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This mod gives you big heads (imagine that) just like in an NBA game with a code to give it to you. This mod can be used when other players don't have it, they of course won't see it. This patch will not effect gameplay in any way except for you may lose matches because of laughing (hehe it really is funny). Check the gob if you want, it's just edited 3do's, you won't be harder to hit either. No feedback necessary. Actually, there is a glitch with the storm trooper skin. Hope you like it.


Level Info:

Download: Big Heads
File Size: 430k
Date: 11/01/01
Author: Sabre_Wulf
Downloads: 960


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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Joe_BuddyPosted: 11/01/01 07:05   Report Abuse
This is one of the funniest mods I've played!


SavageXPosted: 11/03/01 14:05   Report Abuse
Sabre, Vader wasn't insulting your work. He was just saying that JK's have such little polygon count that they don't look all that great big. You see, he's commented on the JK team, not you. I think you owe Vader an apology. BTW, it's very bad practice to get sore whenever you get feedback that you find insulting. You always going to get both while editing - it's good to have both since you can tell where your stengths are and where you're not. Basically, don't get mad about it. Just try to keep an open mind.

-- SavageX


Sabre_WulfPosted: 11/05/01 00:37   Report Abuse
HEHE. Savage, if there was anyone to take advice from in JK editing, it's u. I agree on the most part =). Just don't think I owe him an apoligy. My whole point was, is this mod is a joke bro. It's for fun, what is there to criticise? What is there to dislike? Don't think it's funny, heh, that's ur own prob. But, yes I shouldn't let em get me mad. =(.

I am just ephasizing that the people that comment here, are too prickish. They can't say LOL funny mod (not much skill) but still funny. I'll be the first to tell you. I made this mod in 25 minutes. No skill, just the skill of having the idea (which is a large part).

Vader, NP man. Savage is right. That's wut U meant. I relize that now. But nonetheless, this mod isn't for good graphics bro, it's funny. U wanna talk about it not looking good (AKA realistic), then think about the size of the head then. Think about that eh? hehe. Beyond that, I'm glad someone at least gave me some feedback even tho it was kinda..... Odd. Heh. Later.


NomadžoulPosted: 12/04/01 02:53   Report Abuse
LOL funny mod (not much skill) but still funny. There ya happy!?! (actually it was pretty funny..I gave it a ten...god knows why but I did)


the hive clusterPosted: 12/24/02 20:03   Report Abuse
hah! love it! although...need work on the textures....oh well! rocks! 8/10!


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