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A skin of!


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Download: Bosso Himself
File Size: 65.6k
Date: 10/14/01
Author: Bosso_27
Downloads: 600


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 5
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VindicarePosted: 10/15/01 09:39   Report Abuse
I dunno if there are any added feautures to this mod but the skin itself is my Catachan Jungle Fighter skin that I did some time ago, If there are extra features in the mod fair enough if not then the skin has jus been ripped straight from my mod.



bearded_jarlPosted: 10/16/01 04:57   Report Abuse
Help! I can't see you behind your ego! i give it a six. hmm... i haven't commented on a level since JKRPG. i need to get out more, or maybe less...


ElmoPosted: 10/16/01 12:59   Report Abuse
Well... you asked him to use the skin... but did you tell him in your mod would be ONLY his skin?

BTW I didn't mind something else so if you changed something else then the skin please correct me


MechWarriorPosted: 10/19/01 23:45   Report Abuse
Hey lay off him 10 for effort... that and I feel sorry for ya.


danny85331Posted: 07/11/03 02:25   Report Abuse
What effort? It is a flat out rip-off


_yo_tacos5Posted: 04/15/04 18:23   Report Abuse
this ok i didnt d/l bt i saw the screen shots i give it a 5 for effort


PIPPosted: 05/29/05 15:24   Report Abuse
wow a nazi :P


No_More_SorrowPosted: 06/24/07 19:21   Report Abuse
This is the exact same as this (Catachan Jungle Fighter) Mod. It's a total rip-off. I give it a zero.


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