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Area 21 is a multi-area multiplayer level revolving around a single room, which is the respawn point of all players. Around the walls are 20 numbered portals transporting players to different combat areas. Each area has a different theme, style, and location. There is open and closed combat areas for both sabers and guns, and small and large areas that can be played with as little as two players but are big enough for many more. There are night and day locations, town, city, sewer, subway, canyon, warehouse, ice planet and many more. There are many secrets to find as well as two hidden combat areas.


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Level Info:

Download: Area 21
File Size: 2.1Megs
Date: 12/15/01
Author: JeDak
Downloads: 10262


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 71
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mscbuckPosted: 12/15/01 01:20   Report Abuse
I have to say, i love this level, and i am honored to have beta tested for it. I find this level so fun, because it has an arena for all types of people that like different kinds of levels. My fav. level is probably the Glacier, or the rain level (great screenshot level). thas it for me.


GangsterPosted: 12/15/01 01:21   Report Abuse
Hey, I was looking forward to this level badly when I first saw it in the SOTD. I can't wait to play it, it's gonna be awesome! I give it a 10 already cause the screenshots make me know it's gonna be a winner. Great job!


DBF_SuperSaiyanPosted: 12/15/01 01:47   Report Abuse
Oh...My...GOSH!!!!!!!! THIS LEVEL IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great work dude! Im happy to say that this will be a DEFINATE keeper for me! :) great work again!


AbolisherPosted: 12/15/01 02:25   Report Abuse
I gave it a nine. For the most part it was very nice...My only gripe (well, major gripe, anyway) is the very free use of the concussion rifle. For some reason, my favorite arena is the funky one with the blue texture all over it...Q-Bert nostalgia, perhaps? :)


Saber_MacPosted: 12/15/01 03:29   Report Abuse
This is the best level ever. I don't care what anyone else says, this level cannot be beat. Perfect 10, I see nothing wrong with it.

Can you give us a hint on where the secret levels are?


Zer-0-Posted: 12/15/01 06:28   Report Abuse

Found just a couple, for one, on the ice arena, with the giant crater lake in the center, when you enter, you enter lobsided, and your POV is at a strange angle, its kinda weird, but minor, it stratens out as soon as you hit land.

On Arena 21 (The one were there is red and gold and you drop in the middle) Were you cleaved to sectors for the negative space on the red platform, there is a space texture that is adjoined but is visible. When you enter the red side face left and look up at the edge of the platform above.

If you die on the subway, hitting the ground, when you respawn you get thrown like 20 feet.

I remember trying to make a train level too once, and I was gonna make actualy 3do's that moved, but being amatuer as well as inexpereinced I never though to realize that you had to make it similar to what you did. The train must be still, and the ground and walls move, but as a result, you can jump straight up and down. Away to fix that might be to make a cog that controls thrust emmiting from a ghost point, and placing 16-20 of these to meet the curve of the train. Not really a bug but a cool idea.


Arena 17 i think...the two fortresses, facing eachother, that would be an awsome CTF level, maybe if there was some distance between to 2 forts, lol, I was thinking TFC the whole time I played it.

The one that reminds me of skiing on the down hill slopes, that is awsome!

That SW Museum thing was pretty cool, interesting....

Tonight I will dream of sweet 360 degrees just because of all those darn circles you had everywere! Everything was soooooo round, I really enjoyed it.

*Things I didnt take toooo well*

There were some very large arenas, were either the guns were no guns, or im just stupid and cant find them. I couldnt see them as being good saber arenas (Course then again I dont like sabers, and am not a saberist) But It seemed odd an area that open and big, and no guns.....

Thats it though....

Zer-0- Rating: 8.5



KoG_ProxyPosted: 12/15/01 06:51   Report Abuse
This level is a true work of incredible editing. The tricks the author uses to get some of the effects of some of the level-like the mirroring effect, or the train, man i gotta say-hats off to you. What a great job you have done. And I think that it's almost all, if not completely, LEC textures and the matting looks fantastic. Anyone interested in editting with JED should take a close look at what this author has done. Impressive...most impressive.


DavePosted: 12/15/01 12:18   Report Abuse
what can i say but wow. Its abot time a good lvl was released.


o3nSmashPosted: 12/15/01 14:16   Report Abuse
This level is one of the greatest levels I've ever seen. It has everything: great gameplay, awesome videos (even with using only 8-bit MATs), and a great idea. One could play this level for hours on end and not get bored because of the multiple guns and lightsaber levels. These are the areas I enjoyed especially: 4 - the first ice level; 7 - multiple levels on top of each other; 13 second ice level; 14 - the small town; 16 the Area 21 arena;18 - the "Marble Madness" level for its nostalgic effect with me; 20 the museum with a cool reflective floor. This level was a definite 10 in my book.


DBF_SuperSaiyanPosted: 12/15/01 16:03   Report Abuse
I forgot to mention some stuff...
First the bugs:
1) The sprites on the guns, like the bullets, when they fired and hit something, it like sticked for a second...abit odd.. but thats ok!
2) Like that guy said with the ice pond, u are sideways

Now the good mews:
1) This level was really great because it provided a bunch of different settings for all types of gamers. You could have wide open gun places with hiding places, small gun places, or saberist levels! Making the player very happy!

2) This author came out of absolutly nowhere...He is brand new to JK editing and no one has seen his work before, and he just randomly throws out this AMAZING level!

3) If this author made this great of a level for his first time...I hope we see ALOT more from him, and I mean ALOT. Because his ideas, and use of textures, and architexture are just amazing.

4) I just want to thank the author for finally having a level me and my friends can play, because we dont like the same type of levels, but now there is no problem because you dont have to type "endlevel" to get to the next arena :p

DBF_SuperSaiyan's Rating: 9.5


_PremonitionX_Posted: 12/15/01 17:32   Report Abuse
This is one of the best multiplyer levels I've seen in a long time. There's enough variety here to keep anyone occupied for a large amount of time. I gave it a 10:) because you deserve it, spending a year on a project like this is no easy feat.


Moff_GarronPosted: 12/15/01 17:46   Report Abuse


_PremonitionX_Posted: 12/15/01 18:30   Report Abuse
The secrets in this are nice, too. Like in room 20, there is that cloud painting, you can jump into it and skydive! And the train part reminds me of Goldeneye. Very good!


GrndAdmThrawnPosted: 12/15/01 18:52   Report Abuse
I'm honored that i was also selected to beta test this level, tho i was little slow i hoped i atleast help a bit in this GREAT LEVEL!

Its just ammazing how he did the levels, and working on a level for a year man you got to have serious decidation to that level, me personaly i think i'm an good level editor but i just can't work on anything for that long other wise i lose interest :(

A quesion did he fix the mirrored floor, it orginaly was fully light, it keept on fooling me when i hit that level cause i could barely see the glass and i thought it wasn't a mirror floor,

then some of the secerts i loved like the cloud jumping then some of my favorite levels was the ice level!

i probably could ramble all day about this level but i better shutup and just download the darn thing :)


Zer-0-Posted: 12/15/01 19:03   Report Abuse
One more bug, in the small town, in one of the back alleys, it has a wooden gate at the end of it, that shows the boundry of the level, and its on the opposite side of the tower......, there is a sky texture above that that is not flagged.

Also.... I dunno whats up with this, but I wanted to play it again, and I had IWP2 on..., and for some reason, when i played, a bobafett stood right in front of entryway 13 the whole time??? Anything with that, a bug (Though I dunno howd it happen) or does it meen something, maybe a hacker alert or something if material doesnt match the original in the game....I dunno, if anyone else does please tell me..........



Zer-0-Posted: 12/15/01 19:06   Report Abuse
Oh, one more, the Marble Madness..., there is a missalligned texture on the humps near the Conc Rifle. Because of the texturing simplicity in the level, its very noticable.



Zer-0-Posted: 12/15/01 19:08   Report Abuse
Hey, the Edit Post isnt working....


JeDaKPosted: 12/15/01 19:43   Report Abuse
Thanx for the great comments guys and sorry about all the bugs I think you'll find plenty more, the size of the level kind of run away with me (as good excuse as any).
This is actually my third level, 'Above Ben-Gor', 'skyscrapper' and last years competition loser 'Monolith'(all were under a different name).


Funky JediPosted: 12/15/01 22:08   Report Abuse
*silence*............ THIS LEVEL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the rain. The huge areas are awesome. Textures are GREAT. VERY ORIGINAL. Somewhat easy to find people (Find me in gate 20!) Great level design. The idea of having guns that you get in one gate and losing them when you leave that gate was also very original. Great for lots of people AND only 2 PLAYERS! If ANYBODY gives you crap about this level, it's probably Osama Bin Laden, who can't tell a friggin computer from a microwave oven, *puts a corndog in C-DROM drive* "Where are the buttons that let's you cook for a certain amount of time? Hmmmmmmmmm oh well, *picks up a machine gun and shoots it.* Anyway my point is don't listen to anybody that tells you this level is bad, mainly because there an IDIOT. What happened!? You used to make a lot of levels that got 3s and 6s and 1s, until A Merchants Life *Cheer of beer-drinking partiers,* and now this great level! I rarely give levels a ten, but this is great Mscbuck. GREAT JOB!!!!!!


Uber_SaberPosted: 12/15/01 22:11   Report Abuse
This is a GREAT level! I give it a ten. I really like fighting in a number of enviroments without changing the level.


Funky JediPosted: 12/15/01 22:12   Report Abuse
OMG. Woops sorry jedak, it said Mscbuck on the front, forget what i said about the bad levels. Though check a Merchants Life under single player levels, it's great and msc did take a big turn on his mediocre editing.


SS GogetaPosted: 12/15/01 23:10   Report Abuse
Whoa, man This is so awsome, the mist in room 8 is incredible, and the rain in 15,i think. Plus, none of it is 16 bit it seems. Incredible!


DangerBoyPosted: 12/15/01 23:12   Report Abuse
this is the best lvl since Morphus. i have never spent so much time playing JK! :)



DSettahrPosted: 12/15/01 23:14   Report Abuse
This level definately deserves Level of the Week. My favorite rooms were the Star Wars mesuem, and the ski slope.


DrunkenLegend01Posted: 12/16/01 00:30   Report Abuse
Notice my reflection idea in the EC
Notice the texturing on one of my recent pictures in the EC is just like that of the rainy outside level just upside down
Notice my idea on the fourum about snowboarding in JK.

I am not accusing you of stealing my ideas (anyone can take any ideas i have off the EC)
But if you did get inspiration from me please just mention it. And yes i know most of this level was probably made long ago and it was just finished but it just seems that everyone gets the same ideas as me right after i mention them on massassi.
btw awesome level i give it a 9


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 12/16/01 03:03   Report Abuse
Wow!!! Great usage of JK textures! A 10 if there ever was one!

Here are my only gripes:

In most (if not all) the areas, the players spawn with a crooked perspective (this is mostly noticed on the ice lvl with the lake as others have said)

One mis-flagged texture... thats all I could find! Only one! :D YAY


Great concept... original? Something tells me it was used before elsewhere, but its the first time I've seen something like this for JK, and I love it!

Great variety of areas for saberz and gunz...

I know the conc is a little too easy to get, but don't we all, way down in our hearts, want to be able to grab a conc right after we respawn? :)

Nice mirror effect in area 20, and rain fx.

Great secrets! Like:

Try walking into the only picture without a console in area 20. (Found it myself!)

If you force speed and jump far enough in area 6 off the edge, you'll be teleported back to the building. If you have a grapple, you can get over to another building and find a secret passage... useless, except maybe for a sniping spot... :)

In the area with the pipes you travel IN theres a place where the three places meet on thin catwalks over a pit. There's a fan in a niche, find it and force jump to it, theres a Rail Gun there.

That's all I can remember... there was so much!

Hmm... lets see... Jedi Madness? Looks alot like Marble Madness to me. In fact, I could've swarn part of the arena looked like a lvl (maybe of Marble Madness, I dunno) I saw in a screenshot once... it was a classic (Nintendo?) game if I remember...

This lvl gets a 10!!! (As close to perfection as anyone will ever get)

I say, a lvl doesn't have to be realistic to be fun. A lvl should be designed to be fun, and to heck with realisim! ;)

[EDIT: Oh, yeah, [Emperor Voice]I have forseen that this level will be played on the Zone alot... once Microsoft gets off their friggin butts and fixes the .NET Passport too-many-ppl thing[/Emperor Voice]]


DSettahrPosted: 12/16/01 03:03   Report Abuse
Drunken Legend, the reflection idea is nothing new, editors have been doing that for a long time. Not to mention, with the limitation of the JK textures, some levels are bound to look alike. And people have been talking about Snowboarding/skiing mods and levels for years; thats nothing new either.


Zer-0-Posted: 12/16/01 03:26   Report Abuse
He might have been inspired off some stuff, but personally, especially the rain, I think is original. Afterall, his rain got SOTD, wich may not meen anything at first, but it is a sign of allot of effort.

Bottom line, hes not even taking credit for the originality of it, being only his third level, it sounds more like he is just proud he accomplished some of these effects, in we should join in the praise, because this was an AWSOME level, and weather he got ideas somewere or not, he deserves the praise.



thetwocuzsPosted: 12/16/01 05:02   Report Abuse
Okay, the blue area IS level 1 of marble Madness. I had Marble Madness on my old Amiga 500, I haven't played it in years but I walked into that area and said, out loud to my sister, "This $h!t reminds me of Marble Madness." Then my friend d/l's it and says "Marble Madness!!"

In Area 6, find the rail gun by the steps, crouch down and spin around a bit to find a secret Area. :)


MrRavenXPosted: 12/16/01 06:06   Report Abuse

Want to keep you weapon when you warp to a different area? Switch to your fists. Then right before you enter the portal pull out your weapon. You should have it with you in the next area. w00t.


MaxisReedPosted: 12/16/01 06:58   Report Abuse
I firmly believe this is the best gameplay level on Massasi.

That's all I need to say.

Fantastic work!


MunkYPosted: 12/16/01 12:24   Report Abuse
Most excellent and fun level :)

The only thing that could make this better would be a jungle rainforest type kinda level, that would be sweet :)


Gee_4cePosted: 12/16/01 15:12   Report Abuse
I'm arranging a little trip. I'm gonna find somewhere were I can broadcast to the whole world on TV, a place that lets me broadcast on every TV channel known, and I'm going to command every person on this planet to go out, buy a computer, buy Jedi Knight and download this level. I will command them NEVER to stop playing over their newly provided ADSL lines. I will order them to be hand fed by robots, produced by my company stemmed from my new found wealth from the debt the world owed me. I will do what it takes to make sure that everyone finds out about this gem.

Huh, what? Oh yeah, kick @$$ level!


FancyManPosted: 12/16/01 15:40   Report Abuse
*jaw drops* *eyes pop out*
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best level EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DrunkenLegend01Posted: 12/16/01 17:11   Report Abuse
DSettahr your right i think i just over reacted and didnt think how easily somone could have come up with the same idea sorry.


EmonPosted: 12/16/01 21:16   Report Abuse
I give this level a 7. It's pretty good. I especially like the arena that's a remake of the first level of Marble Madness, which I originally played on my old XT (8088) PC. I don't understand why it's had over 940 downloads in only two days, however... it's not THAT good. I swear someone must have their F5 key tapped down on the download page...


fakieshuvitPosted: 12/16/01 22:00   Report Abuse
It's like a ton of sweet levels rolled into one, kinda reminds me of the level "Jedi Knight : Arena - Special Edition" (but with more, and better, arenas)
There were some errors, but probably less than you'd find in an average small level
Can't help but feel like it's wasted on JK though


PengunPosted: 12/16/01 23:18   Report Abuse
Emon, people have downloaded the level so much because it is actually REALLY good to play!

I gave it a ten, and I thought it was a newbie level from the title :)


ZDawgPosted: 12/17/01 01:20   Report Abuse
This level is Amazing, i have found afew glitches but hell, no ones perfect! the level has tons of grate affects, the Snowy/Icys Arena almost looked like Colored Lighting, GRATE JOB!


Nephew of FettPosted: 12/17/01 07:46   Report Abuse
Excellent level. It's about time someone did a level with a good rain COG/effect! Fighting in the rain=Highly dramatic battle. Gave you a 10, keep up the good work.

::Nephew of Fett::


JeDaKPosted: 12/17/01 15:24   Report Abuse
Having 21 different themed areas in my level it's inevitable that one or two will look similar to someone else's work but I can assure you it was purely coincidental and had I known would have given credit.

- The ski area (13) was made accidentally and was originally a canyon area until I tested it forgetting to flag some of the floors and went flying down the hill it also gave me another excuse to use the snow mats.

- The mirrored floor effect has been around a long time, I used it in my first level 'Above Ben-Gor' about 2 years ago and years before that a similar effect on a wall (although without transparency) in a Doom2 level.

- The rain effect was taken from a tutorial to make snow fall from the sky all did was to use a rain mat instead, when I released some screens about 2 months ago people asked me how I did it but I couldn't remember where I saw the tutorial it was a long time ago, if anyone knows please let me know.

I think it's possible for editors to come up with similar ideas while experimenting with Jed. There are many things I've discovered and ideas had, and then found out they've already been done.

Enjoy the level I'm just glad I've finally finished it.



HidetoraPosted: 12/17/01 16:49   Report Abuse
May I say something? This might sound like an outrageous exaggeration, but...
(leaving open space for the readers to take a deep breath before they read the next line)
This is the best multiplayer level.

Any doubts?

Really. The most creative cogwork I've ever seen (realistic fog, disorienting cameras when you're underwater, amazing rain, shadows, etc...), amazing playability for any patch you can think of, and almost unlimited possibilities for only two megabytes!! This level will prove very hard for any author to beat. It even has a section that looks straight out of Tron!

A perfect ten, peoples, so get it now OR DIE...


_droideka_Posted: 12/18/01 00:50   Report Abuse
i had to register just so i could give this guy some praises. ive been playing mots and jk since 98. i have to say this is the best lev ive ever played. i just dl this lev. then played it for ab 3 hours my first time using the SBX2 patch. the gameplay is the best feature here. the majority of the levs flow perfectly. i read the readme file and found those secrets immediately. there are a couple of things that ya missed, but who cares?! this lev is worth it just for the gameplay. im sure people will copy this concept of using the teleporter to make new game rooms. that helps a lot in keeping the game fresh w/ out having to relaunch. great job!

i imagine this will play great w/ just ab any patch.


DangerBoyPosted: 12/18/01 01:50   Report Abuse
you should make another lvl like this exep with diferent arenas like a jungl or a island in the middle of the ocean (you could put fishy in the water) maby a coloseum like the one in gladiator (with a keldradon in it)
make sure you put in another ski lvl( next time if there is a next time put a ski lift in it) the posibilitys are endless...


Sabre_WulfPosted: 12/18/01 03:32   Report Abuse
Well, I saw all the glitch reports, and I saw..... 10 anyway hehehe. This level is fun. I like it a lot. Peronally, I would like to tell ya... Congrats this level is tight. Very nice work, I would rate it 12 if I could. It's good to see someone is still making levels worth playin (AKA they dont' just look good, they look good and have gamplay/replay value). This level looks good and plays good, A rare combination.

Thou shalt tell all of my friends to DL hehe. Lata


Hamhog999kPosted: 12/18/01 18:27   Report Abuse
Best level. Get it if you haven't. I gave it a ten.

I liked this level because it is like having 20 levels in one and with very low lag. I love it. Make more just like it or something. It'd be cool.


RA_JWhizzPosted: 12/18/01 23:27   Report Abuse
This level is the greatest MP level by far.
Plenty of levels with a huge variety is great.

The architecture was good

There was lighting, which is a plus

22 levels(including the 2 secret ones)

I'd have to say this one is staying on my hd.



PacmanPosted: 12/19/01 00:44   Report Abuse
I don't like the train level but the rest are great. U should make more levels like this!

a well deserved 9


Sabre_WulfPosted: 12/19/01 01:34   Report Abuse
JPG. You don't own squat. U don't even own me. ROFL. Don't be stupid. Nonetheless.... Great level. hehe. I say again. 10 baby!


FES_RagePosted: 12/19/01 12:34   Report Abuse
Hey man.. great level here :)


Darth MaulPosted: 12/19/01 16:55   Report Abuse
ok, this is probobly one of the (if not the) best levels on massassi. definately the best to come by for quite awhile. this just totally rocks. btw, droideka, I think that 3 hour sbx2 game at this level that you were talking about was with me. my zone name is titanium__laser so if you wanna play again you can zm me when I'm on. I gave this level a 10 btw, and it will ALWAYS have a place on my HD.


Darth MaulPosted: 12/19/01 16:56   Report Abuse
ok, this is probobly one of the (if not the) best levels on massassi. definately the best to come by for quite awhile. this just totally rocks. btw, droideka, I think that 3 hour sbx2 game at this level that you were talking about was with me. my zone name is titanium__laser so if you wanna play again you can zm me when I'm on. I gave this level a 10 btw, and it will ALWAYS have a place on my HD.


ValrynPosted: 12/20/01 20:55   Report Abuse
Wow, good job JeDak. I have to say this level is one of the best levels I have played. There is something for everyone and level 13 is really fun! JeDak used things I have never seen in any other levels, and bnecause of the 20 mini-levels there is something for everyone. I myself even play hide and seek in this level. It was actually really fun, trying to guess what mini-level the hider had gone in next... Anyway, I have gotten plenty of gameplay hours out of this level and I'm not done yet. ;)


BHull_sHaDOwPosted: 12/20/01 23:00   Report Abuse
I've just played this level, and it is quite good. I like the immensive atmosphere.


SpittorPosted: 12/23/01 16:44   Report Abuse
I beef, I play JK with spork, so i have a funky laser thing instead of my fists, so when i go into another area, if my laser thing is out of ammo, then my lightsaber is still out but doesnt work and needs to be re-loaded.

otherwise, perfect.


Rogue15Posted: 12/25/01 00:26   Report Abuse
I give you 10 cause it's not for mots. otherwise i'd give u a 20...this level is SO AWESOME THOUGH!!!! DANG! I played it by myself just to see what it was all about..dang it's the only REALLY GOOD multiplayer level for jedi knight.

Why can't there be any good mots levels???!!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?


[D6]KoobiePosted: 12/26/01 15:31   Report Abuse
This level deserves a 10... It is something different, completely original, and, yet, with it's gameplay as high as its framerate. Perfect.


TJO_ObiWan02Posted: 12/26/01 21:54   Report Abuse
Very nice level!!!!!!!!i like room 20 very cool secerts!!!!!!


SaBrE_WuLf_LJPosted: 12/27/01 04:10   Report Abuse
Ummm. JPG. I agree abotu leavin massassi out of it. Wut's ur zone name? Plus, I wasn't tryin out for eSc bro. I was just playin w/PuN.


DBZG_SSJ4_GohanPosted: 01/05/02 19:17   Report Abuse
WOW!!!!!!SWEET!!!!!!!!!!NICELEVEL!!!!!!!!!!I gave it a 10 its the best level on i think it should be the most downloaded level on Jedek you and ur friends i say if the rating went up to 1000 i'dmake this level 1000 in rating man you and those other guys helping make a good team and make a good level :):):):):)Man i wish i can make a level like you guys i wish my levels were as big and asome as this one!!!And i like how you made the portals and level mini levels you guys made the best 1 i like is ummmmmm id say ALL lol i like all the mini levels in fact i like the WHOLE LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and again Jedak i love this level!!!!!


FLy_DuDePosted: 01/07/02 19:27   Report Abuse
This is by far the best level I have ever played. It provides fast and fun gameplay. I especially liked bouncing around in room 11 w/no grav hehe nice job man.....sweet lvl. for all the bugs, i give you an overall 9


ObiShawnKenobiPosted: 04/11/02 16:00   Report Abuse
This level is REALLY cool. The only reason I didn't give it a ten is because of the bugs the previous people mentioned AND because of the red vs. yellow portals in the floor. The more you beat your opponent, the longer you have to stay there. Heeheehee...okay so I guess I'm just picky...


Z-MASTERPosted: 06/28/02 19:34   Report Abuse
I love this fun. However I found it agravating when it takes all my weps away after I leave an area.


wax_beermanPosted: 07/29/02 19:50   Report Abuse
its just so (gets tear in eye) wonderful. it has good lvl's fpr every one, and the "bugs" range from funny, interesting, to minor. most of the lvl's would do good alone but all together... its the best. i like the train, and im wondering where u put all the hiden stuff, if you think about it the lvl may be the the biggest ever made. Realize that u cant hear what going on on another lvl no matter how much is happening there. Good job man. wep placeing is supurb, if u dont read the secrets then it is realy a kool when ur about to die and suddenly saved and on another lvl, the "pie throw" is fun and so is the sky dive. This puts them all away, notice how this lvl is fairly new and is in the top 10 down loaded of all time. Dude please dont go to JO stay with JK.


Lord KoroPosted: 10/18/02 20:38   Report Abuse
Area 21 sounds COOL! I'll probably give it a 10 out of 10. By the way, Area 21 has been knocked out of the top 10 list. JHS shouldn't be on the top though, it's kind a boring.


SkimmyPosted: 01/01/03 01:20   Report Abuse
Very creative, but....


other than that IT RULES. i give it seven. and one half.


SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 01/05/03 20:56   Report Abuse
1 think though it is : A TRUE CLASSIC

A 10


PIPPosted: 12/31/03 19:13   Report Abuse
That is pretty good with 20 levels in one.


Deathcheep14Posted: 02/14/07 17:50   Report Abuse
This contains great area's.Really good!Love it.

A big 9 for you,mister.


Deathcheep14Posted: 07/19/07 08:07   Report Abuse
A fun level.My brother and I like to fight here.Since we're all alone there,we first need to seek eachother which is quite fun aswell.
Good level.9 out of 10.


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