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A beta of the mod I want to release for RPG games. This contains a sniper rifle, grapple, drop weapon ability, the ability to stay under water longer, and a jetpack that EAH_CLOwN let me use and modify. I want lots of ideas and feedback on this, so tell me what u would like in the final version. NOTE: One of the screenshots has a skin from BFP2x in it.


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Download: Better RPG Mod Beta
File Size: 280k
Date: 11/05/01
Author: Bosso_27
Downloads: 2150


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 9
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ZDawgPosted: 11/05/01 21:53   Report Abuse
i gave it a seven becuse its a beta, but it dose give a hole lot funner feal to RPG play.


ZDawgPosted: 11/05/01 22:03   Report Abuse
A good idea would be editing the JKstrings.UNI and making it have Descrptions of the guns amd stuff.... make a cog so you can switch your Character like to an assassin, to a Bar tender, to a Civ, Yadayadyadya blah blah blah...... its looking good keep up the nice work


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 11/05/01 22:35   Report Abuse
its not too bad. i rated it an 8, simply because i've been wanting an RPG mod for a loooong time.. but here are my suggestions for the full version:

add a stun setting to the ST rifle
have the jetpack use batterys, so people dont just fly all over the place all the time. infact, it might be good to change the feild light to the IR goggles, and then change the original IR goggles to the jet pack, that way you can only get it in a level with it (like caesars or drazen), so not only would it have limited use, but it'd also be hard to find. another suggestion is change the conc into the sniper rifle, instead of the bryar, and increase the damage of all the weapons a bit (im sick of people pulling out a rail and blowin ya up when your holding them hostage, the small guns do too little damage), possibly make the feild of damage for the rail bigger, but add a lower ammo capacity and lower rate of fire (so its like an actual rocket launcher) lets see... maybe do an SS3 and make it so that the bigger the weapon you have out, the slower you walk.. and almost DEFINATLY make the damage of thermals, and maybe mines, bigger. and maybe add a longer respawn time, so people arent heroic in RPG's and storm into an armed base with guns blazing.. heh i dont expect much of this to actually be in the final version,but thats pretty much my dream RPG mod... k ill shut up now

[Edit] Oh yeah, it might be good to change the 3do's of some of the weapons, but that might be pushing it even more than it already is. and i found a glitch, your right hand is invisible when you have fists up (or atleast when you try to drop your fists..)


Bad_BudPosted: 11/06/01 02:30   Report Abuse
Hmm, this would be part of my dream RPG. Have bar tenders, with drinks, you know... have actual sallaries! Add handcuffs and make your own nice city levels. For a drink, ask for help from the BAH bar, i believe its called... they added effects to drinks in thier levels. Jetpack idea, How bout ONE BUTTON for the jetpack like in tribes, why dont people do THAT?! When u have one button, u press it to go up, not straight up, but in the direction your going. And instead of a crappy grapple hook (totally overused) be the first person to make a HARPOON GUN. Take it as a gun, with a rope in the end, new sounds, and have it shoot a rope followed hook projectile. Make dollars! :) (maybe even random civs that appear for business at your stations). I hope you like some of my ideas, and PLEASE i beg, use some of them... Thank you


SH_GrinninMonkEPosted: 11/06/01 04:10   Report Abuse
Hmmmm, pretty good Bosso. One little suggestion, make the sniper rifle have a better zoom... pretty good for a beta.


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/06/01 14:11   Report Abuse
One suggestion about teh money Use the barons hed money 3do and cogs only amke its so the host can be a banker and give out money in a level so you dont have to put it in the level to use cash


CL0wNPosted: 11/06/01 15:30   Report Abuse
I'm glad you were able to use several of my cogs. I think you should leave my tags in the header though. It's the least you can do since I wrote the code in most of the cogs in this mod. Also you should set up the oxygen unit to eliminate the damage in kyle.cog. You won't need a pulse that way. Just make it so that when the bin number of the oxygen unit is activated then there is no damage. This will reduce lag. The kyle you used has a damage control in it that reduces damage by 9pts (I know I wrote the code for that too) I didn't know if that was intentional or not since it was designed as a cheat. I guess if everyone is using it, their is no advantage. You might also want to check out the jetpack I made as an expansion for Sith Sabers II. You can steer that one by using the mouse. Anyway you look you fly. You are welcome to use it if you want. Just leave my tags in, you will need to modify it a bit to get it to work without Sith Sabers II.


JKdudePosted: 11/07/01 00:40   Report Abuse
I'll stick to the extremely better made Barons Hed RPG thank you...


AbolisherPosted: 11/07/01 03:53   Report Abuse
rly d00d r u kdng me i wl b abl 2 use th bfp2 w/ur mod d00d that is 100% r0x0rz i thnk ur mod is c00l & u r 2 c00l i bt u r prlly sum prsn n the cumunity liek slg or madvntor or zljn!!!!!!!!!!! c00l m0d d00d u rox!!!!!!!!


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 11/07/01 19:54   Report Abuse
my opinion for the skins would be:

6 original: Trooper, Commando, Jan, Sarriss and Trando... plus some random other skin since i cant think of one.. for bfp skins i'd suggest: Guri, Mara Jade, Exar Kun, Bot, Royal Guard, and Legion.. now, dont think im being a sexist, but IMHO, there arent all that many female RP'ers (or atleast not in comparison to the male ones), hence i only included 4 female skins in my suggestions (that, and the fact that those are the only ones people use any way...)

and to the post a little ways above this one: barons hed isnt "extremely better made", in every game it just ends up to be a team death match with the assassin vs the mayor and guards.. plus you can only play that at one level, this you can play at ANY rpg level.. like caesars, dralloc, drazen... etc etc.. while barons hed you can only play effectively at.. well.. barons hed, and you can only play as one of 7 different roles. now dont get me wrong, i LOVE barons hed, it just gets annoying and is more trouble than its worth sometimes


CL0wNPosted: 11/09/01 15:17   Report Abuse
Keeping my tags means leaving my information intact within the cogs. I noticed in several of the cogs that you changed a single varible (Which changed the design and function of the cog in no way, since varibles can be named anything). Apparently you thought that doing this entitled you to claim to be the creator of the cog. Thats like putting new rims on your car and then saying that your the designer and creator of the entire car. If I give you permission to use my cogs (Which I do) you should show me the courtosy of leaving my name in as creator. You didn't create them at the very best you modified them. In some cases you didn't even do that. What you have done is collect cogs created by other people and assembled them into a neat package. Be honest.


SH_GrinninMonkEPosted: 11/11/01 22:45   Report Abuse
I agree with ClOwN's logic... u cant just steal a cog, remove the tags and stuff and claim that you made it.


master_of_forcePosted: 02/13/02 07:24   Report Abuse
Just a few suggestions

1. replace the conc rifle with a sniper rifle

2. try making different types of people to be (such as cop,thief,civilian,bartender,etc...

3. as for money systems make somthing like a bank vault or a cash register that you can get money from

just a few ideas


Darth_SaibotPosted: 05/09/02 23:26   Report Abuse
I think that you should make the handcuffs so that when a cop arrests you they put you in cuffs and you cant pull out wpns...just a idea...anyways i give it a 9 but im not gonna download it cuz ill wait for the better 1s no offense..



admanPosted: 12/29/02 16:10   Report Abuse
I havent d/led it yet im gonna rate it a 7 cause i love rpging i really AM ABSOLUTELY POSITVE this is gonna be a good mod i agree with big fat cow on alot of stuff.Finish this mod for us RPGER's plz this is my first post ever on the commenting system. heh just had to say that.


SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 01/12/03 15:32   Report Abuse


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/13/04 04:12   Report Abuse
Sounds good. Rating an 8. Gonna d/l today and probably play and leave another comment tomorrow.


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/13/04 04:12   Report Abuse
Sounds good. Rating an 8. Gonna d/l today and probably play and leave another comment tomorrow.


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/13/04 04:56   Report Abuse
Oh in Phoenix Suburban City it says it shouldn't be used with patches and/or cogs. Do you think this is ok with it?


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