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Assassins Guns Pack 2 is a gun mod that changes look, power, and projectiles for every weapon in JK except for the Thermal Detonators and Lightsaber. Also includes a grappling hook, infinite ammo, and you will not get hurt when you fall.


Level Info:

Download: AGP2
File Size: 235k
Date: 11/28/01
Author: CESC_Excalibur
Downloads: 1980


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 19
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GangsterPosted: 11/28/01 01:48   Report Abuse
Even though I haven't downloaded it yet, I know this is going to rock. The first AGP mod was awesome. The only thing I'm wondering is why it took so long for the next to be released. Great job whatever you did that I'm downloading now.


xwing guyPosted: 11/28/01 03:09   Report Abuse
I can't wait to d/l this mod. I think I'll go ahead and give it a 10 already.


TonyPosted: 11/28/01 03:38   Report Abuse
AIEEEE! This mod was designed for me! I love grappling hooks! I've always wished I didn't get hurt when I fell! I like swooping around sneakily with a ghook! This mod is my early christmas present! I'm gonna d/l it now!


ID_JunkguyPosted: 11/28/01 03:45   Report Abuse
What a disgrace! This guy didnt even make AGP1, and now all he did was add a grapple and change one projectile and call it his own mod.
This is the worst mod ever! This should be removed from Massassi right NOW!


†Progenitor†Posted: 11/28/01 04:26   Report Abuse
I like this mod a lot. However, if what ID_Junkguy has said is true then I cannot commend you for this work.


JK__FalconPosted: 11/28/01 11:09   Report Abuse
ID_Jumkguy's right, this guy didn't even make the first one, it was GunBoy (capitals might have been in different places, i can't remember). He's proberly just used the name to try and get downloads like with all the 'SBX' levels that people seam to be releasing at the moment


GangsterPosted: 11/28/01 12:31   Report Abuse
This stinks! GGrrr, there's is barely anything in here.


GangsterPosted: 11/28/01 12:32   Report Abuse
This stinks! Ggggrrrr there's barely anything new.


JK__FalconPosted: 11/28/01 15:10   Report Abuse
Opps i was wrong, wasn't Gunboy that did it. can't remember the guys name but he ain't been around for absolutly ages


PicPosted: 11/28/01 16:31   Report Abuse
Zero. Didn't download it, but it looks as if you took a bunch of weapon 3do's from another mod, like KWP.


ID_MattPosted: 11/28/01 20:48   Report Abuse
AGP was originally made by sub, i think. This is plagerism! You just re-released the original agp mod and changed the name of the mod to agp2! You didn't even give credit to the guy who made agp 1!


FancyManPosted: 11/28/01 22:46   Report Abuse
This mod is AWSOME! even though it IS just a slightly modified version of the first one, it's a NICE modification. 10. d/l it.

-It has new models, so it does look Fancy...


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 11/29/01 17:02   Report Abuse
actually, i beleive AGP1 came out BEFORE kwp, so kwp ripped off agp, or they were just public weapons, OR the same guy made them... heh i unno..


Saber_MacPosted: 11/29/01 21:58   Report Abuse
I'm pretty sure everyone is calling it a rip-off because CESC_Excalibur didn't make the first AGP.


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 11/29/01 22:17   Report Abuse
yes, im aware of that, but also pic said that it was just a bunch of weapon models stolen from a better mod, like kwp (those are his near exact words, too lazy to cut n paste), and so i was saying that the original agp, that had the same models i think, came out BEFORE kwp, so that agp1 wasnt ripping anything off


ID_JunkguyPosted: 11/29/01 22:39   Report Abuse
Hey Cow, I made KWP, and it doesn't have any stolen 3dos. Neither does AGP1. Pic just thinks its copied from KWP because one of the gun 3dos is an unused JK 3do.
I'm just saying that AGP1 was made by Subhuman, not excalibur. Excalibur just copied EVERYTHING from AGP1 and copied a grapple from another mod and put them together and calling it his own mod. THAT IS ILLEGAL!!!!


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 11/30/01 04:25   Report Abuse
yeah, thats what i figured. i guess i didnt explain what i was thinking (again. heh i need a brain, anyone have one for sale?) what i MEANT to say was that, since AGP! was released before, that this didnt steal anything from kwp, because kwp was released. and that either kwp stole the model from AGP!, intentional or not, or it was just a public model that anyone could use (which turns out to be what happened) sorry if i offended anyone, i didnt mean any hard feelings. BTW, kwp is one of my favorite mods, heh


Sal3reFuRy_Posted: 11/30/01 07:04   Report Abuse
Even though the mod was a rip-off, it is still a pretty good mod. Give the loser a break. He doesn't have a brain to think with so he rips-off mods and changes a couple things and calls it the same thing with a number 2 behind it or changes the name.


Element_DaukhPosted: 11/30/01 12:40   Report Abuse
complete ripoff, and i myself am not sure excactly which came first......KWP or AGP1, but i have both, and i ampretty sure that GaS was before either, and that is my fav, not KWP, or AGP1, but GaS ............*bows to statue of GuNboY in my living room* i do believe that this should be removed, due to plagerism, which is generally not accepted ANYWHERE in the civilized world.


Eagle_Of_IKJMPosted: 12/01/01 06:20   Report Abuse
Ummmmmmmm.......this mod really sucked................yeah sucked hardcore


†Progenitor†Posted: 12/03/01 01:47   Report Abuse
I still think it is a disgrace that you copied AGP1. The grapple is a good idea but dude, don't steal other people's stuff. The grapple you added seemed very similar to ID_Junkguy's. I have been having ideas for mods but I most certainly am no editor. Oh well. Don't steal people's stuff(how many times have i said this?) OK? God Bless and may you get some creativity.


SuperHuman_TienPosted: 12/12/01 03:03   Report Abuse
*looks at everything else said* Well I have to agree with them. If you didnt make AGP why did you make a sequal to it. Usually the one who made the mod makes the sequal. The only thing I liked in this mod was the Spy Cam that's it! everything else was well pointless. I gave you a 1.


EWF_saber_blackPosted: 12/18/01 14:59   Report Abuse
HEY EXCALIBUR----this is Saber_black of the NON-newb saber clan i just wanted to tell you that I will give you credit for ONE thing. You took the time to COPY THE ORIGIONAL ASSASINS GUN PACK *claps* *laughs*I hope the origional author hates you because i would too


EWF_saber_blackPosted: 12/18/01 15:01   Report Abuse
AGP 2 ( copied, stolen, taken, modified) SUCKS hardcore like the other dude sed--oh and bye teh way CESC sucks and so do you


CoLd FuSi0NPosted: 01/13/02 15:31   Report Abuse
Just to clear up, AGP came out at least a year before either KWP or GaS (porbably even 2 years). It's one of the oldest gun mods around.


stickystufPosted: 03/19/02 01:10   Report Abuse



GandalfPosted: 05/05/02 23:00   Report Abuse
This is the best weapon modification I have downloaded in a very long time. I have no idea why anyone would say otherwise.


stickystufPosted: 07/26/02 18:00   Report Abuse
[edit: whoops double post]


PIPPosted: 03/17/04 20:50   Report Abuse
You took models from other mods just made them do different things. I gave it a 3. put more effort in your mods


VancePosted: 08/24/06 10:25   Report Abuse
Ripped off, d/l'd cos i couldn't find the original, i gave it a zero for ripping it.


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