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Another update of the Evil Dead TC, but it's not done yet. It is still a mod. Expect further updates. This time around, I included 3 new skin replacement for bad guys in JK. The Reeyees (those 3-5 eyed guys in the first levels), the Rodians, and the Imperial Officers(the imps in the brown suits). As For weapons, I've included some old ones I had siting on my hard drive waiting to be used/improved for the next update. Also, the pump and double barrel shotguns are included. Small Axe - Fists Carbine Western Style Rifle - Reapeater The Alimighty Chainsaw - Saber


Level Info:

Download: Evil Dead Patch 1.4
File Size: 915k
Date: 11/04/01
Author: ChRoNoS_Gohan
Downloads: 744


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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TrigePosted: 11/05/01 00:22   Report Abuse
Hey, not bad. I see that you took my advice when I told you to retexture him LOL. I gave it a 7, because the chainsaw was simply HUGE.


OverlordPosted: 11/05/01 01:00   Report Abuse
If you using 16 bit mats email me at lazerus250@hotmail.com
I have unused Evil dead ash head skin thats really good. If you want it email me.
Here links to screenies:


PengunPosted: 11/05/01 19:30   Report Abuse
I just think it's funny that you feel you have to explain what an imperial officer and a gran is. Also you say that the Grans have 3-5 eyes!


filip666Posted: 11/20/01 00:31   Report Abuse



PIPPosted: 05/07/04 20:00   Report Abuse
I gave it an 8. It's fun to blow away zombies.....only 2 problems and suggestions.

1) There were barely any new guns (but cool)next patch you make modify all the guns. (grenade launcher is a suggestion.....blow the zombies away QUAKE STYLE!!!!!!!!... another one is a machine gun....make it more modern, but leave the chainsaw the shotguns, and the axe those were cool but make the rest of the guns different)

2) On the skins......the zombie modifacations were cool but make all enemies look like zombies and have them look more goryier on your next mod and give them zombie sounds

other than those 2 the mod was great!! better than the other version =)you don't have to follow my suggestions but if you want a 10 or 9 I reccommend you do....keep up the great work!!!


PIPPosted: 06/21/04 12:02   Report Abuse
ok I say keep up the great work too much lol


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