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It's small arena for saber duels dedicated to SBX2 mod. I used 16bit textures so don't play without 3d acceleration. Enjoy :)


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Download: Arena 1
File Size: 350k
Date: 10/14/01
Author: Ortheza
Downloads: 1838


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 15
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RazePosted: 10/14/01 20:48   Report Abuse
Looks rather cool from the screens... I'll d/l it. =)


Marcus LordsonPosted: 10/14/01 20:56   Report Abuse
WOW! great level! Love the texture, perfect size for a duel, and it has that nice sancuary feeling with dueling, and even has some small hiding places. This level really exploits (I mean that in a good way) the sbx 2 mod. It would be nice to have it a bit bigger (maybe in a future level) I gives it a ten!


Marcus LordsonPosted: 10/14/01 21:11   Report Abuse
oh, there is one glitch in it. the slopes on the upper level disapear after you go down 'em halfway. otherwise, it's fine


GethroPosted: 10/15/01 00:06   Report Abuse


PommyPosted: 10/15/01 01:07   Report Abuse
AWESOME!!! Abosolutely great for SBX2!!! Great for any other saber mod (namely SBX1) also!!! Gave it a ten.


FRNDS_FroggyPPosted: 10/15/01 01:07   Report Abuse
This level is great and is really great for duels


ShadowXPosted: 10/15/01 04:32   Report Abuse
This level gets the SBX creator's seal of approval, LOL =)



FirestormTFPosted: 10/15/01 05:43   Report Abuse
At last a decent level.

This is a breath of fresh air from the cloud of medicoracy we have been getting at massassi lately.

Though your level does have its problems and Ill list them here

1- The bug mentioned earlier where the platform would disapear when sliding down it.
2- Nothing to use with force throw. Some dark jedis actually use this power so it would have been nice to add objects to throw.
3-For an arena you should have added revives for the fighters so they can heal up and enter the ring
4-The arena doesn't envolve alot of 3d gameplay. Since its just one plane. Next time i suggest add some catwalks or obstacles with in the arena to make it more 3d
5-Next time add some camera cogs so obsevers can observe the fight from different angles.

Other then that your level is great. I gave it an 8. Its basically an Arena level that looks great. 1 ring thats medium sized and the deadly ring outs. This map isn't suited for RPGers or gunners (which also makes it lowered it in ranking since i consider the perfect level to cater to all sorts who play JK). This is definatly a map to hold your JK saber tournemants and have great looking screenshots to show for it. Gameplay wise though its basically just like the platforms in "jedi Tower" except with no powerups. For you guys that like to take screenshots for tournements and watch a fight in a great looking level then this is it for you. If you want variety in arenas or gameplay then this level is unfortunatly outclassed by "Dralloc Arena" and "Coruscant arena 1". A great first release level, I expect great things from this author in the future.


Cave_DemonPosted: 10/15/01 23:21   Report Abuse
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can't have a level called that! I have registered name "Arena [insertrandomnumberhere]"!!!!!!!!!!1111

Nice level, btw :p


JacobanPosted: 01/07/02 10:26   Report Abuse
I thought the arch, textures, and dark theme were awesome. I didn't think it was really big enough as a level or big enough to include a conc (let alone 2 of 'em). Maybe a rail gun if you have to have some sort of weapon.

I also didn't understand the main platform in the middle having what appeared to be lights around the edge. Not the ones around the outside, but on top just above the ones on the side. They looked like light textures but they weren't lit. But it's probably just me.

Great lvl!!


Highelf_LordPosted: 05/29/02 21:41   Report Abuse
This level looks great for its purpose. This looks much better than the last level I downloaded. Certianly looks great for saber battles. I do agree that it looks a little small for guns and all. All in all, it looks great for those who like using thier saber and maybe some force, but it will detur those who like the use of guns and such.

(P.S. I did not rate this, I will do that when I play it)


Highelf_LordPosted: 05/29/02 21:54   Report Abuse
This level is GREAT! I love the textures and playabiltiy with sabers. However, this level is only good when using SBX because otherwise you end up with two concution rifles on a very small level. For saberists this is great to play. However I gave it an eight because of the glitches (dissapiering ramps and all) and because you almost have to have the SBX mod to play it. I played it once with the mod and once without and, while the results were exelent woth SBX, they were not nearly as good without it. Keep making maps like this, they are sure to be a hit with saberists!


ShockazPosted: 12/07/03 00:41   Report Abuse
This could have been incorporated into a much bigger level. Nonetheless, good eye-candy. I noticed that your 'pods' disappear. Try using the _zwalkstruct template when something like that happens. It helps! =) Good work Ortheza.


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