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The followers of Zantos, King of the gods on the planet Zanto are now few. The remaining monks have gone to a secluded valley and built a temple to honour Zantos, but now they have died, the tunnel long sealed... until now. Archeologists from another world have come to investigate the mystery of the Temple. Now not only have they unsealed the temple, but also the madness within. This is a small Multiplayer level suitable for two to four player's. There is a secret burial chamber outside the temple where the monks were buried. Can you survive the wraith of Zantos...


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Download: The Temple Of Zantos
File Size: 176k
Date: 12/24/01
Author: Grant
Downloads: 409


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 4
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BHull_sHaDOwPosted: 12/24/01 22:27   Report Abuse
It looks pretty sloppy. Did you make it really fast?


GangsterPosted: 12/24/01 22:36   Report Abuse
It's prolly not sloppy, it's just that the screenshots are bad, his screenshots are always blurry like that.


GangsterPosted: 12/24/01 22:50   Report Abuse
I give it a 5 cause it wasn't very much, although it was kinda fun to run around it a little, maybe good for one small battle, but that's all.


JeDi_oF_WoEPosted: 12/24/01 23:39   Report Abuse
This wasn't a bad level I don't think. I give you a 10 for effort and the fact that I liked this level a whole lot when I beta-tested it. :)


Coconut BoyPosted: 12/25/01 01:03   Report Abuse
This level was alright, nothing spectacular, I give you a 7 for the interesting background story, but you get -2 for the size and playability. The only thing i liked was the way you hid the secret entrance (wether it was intentional or not)

Coconut's score : 5


GrantPosted: 12/25/01 02:15   Report Abuse
Thanx for the comments, i know the level is small...

and the secret entrace was hidden like that, the secret door on the map was to throw people off.


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