got the Repeater from and why didn't you use Flashlight or Nightvision?


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 10/06/01 20:46   Report Abuse
i cheated to get the repeater, but i forgot the cheat that gives you full batteries


NAS_MatyyPosted: 10/06/01 21:09   Report Abuse

I'm waiting for this level for months...and I've already plaid the first part of Persecueted to - only one area (the one that got SotD (ICE!)) and now I'm waiting for that - 10!


Punk_SkaterPosted: 10/06/01 21:13   Report Abuse
the screens look beautiful, but why is the download so huge?


_SL_KylePosted: 10/07/01 03:22   Report Abuse
This looks asome im D/L now. I cant wait to play it.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/07/01 11:51   Report Abuse

I love the textures, archi, and especially the music. Too bad MotS crashes from time to time when I play this (suspiciously right before I try to save). But still excellent,, and it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. You even added that shoot on sight.


AdiPosted: 10/07/01 12:06   Report Abuse
Nice archi, bit of a boring plot and a very short level for such a big d/l.


ElmoPosted: 10/07/01 13:18   Report Abuse
Hey, who didn't give me a 10? I'll come and get ya!

The download is just that huge coz it is all 16bit. The story is boring for now... but there'll be a second part that continues the story.


Darth VedderPosted: 10/07/01 14:03   Report Abuse
The architecture, texturing and lighting were really good; but the gameplay lacked a bit because it doesn't really have a story and you're just wandering around not knowing where to go.
It did have a nice city feel and the cutscene's were done nice to.
The main problem is the crashes; it crashes everytime you press esc; or when you die or when you kill certain enemies; a shame...


ElmoPosted: 10/07/01 14:23   Report Abuse
I don't know why it crashed. I didn't have that problem but several BETA testers had it. I don't know what it could be so I can't help or fix it. Yes the plot is very ... unknown... but there'll be a second part and I hope I can tell the story with it. Just to ensure you, yes there is a background story.


AKPiggottPosted: 10/07/01 14:30   Report Abuse
A good level, exceptionally good for a first attempt. The architecture, texturing and lighting were superb, with high framerate. It's about time a location like this was done this well in a single player level. However, I was frequently returned to the desktop (particuarly when I press ESC) and I experienced lots of little bugs like an explosion sprite from a fired projectile was just left in air not animating and stayed there. I liked the new enemies. The cutscenes were pretty good, short and to the point, dialogue could have been better though. The story was a little unsatisfying. The level design relied too heavily on key hunts, at least it didn't feel linear. There weren't enough ammo and health pickups, to add to the frustration, the player couldn't pick up some of the weapons dropped by killed enemies.

Anyway, a worthy download, but nothing's perfect.. 8/10.


PengunPosted: 10/07/01 15:00   Report Abuse
This level was exceptional. Definately above average. I was impressed that virtually every door could be opened and the level was surprisingly non linear. A nice touch was coming out of doors you couldn't enter earlier into areas you'd already been. The only problem with this design was that I ended up spending long periods of time wandering in circles, unable to tell areas apart.

And I'm honoured that you chose my toilet :)


CguyPosted: 10/08/01 00:02   Report Abuse
As others have already said, the biggest detractor from the level was the continuous crashing. I was getting annoyed after the third time...:)
The new skin was a nice touch, I thought, and also the enemies.
The atmosphere was perfect, and the cutscenes weren't bad either. :) The dialogue was a bit corny, but mostly to the point, and so could be overlooked.

As Anthony said, there were too few powerups. If you had added in just a tad more shields and health packs, here and there, it would've been perfect.

All in all, I give it a 8/10.


vickey jacksonPosted: 10/08/01 11:17   Report Abuse
I had problems with this level the background was extremely bright to the point I could barely see. It look nothing like the snapshot. what happened?


Star_GhostPosted: 10/08/01 14:51   Report Abuse
Ghost's Review:

Architechture: This is the best department with the usual slopes and special archi.

Gameplay: This was hurt a little bit by the crashing bugs and some wierd bug that keeps pushing you forward. But other than that, great job!

Final Comments: Great level! Please fix those bugs for next time! How you doin Elmo... haven't talked to you in a while:) (HCF_Duke is what I go by)


GsusnmePosted: 10/11/01 19:29   Report Abuse
I'm downloading it right now, but from what I can tell by other peoples comments this will be one heck of a single player mission!
from the screenshots alone I can tell you'v put ALOT of work into it,
/me pats Elmo on the back


HidetoraPosted: 11/15/01 22:42   Report Abuse
'Tis a good level. Nice 16-bit mats to give it that Mos Eisley feel. This is what happened when I played:

The hutt talked, it crashed.

Restarted, the hutt talked, and it crashed.

Restarted, got a little further and saved a backup save, and it crashed.

Loaded the backup save, killed a mandalorian, and it crashed.

Killed several more mandalorians before it crashed again, and eventually I got to the rodian, approached him the wrong way and it crashed.

Restarted and beat the level.

Is the crashing a problem with the 16-bit mats?

Good level, though. I congratulate you on the atmospheric Tatooine-city feel.



Xizor_42Posted: 11/16/01 01:31   Report Abuse
bah...not worthy of LotW. Sorry, but it doesn't feel right.


BHull_sHaDOwPosted: 11/16/01 15:15   Report Abuse
SN looks great. How about a conversion to Jedi Knight?


ElmoPosted: 11/16/01 16:39   Report Abuse
the bar is full of colored lighting and looks stoop without it...


PengunPosted: 11/18/01 04:51   Report Abuse
I had no crashing problems at all. hmm.


CadetLeePosted: 11/19/01 15:36   Report Abuse
I had no crashing problems, but I could hardly

I didn't get too far yet - just into the little town thing in the beginning, so I don't know if the lighting changes later.

Just one complaint, and I've noticed this in several SP levels. The dialogue is missing punctuation, and could use some editing for "proper" grammer/punctuation :)


HidetoraPosted: 11/20/01 00:29   Report Abuse
It's simple. Just play dark levels in a dark room with no windows that don't have shades. :)


ElmoPosted: 11/20/01 17:00   Report Abuse
I know about the cuscenes. I need some dialog supervisor for my next project. :)


GodPosted: 11/21/01 15:15   Report Abuse
Groovy level Bayebee! Er.. I think I watched Austin Powers too many times... =/


Rogue12Posted: 11/23/01 01:29   Report Abuse
Hey CadetLee, it's spelled grammar and not grammer :)


SimoN CLPosted: 11/30/01 16:53   Report Abuse
Luverly level here, deservedly Level of the week, very nice indeed.

Apart from the grammar in the cutscenes and the odd crashing, its well worth playing if you havent already.


AlexanderPosted: 11/30/01 22:11   Report Abuse
great level Elmo! 10!

only problem is grammar but that's not that bad. I had no crashing problems at all.


RagemanPosted: 12/06/01 20:31   Report Abuse
very nice level......
i really liked the bit when........ doesn't matter, good level

Well done Elmo


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 12/13/01 22:27   Report Abuse
...I think it might've been a good level....but...I.... erm... I was running up a staircase, jumped, and got on top of the city, and simply ran to my ship, hence completing the level... Please tell me this isn't what you're SUPPOSED to do...


ElmoPosted: 12/14/01 21:42   Report Abuse
You aren't supposed to go this way. I tried to fix all the ways on the roof. There were only two. I once tried to add some sort of skybox but dropped it. I left the way over the rooftops for testing the level (getting faster to specific areas). This might be a bug I didn't fix.
Well, just don't use that way...


Funky JediPosted: 12/15/01 22:16   Report Abuse
I don't know what you guys are talking about. Understand that there is NEVER a level to dark, (unless of couse it is pitch black). To hide and snipe (ok who cares if there is no snipe gun, use the friggin bryar Mr. Greedy) is a great way to win. I'm dl it now.


DangerBoyPosted: 12/18/01 00:50   Report Abuse
how long has this been lvl of the week


ElmoPosted: 12/18/01 13:23   Report Abuse
I dont know but I like.


KFA|FlinchPosted: 12/19/01 01:29   Report Abuse
I like the idea, its very squared off, although it is a city environment... it could have used some additional aide in that area.

Very buggy, a lot of things made this level crash and that was rather annoying while trying to follow the story.

The dialogue sounded very poorly done, you set it up in the words of a seven year old and not with expression and descriptive words.

'I don't want to have to do this'

A Hutt wouldn't say that. It's a good level and was worth the time playing, very interesting and even difficult in certain areas. Just needed a few more creative edges here and there.



Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 06/26/02 20:28   Report Abuse
I don't get it. I waited fifty five minutes for my slow computer to download this, and when it was finally done, I played it, and everyting was messed up. All the textures where freaky looking, (everything but enemies, and certain "objects" looked like a bunch of little city-skyline lights strung together, and thrown all over the place. Earlier, I had installed a MOD that puts a few "mandalore Enemies" in it, and I thought that the Mandalore MOD was what was nessing it up, so I took out the Mandalore thing, tried the level again, and it was still messed up. even my character skin was weird looking. I don't know why this happened. If anyone does know why, please tell me. Thank you.
PS:Due to the good-looking screenshots, and the other good reviews, I'd say download it.
:D :)


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