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You Play as Kyle fuurgh a pure Fuurghling. The empire is using mutated Fuurghlings as the new troopers! You must stop them! A funny Mod it took me a while to work on. Thanks to Ztok for making the Funny Crazy Monkey mod! Also MP has been implemented! Also there are new enemies in SP. Several Skins to choose from including Kyle Fuurgh and the bad guys from SP and more!


Level Info:

Download: Furghling Wars!
File Size: 1.3Megs
Date: 11/28/01
Author: Oberfeldwebel
Downloads: 387


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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PommyPosted: 11/28/01 01:28   Report Abuse
Right.....................................................................................I think I'll try this. It sounds funny.


therealcjaPosted: 11/28/01 12:04   Report Abuse
kinda funny, creatures with lightsaber, god great entertainment, hee hee!

not offending anyone! JUST A GREAT IDEA MAN!


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/28/01 13:57   Report Abuse
Well thanks And did ya like that their heads fall off when ya kill em?. I did that becus of a bug. For some reason it made the gun their head so when they droped their gun theyre head would dissaper so i got inventive and made the stormie rifel pickup 3do the head of the stormie fuurgh lol


Darth VedderPosted: 11/28/01 14:34   Report Abuse
It has some nice things, but the models are bad, there just very poorly textured pics...

rate: 6


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/28/01 15:17   Report Abuse
Well Iam not quite at the stage of makeing my own keys and models PLUS These are just pics becus the orig fuurgh model was pic! So iam just doing what JL did Eventualy i will rellease a better version with custom MATs But intill then Sorry Youl just have to deal with "poorly Textured" Models


statPosted: 11/28/01 20:48   Report Abuse
It's an inside joke for you guys who don't know


Foreign_BladePosted: 11/30/01 00:03   Report Abuse
Hey cool funney mod I think that you should make a single player level with voice/cutscenes that would be really funney!


GSA_MavrikPosted: 12/31/01 08:07   Report Abuse
if i'm not mistaken ober, the funny little furghling is found in SPORK CTF levels =) but the idea of making a story out of it was good =D


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