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Single player ATST for Jedi Knight. Bryar and St-rifle fire like an ATST. It's magsealed and immune to physical damage such as a gran punching you.


Level Info:

Download: AtStv7
File Size: 245k
Date: 01/01/02
Author: BIG__MAG
Downloads: 1019


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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Exar KunPosted: 01/01/02 05:21   Report Abuse
I like this mod , its a good idea , I gave it a 10


Plasma ManPosted: 01/01/02 06:16   Report Abuse
Even though its quite simple, still good. At least better than those mods that only like give 1 new skins.


Dark_UnderworldPosted: 01/01/02 12:43   Report Abuse
I liked it! It may be a simple mod, but it was fun to play! I give it a 9 because it would be better with more weapons.


EmonPosted: 01/02/02 00:21   Report Abuse
Where's the concussion grenades?


BerlickPosted: 01/02/02 20:19   Report Abuse
It's a good start. If you make a better version you'll have to make some keys because when you change weapons or do certain actions in external view the model messess up for a sec.
It's also damn annoying to have to crouch to pickup ammo.

Seeing an ATST walking through Nar-Shadda would probally send most criminals running. :-) Even though you do have to duck for practically every door and beam, and arch and... Mind you, it makes accessing some off the high up areas easier :-)

All in all a good idea but new keys and more weapons will be a good idea.


ThundererPosted: 01/04/02 01:39   Report Abuse
I gave it a 7. Good effort, good idea. Only problem is: lacks concussion GRENADE launchers, and also the crouch is distorted. Also, itd help if you could move the 3rd person back and fix the 1st so youd see the guns correctly? Good job. I look forward to seeing your future work.


BIG__MAGPosted: 01/04/02 03:48   Report Abuse
-BIG__MAG Here: Thank you all for trying out my new mod. I appreciate your comments and ideas. The second version of this mod will be out in about a week, along with my new ATAT skin. Both will have new weapons and key changes, and will be designed for JK SP. Thanks again, and have a pleasant day!!!

-Don't work harder, work smarter...-BIG__MAG


funnyguyPosted: 01/05/02 17:34   Report Abuse
HAHA the scrns look FUN!!! I'm gonna download right now


JS_Pickle2Posted: 10/05/02 16:26   Report Abuse
I dled the ATST7.0 new it wasnt al great it needed more weapons but ill give this a try bet its a 10 p.s. darn im last to dl so far!


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