Abandoned Ord Mantell Waste Facility

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The idea of this MP level is that you're fighting in an old shutdown waste facility located at Ord Mantell. The place has recently been taken over by a swoop gang, and they have added a few "security measures", such as some hidden laser turrets and a Thermal Detonator trap. This is my first to be released MP level so please be kind with your "creative criticism."


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Download: Abandoned Ord Mantell Waste Facility
File Size: 310k
Date: 10/23/01
Author: Noble Knight
Downloads: 1252


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 2
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Zer-0-Posted: 10/24/01 18:02   Report Abuse
Ahh, didnt get first DL, but, the archy looks rather nice for a first level. Id say the idea is creative and that being this is your "First Released" level, you made a blessing to the JK community without releasing trash. TY



StrikePosted: 10/25/01 03:57   Report Abuse
dflt.cmp, 01narsh.cmp, 03house.cmp, and 06baron.cmp are the only ones people use. Switch to 09fuel.cmp or 20val.cmp and in the texture mask type the first two numbers of the colormap you use (IE: for 09fuel.cmp you would type 09 in the texture mask) and you get all the textures exclusivly supported by that colormap. It still uses LEC quality textures, but the levels look so incredibally different. Check out this example below. This is the area you first step into when you enter the school in JHS, but retextured using 09fuel.cmp.


Doesn't that look a little more appealing?


Noble KnightPosted: 10/27/01 03:57   Report Abuse
I DID use 09fuel.cmp. What does any of that have to do with my level anyway?


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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