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You are a merchant trapped on this backwater planet by unpaid traffic tickets. You must now take on various tasks - everything from hits to burglary - and earn enough money to get yourself off this planet and back to civilization.


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Download: Life of a Merchant
File Size: 4.64Megs
Date: 12/10/01
Author: Wolfy
Downloads: 7753


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 45
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DI_WarpedNewtPosted: 12/10/01 00:49   Report Abuse
looks cool from the screen shots, i haven't seena good jk level single player in a long time.


FreeBird1414Posted: 12/10/01 00:50   Report Abuse
yay!!! i've been waiting for this level FOREVER! it looked SO good in the screenshots when it got SotD...YAY!


MecharPosted: 12/10/01 01:47   Report Abuse
Wow very nice. Very creative and done well. Didn't take too long to beat but the quality more than makes up for it. Expansive size, nice cogwork, great money and store system. I'm gonna go ahead and give you a 9 for it, since there were a couple fairly careless errors (sink in the floor along the sidewalk in one neighborhood and the end of the end tunnel was just a dflt.mat) But great job Wolfy, I wish more people would take some time and make quality levels like this!


monkeyonastringPosted: 12/10/01 02:21   Report Abuse
dude, this is the best SP level i've ever played. it's just plain awesome.


Daft_VaderPosted: 12/10/01 02:48   Report Abuse
"Impressive. Most Impressive."

Judging from the ratings, screenshots, and reviews, I think we have an instant winner!

One of the things I love about this is the creativity. How many people think up something this fun and complicated (and carry through with it) with a map creator like JED!

Awesome!!! Keep up the awesome work! The screenshots also look incredibly detailed for JK!


Shadow CloudPosted: 12/10/01 03:04   Report Abuse
Very nice level, I like this rpg type of gameplay in which you can trade. I wonder what happens if you used up all your money even if you did all the mission. The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is that I freed Pedro's friend, but he didn't pay me. Feels good that I helped "Brian Lorizer".


PengunPosted: 12/10/01 03:50   Report Abuse
I got through the level without buying anything at all.

Overall a good level, interesting change of gameplay compared to most.


DrunkenLegend01Posted: 12/10/01 04:12   Report Abuse
Great Level although the music is very unfitting at times.


ElmoPosted: 12/10/01 06:59   Report Abuse
That's just a great level, I don't think my level will stay LotW any longer :)


FastGamerrPosted: 12/10/01 11:56   Report Abuse
Good-looking level! I am far away from making a level that is 50% like this!


Chewie of JNOPosted: 12/10/01 20:34   Report Abuse
Excellent level. The whole money system is great. I just think there's a slight problem with realism. If you kill a person (especially a mayor), I think there would at least be people looking for you. What amazes me is, although this level has simple architecture, it reminds me of Barons Hed RPG. Very nice work. :)


BAH_SeraphPosted: 12/10/01 20:47   Report Abuse
This was a very good SP level... One of the best I've ever played! One bug I saw, though... After you do the jail quest, the guy gives you money like he's supposed to, but if you keep talking to him, he keeps giving money! That might be a bad thing...

Overall, good... Gets a 10 by my standards


SimoN CLPosted: 12/10/01 21:38   Report Abuse
I know its tempting to do it when you just see the screenshots, but isnt it better to judge a level after youve actually played it?

Very very nice level, its a real treat when Sp levels like this pop up. Nice job.


Hamhog999kPosted: 12/10/01 22:00   Report Abuse
Woohoo! This is the BEST single player level I have ever played! Yes! It's so cool! I give it a ten! I'm not done yet but it's so cool! I love the RPG style of it. You should make a level just like this except for multiplayer and make it so the people work in multiplayer. That would be cool. I love Juzsoft! WOOT!


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 12/11/01 00:02   Report Abuse
D00D!! Awesome level!! I love the feel. It took me like about 45 minutes to beat, as I kept getting confused. The only person I knew would be close to where I was looking was Brian Lozier, as there was the Massassi Temple sign, and I knew he would be somewhere by the sign. But who's Pedro? I didn't find him and I still won the mission with 960 credits. Make more levels like this for JK! Make a series! Email me at Wolfy, and I can give you ideas!

Edit: I gave it a 10!


Commander DuckyPosted: 12/11/01 01:20   Report Abuse
wow...nice level, im stuck in the jezsoft area though, any help? i cant seem to get anywhere farther than that reactor thingi and the button that puts the guys down with the robot where the robot kills them :)

Duckys rating: 10


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 12/11/01 12:25   Report Abuse
/me thought: I have been waiting for this a long time! this should be great!

ANd i was right! Great level, plot, 3dos, texturing... i LOVE it! I give it a Ten


ComicKookPosted: 12/11/01 21:52   Report Abuse
Wow. The screenshots don't do the level justice. It's THAT good.


MrRavenXPosted: 12/11/01 22:21   Report Abuse
l337 level... but shouldn't it be called "Life of a Mercenary" since you go around murdering everyone for cash?


ChrisRokPosted: 12/12/01 03:37   Report Abuse
Good level, it was definately fun, took me about an hour.


AvengerPosted: 12/12/01 06:38   Report Abuse
Sweet level. The jobs aspect made it very interesting and fun


DarthyunPosted: 12/12/01 17:05   Report Abuse
Looks like thief!that is good no!


ShinigamiPosted: 12/13/01 00:11   Report Abuse
Good level but one problem that I noticed. If you continued from a quicksave the people wont give you a description on your job. Still a good level


Funky JediPosted: 12/13/01 20:47   Report Abuse
I knew you could do it msc


statPosted: 12/13/01 23:52   Report Abuse
good job, wolfy, getting this mother released


JL_SnapePosted: 12/13/01 23:54   Report Abuse
Best SP LvL I have ever seen. But ,in one room it is like a Ice Skating arena you slide all around the place. Otherwise it is Perfect


oninosensiPosted: 12/15/01 11:14   Report Abuse
I couldn't finish the level. right after I grabbed the dick from JuzSoft, a bug stopped the money/text cogs from working. Still fun to play, and differnt from most sp levels out there.


Uber_SaberPosted: 12/15/01 22:47   Report Abuse
This is a great level. I have a problem where at a certain point I get gibberish instead of messages.


HidetoraPosted: 12/16/01 17:14   Report Abuse
A very good level. Texturing, architecture, objectives, atmosphere, and even the humor is good. I couldn't stop laughing when Brian said, "Now go away. You're taking all the heat away from my fire." It started out as going around stealing and assassinating in a quality designed way, and then it got really funny, symbolizing the struggles this site has had with keeping up and running. A very good level, and it will remain on my harddrive forever.


FancyManPosted: 12/17/01 15:44   Report Abuse
This will stay on my hard disk FOREVER!!!!!!!

(or at least until I have to fdisk it again)


Gee_4cePosted: 12/21/01 22:17   Report Abuse
OK, I've finished (sorry about the double post). This level has excellent architecture, and the banking system works well, although the level has potential to be an RPG rather than something in an action game like Jedi Knight.

A lot of effort was made, but there really wasn't THAT much to shoot at at times, bar the odd little scrap here and there. It was all over too quickly for me. What with the included map, I could play it again and finish it in a couple of minutes (it only took me ten on my first run).

This is still a fantastic idea, but not something that really 'fits' in Jedi Knight.

I give it a 7, because considerable effort has been made, particularly with the architecture, although Jedi Knight just isn't supportive of RPG style levels like this.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 12/24/01 15:14   Report Abuse
What do you mean this doesn't fit? This fits perfectly, well almost, I have yet to find Brian Lozier, but this is a fantastic level. I give it a 9.

This is Digimon Emperor signing off once again.


Jonny AnsonPosted: 01/12/02 02:04   Report Abuse
This is like GTA mixed with jedi knight. (Though you don't steal vehicles in this level) Good work wolfy,keep up the good work.


FranticPosted: 01/19/02 21:45   Report Abuse
AWESOME LEVEL. Great job Wolfy...though voice acting would have spiced it up, the idea was great and well executed...unfornutly there weren't enough enemies and it wasnt long enough to have much use for the stores...I only used the health place once to buy a couple hp packs... 0 replay value though...I hope you make a LoaM2! this was great...

Lol I just noticed something..
"Everything from hits to burglery" you do is hits and burglary :)


ConnemaraPosted: 03/05/02 13:33   Report Abuse
This was a LOT of fun!

I really DO hope there's a sequel of some kind, where you can do more fun stuff. :)

And Digimon, you find Brian yet? I had to laugh when it finally hit me where he'd be :P


Obi-Zahn KenobiPosted: 03/10/02 03:28   Report Abuse
Connemara? As in THE Connemara of the Jedi Council?

Never mind.

This level was a great and I believe it is a must download. The whole money thing was wonderful, and I liked the way it went. Now the Massassi thing was cool.


CESC_J_DawgPosted: 03/11/02 03:23   Report Abuse
This looks tight out of all the good post not a single bad one im dling it right now cause it looks so darn koo. Laterz all

P.S ill rate it when im done playing it.


UGGBOOTPosted: 03/11/02 12:21   Report Abuse
There isn't much left to say but thanks for a fun level, Wolfy!


DS-181-61Posted: 03/11/02 22:53   Report Abuse
Hey- this lvl is the best! I love this lvl. Keep up the great work, I'd love to see something like this again.


DarKreTwelPosted: 03/13/02 20:55   Report Abuse
Nice level! Gives you a great RPG type feel! I gave it a 10!


HidetoraPosted: 03/14/02 16:47   Report Abuse
It's about time this made LotW!


Alexi StukovPosted: 04/23/03 03:52   Report Abuse
I love this level. I love the mayor killing, I love the Juzsoft killer robot in that cage, I love the prison break, I love the new economy system, and almost everything else.


THU_BloodinatorPosted: 05/05/03 02:40   Report Abuse
Wow! This is the best level I have ever played. I love this level. It too will stay on my hard disk forever. Perfect 10


ConnemaraPosted: 10/28/03 01:16   Report Abuse is indeed Connemara from the JC. And I never knew you played Jk games. :p

Lemme just reiterate, I played this again, and it's still awesomely fun. I wish there were sequels!

Why do we get a billion mediocre levels, but we never get sequels to true masterpieces? :(


Lord Dark HelmetPosted: 12/21/03 18:31   Report Abuse
three words: this kicks ass!
this level gets a 10.


The_Person88Posted: 07/04/04 20:57   Report Abuse
Wow! Your level is the BEST ive played! The best one ive played for SP


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