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Join McGreggor in the second installment of his search for Jeremiah. You play as McGreggor as he joins the Republic Forces in preventing the Imperials from invading Coruscant.


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Download: Legacy of McGreggor 2
File Size: 4.1Megs
Date: 12/02/01
Author: SiMoN
Downloads: 1292


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 10
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VindicarePosted: 12/02/01 23:57   Report Abuse
Well done Chiapet, What a useful and constructive comment that will really help the author design and improve future levels in the series.

Review: I give it a 6, The level is a vast improvement upon Legacy Of McGregor 1, so much so infact that its hard to believe its the same author, true the actual sturcture and detail of the levels still can be improved upon but I found the gameplay of Legacy of McGregor 2 to be of a high and enjoyable standard, The added speed of the enemies is a great new feature (especially the accelerated chicken walkers!) and I actually found myself dying abit (not a usual occurance in some Single Player levels released recently!) The author has begun to place new 3dos and mats although the majority of these were huge bright red imperial symbols that seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever, There are 2 new enemies: Darth Kalidoscope (what a stupid name!) although he is basically Dark Kyle retextured this is still more impressive than Darth Rosebud (Dark Mara) from Level 1 and an Imperial Commando who fires repeater shots rather quickly and is rather tough to beat, true it may be simple to create this but it shows that the author is expermenting and implenting new techniques as he goes along which I think is a good point in his favour as most authors in their early SP levels just leave the game as it originally was with no new enemies, cutscenes etc. Legacy of McGregor 2's other strong point besides gameplay is its cutscenes, Whilst not being quite TOAM standard the cutscenes include voice overs (some of these are quite poorly recorded e.g The Rebel General!) but this is still impressive to see in what is only the authors second level! Sweeping camera shots are also included which all adds to the effect of the level, After the catastrophe which was Legacy of McGregor 1, Legacy of McGregor 2 is a vast improvement and I fully recommend it for downloading if you have an hour or so to spare.

a) In Legacy of McGregor 3 try and improve the detail and architechture of the level, Include a varity of new 3dos and have them placed at key points rather than dotted around needlessly
b) Continue with the idea of adding new enemies only this time try and impliment some new enemy 3dos, Use packs from Gozz Studios etc
c) Perhaps implement some new weapons, I played the level with Leeza Haynes Guns by Savage X (Still by far the best MOTS weapon pack available!) and this made the whole experience more enjoyable
d) Continue to implement new mats, Change the McGregor's 3do and saber as he still just looks like Carobani from MP!
e) Finally look into the cutscene technology used in levels such as TOAM and try and implement them into your level, This adds a higher quality to your cutscenes and will make your levels stand out
f) And finally chose some more approriate names for your enemies rather than Kalidoscope and Simon :)
"Oh my God its the dreaded Darth Kalidoscope what am I gonna do???"

Keep Up The Good Work Though!



Tha GunslingaPosted: 12/03/01 04:35   Report Abuse
I thought it was way better than Legacy of MacGregor 1. The gameplay was way smoother, and the cutscenes were pretty good too. I thought the voices were excellent and that the whole theme was a bit humorous, which is a far cry from the average MotS level. I've played some relatively new MotS levels that were much fancier and longer but were really miserable and boring to play. This was neither. Two thumbs up for a job well done. I especially liked the Imperial Commando on the modified Cargo Soldier level. The one-way barriers were very ingeniously used. They'd be a lot of fun in MP. Anyway, nice level. Very original, and much better than the first level. I can hardly wait for number three!


RagemanPosted: 12/03/01 21:03   Report Abuse
I think this level is impressive, good gameplay, ideas and cutscenes with some interesting developed characters.
I found the level challenging and lively, and is also a vast improvement from the first level. (which wasn't that bad)
General Simon and the cargo ship level was a brilliant touch to the end making the saga more enjoyable.
I look forward to Legacy Of McGreggor 3, and will McGreggor ever catch the evil Jeremiah?


FuBuPosted: 12/03/01 21:38   Report Abuse
Basically what you have to realise here is that the purpose of this saga was to be a lighter, more comical sytle of level, something that has never really happened in mots.

Simon wasn't trying to make the nicest looking level of all time, he wasn't trying to make the most action packed level of all time, but he certainly made two of the funniest levels have have played in mots.

As for the voice-overs, what can I say, they own, and it's not that they're bad quality, he's scottish, so give it a break eh?

Batty character names are all part of the humour of the levels, 'Darth Vader' doesn't have the same comical value, it's sorta typical boring noobie worshiping mots standard.

The custom mats and 3dos, again add to the general 'laughability', I don't know why, but the over-sized rebel symbol just made me crack up, visual humour I suppose.

I especially loved the custom mats: 'Are you ready for the secret invasion'

YaY this level was fun, bring on Legacy of McGreggor 3!


SimoN CLPosted: 12/07/01 19:17   Report Abuse
Thanks all for your feedback.

Like i said though, McGreggor II was not a masterpiece, it was simply meant to be a fun, hopefully enjoyable level.

As for the big rebel/imperial signs i honestly had the idea that it would kind of show the player whether they were in an imperial zone or a Republic zone, obviously the touch wasnt pulled off quite as well as i had hoped. I think I've learnt from my mistakes in part II though.

Part III should be even better, with no slipping bug and hopefully improved cutscenes, architecture etc...


_Chris_Posted: 12/07/01 21:40   Report Abuse
hahaha simon! This was another classic.

Yes, it was a lot better than part 1, yet, perhaps surprisingly, just as funny, if not more so. I expected it to be a better level, but not as funny. I was pleasantly surprised ;)

it was a fun level to play, and in addition it completely cracked me up! The voice overs were just done so well!

Can't wait for part 3, hope it's as funny, and by the way, i kicked general simon... is that supposed to be reflective of multiplayer? ahhaha :P

Another class level, absolutely bloody hilarious, and although the level isnt super archiecture and stuff, as has alreadybeen said, that aint the reason the level was made. But if you ask me, the level design was pretty damn good. And I loved the touches such as "Wanted for making boxy levels" haahah, classic!

Can't wait for part 3 :)



ssj4electronicpestPosted: 08/13/03 15:13   Report Abuse
hey wheres part 3 its been 2 years now


McGregorPosted: 11/21/07 16:13   Report Abuse
McGregor 2 is shamelessly bad at points but fun at the same time I'd say!

Apparently the editor was in the middle of the 3rd part when his computer was wiped and he lost everything on it :(

From what I've heard though - McGregor 4 (rather than re-do part 3 he's going on to part 4 apparently) will be released September 2007! Should be good!


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