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A medium/smallish level that really isn't a city, but the skybox looks like one. Every weapon is included with plenty of ammo (but I hid the Conc. rifle). No force powerups, good for 2-4 players.


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Level Info:

Download: Antrx City
File Size: 498k
Date: 10/29/01
Author: Anthr@x
Downloads: 960


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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AglarPosted: 10/29/01 12:14   Report Abuse
I think that with the times as they are. the name of the level is in poor taste.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 10/29/01 13:03   Report Abuse
Aglar, the author's name is Anthr@x, and has been since long before the terrorism in the US... I don't think it's in bad taste to name a level after it's author...


ElmoPosted: 10/29/01 13:48   Report Abuse
It's not his fault... but what Aglar said is true. Yes, it doesn't belong to all that but some might think of that.


PengunPosted: 10/29/01 14:13   Report Abuse
Aw, Anthr@x, yer so zany!

Overall a good level. Lots of large open space makes it nice for powerful weapons mods. Generally a good level for a smaller number of players.

By the way, why is the actual level called Matchdeath Deathmatch by Adam?


TrigePosted: 10/29/01 14:51   Report Abuse
The level looks great! But...the name is a bit bad timed, it doesn't matter it it is your name or not. Just because it's your name doesn't mean you have to call your level that.


Darth MaulPosted: 10/29/01 17:44   Report Abuse
looks good, downloading


Anthr@xPosted: 10/29/01 19:49   Report Abuse
Hokay. Sorry about the names. I made this level ages ago. My name is Adam, and I temporarily put in Matchdeath Deathmatch, and forgot to change it. Just look for Matchdeath Deathmatch in the menu.

And yeah, I've been here for ages, and as uncreative as I am, I couldn't think of a name. Sorry if I offended anyone.


AglarPosted: 10/29/01 20:37   Report Abuse
Don't get me wrong, it doesn't bother me in the least, and I realize that you used that handle long before 9/11. I was just pointing out that I can see how people may easily be offended.


wax_beermanPosted: 07/31/02 18:31   Report Abuse
why are people so scared of a name. ANTHRAX! wow its no worse now than before last september, its like nameing something Bullet wich has killed alot more people than anthrax or beer ,humm, wich has killed more than anthrax.

Ps. good lvl


Macro_RoshumaPosted: 09/19/04 21:58   Report Abuse
I gave it a 9, 'cause it isn't big enough. Textures awesome.


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