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You find yourself again to return to the tunnel matrix of Eros Mining Station. However things seem to have changed, as you are surprised to discover, you can scarcely believe your eyes, or your ears. As you careen your way through this Erie level be wary of unexpected visitors.


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Download: Aftermath II "Erie"
File Size: 242k
Date: 10/23/01
Author: CrimsonDeath
Downloads: 761


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 6
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/23/01 12:07   Report Abuse
Ummm... your second screenshot appears only to be a square tunnel, and the first one is a cliff skybox on the sides... :P


TerraPosted: 10/23/01 20:32   Report Abuse
ouch... This level is just... bad

Playability 0/10 ceiling to low to jump at all except in 1 or 2 spots. some of the passageways were too small and I couldn't get threw.
Item placement 0/10 Items were everywhere in the level and most were half way underground :/
Texturing 0/10 The textures you picked didn't look right together, also some stitching would have been nice.

Some advice for any future levels you do, Make passageways big enough so that you have some chance of dodging bullets. Pick out some better Textures, This place has a lot of good ones. And make sure Items are ground level.


JimbobimboPosted: 10/24/01 02:49   Report Abuse
Hmm you are new to level making I cans ee, very boxy in many places, and textures were alright but nothing impressive. I actually like the 1st screenshot it was good, but the 2nd didn't make too much sense. However I liked the design because the fastest way around is through the cool little tunnels, but you have to becareful in them because can be easily beseiged and killed in them from lack of maneuverability. However this added a great aspect to the game, and made collecting weapons more exciting and riskier, I also like the waterfall trick placement, it caught us several times. I've found this is best for about 3-4 players. Anyway those are my thoughts, very much worth downloading but not the best on the net.


TerraPosted: 10/24/01 18:40   Report Abuse
Hmmm a rating of 7... How come good levels that people want to play are lucky to get above this. Hmm 3 votes.. that means the other 2 must be 10's


WeirdALPosted: 10/25/01 01:02   Report Abuse
I thought is was a very good level, I thoroughly enjoyed the many colours, and the *AWESOME* sound effects! Excellent job! and great variety! Could have been better textures, and weapons placements BUT beggers CAN"T be choosers neh?


ChrisPosted: 10/27/01 21:05   Report Abuse
Well this is just weird. A few tunnels with strange lighting and sounds in places. Not good for fighting.


SkyXaxPosted: 07/21/03 22:19   Report Abuse
Hmm. Is that the Eros Mining Station from Red Faction (I love that game)? Anyway, if it is, I think you should make it dark, way darker. The tunnels of Eros are quite dark, and damp, and aren't square lol. I gave you a 6 just for effort and that it's from Red Faction :) lol.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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