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This patch will replace the Stormtroopers, ATST Pilot, TIE Pilot and Scout Troopers with Battle Droids. It also replaces the ATST with a walking Droid Starfighter and the TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor with a flying Droid Starfighter.


Level Info:

Download: Trade Federation
File Size: 672k
Date: 10/29/01
Author: Robban
Downloads: 1782


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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FastGamerrPosted: 10/29/01 12:02   Report Abuse
Somebody can say what he/she wants, but I like this mod. If I would make a Episode I-level/mod someday, I would use this. Good job! :)


VindicarePosted: 10/29/01 12:26   Report Abuse
Yer this mod is great, There are currently very few mods which replace enemies and I really like this mod! It conflicts with few patches and can therefore be used with most levels. This is sweet keep up da gr8 work!



Poofy101Posted: 10/29/01 18:32   Report Abuse
it looks good im d/ling it now nice work


AglarPosted: 10/29/01 20:38   Report Abuse
Did you actually MAKE anything?


ExarislostPosted: 10/29/01 22:29   Report Abuse
Looks pretty good, the textures on the battle droids look great, but I thought the walking droid fighters were brown. Other than that the model looks great.


HidetoraPosted: 10/29/01 23:32   Report Abuse
Vhy dudn't itt vorkh weet SBX??

(It's your problem if you can't read it; not mine.)


ZyPosted: 10/31/01 00:45   Report Abuse
I haven't tried this mod out yet, but I'm loving this mod (for obvious reasons). Any chance you will create a second version of this mod, but this time including my Darth Maul Probe Droid and my Destroyer Droid?



BattDawgPosted: 10/31/01 01:27   Report Abuse
Great Mod! I the only thing I think is missing would be a Qui Gon or Obi Wan skin for Kyle.


cbPosted: 12/08/04 15:03   Report Abuse
Gives players a taste of prequel battle! It would be nice to put these trade federation elements into an ep2 level.


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