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Saber Battle X - MotS 3.0

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » MotS Mod » Saber Battle X - MotS 3.0


Changes in v3.0:

  • In-game message and player list font is clearer and easier to read.
  • Sith lightsaber featuring new moves, sounds, color change, and light motion trail capability is added to the Bowcaster weapon slot. Note that it is slightly weaker than the lightsaber, but allows for the most finesse in your attacks.
  • Long lightsaber featuring color change and light motion trail capability is added to the Concussion Rifle weapon slot. Since the energy is extended twice as long as a normal lightsaber, damage is the least and attacks are somewhat more limited in terms of finesse, but the incredible range more than makes up for that.
  • New and improved lightsaber blades and motion trails to more closely reflect the style of the movie effects.
  • Five lightsaber fighting stances for the single-bladed sabers and two for the Sith saber can be toggled at will.
  • Lightsaber damage of all sabers can be turned on or off for the purposes of training.
  • New lightsaber hilts per saber color for the single-bladed lightsabers.
  • Four new single-bladed lightsaber moves and old double slash reassignment.
  • Force Saber Throw is now quasi-controllable and much more useful. All lightsabers can be thrown and the path they travel in the air depends on which direction you're moving (if at all). Since the lightsaber remains on the entire time (unless you switch it off or switch weapons), the amount of damage and range possible are more realistic. Consequently, thrown sabers can also be blocked by other Jedi or Sith and can pass through people, walls, and objects.
  • I've added and replaced many skins and have fixed many errors. Also, they all have their correct right hands now-finally, no more Kyle hands on everyone!
  • Much more!

Official SBX Website


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Level Info:

File Size:
9.0 MiB


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Posted by
Exar Kun
Posted: 2002-01-07 4:21 p.m.   Report Abuse
Great mod , love the look and sounds of the saber. I gave it a 10
Posted: 2002-01-07 4:22 p.m.   Report Abuse
*Looks at GotG: ME, then back at SBX 3.0...* Geez, ouch...way to crush the competition quickly...I give it a 10, it's excellent!
Posted: 2002-01-07 4:28 p.m.   Report Abuse
I am speeechless.
Posted: 2002-01-07 4:42 p.m.   Report Abuse
i give it a 10. the only reason i would play GOTG more is cuz its for JK. i dont enjoy playin mots MP that much. JK has all the good levels for it. Other than that, i think SBX is better than GOTG
Posted: 2002-01-07 4:46 p.m.   Report Abuse
O ya, i gave it a 10 too.
Posted: 2002-01-07 5:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
grand! keep up the arse-kicking work
RS Thrawn
Posted: 2002-01-07 5:29 p.m.   Report Abuse

I believe ShadowX is going to release a JK version of this mod as well. It just so happened that his development path took him to make this MotS version first.

And of course, another obvious 10 for the producer, director, and author of Ninja Kage and the SBX series!
Posted: 2002-01-07 5:34 p.m.   Report Abuse
Wow, that modifies a lot of stuff! From the scrns, looks great. Will dl soon (not now though). I'd give it a 10, but I must play it first. Good job, but release one for Jedi Knight too!!!
Posted: 2002-01-07 5:51 p.m.   Report Abuse
10 all the way man... Bring gout the JK version soon... Love this mod so much..
Posted: 2002-01-07 5:56 p.m.   Report Abuse
10,10,10,10!!! i just cant wait for the JK Version!
Posted: 2002-01-07 6:00 p.m.   Report Abuse
What can u say???????Best mod ever!!
Posted: 2002-01-07 6:05 p.m.   Report Abuse
I love you... in a pure plutonic relationships of course.
Posted: 2002-01-07 6:24 p.m.   Report Abuse
Great job, Shadow! Keep up the good work!
Posted: 2002-01-07 6:26 p.m.   Report Abuse
Just when you think a guys done all he can do with a saber mod.... Shadow shows 'im up! lol. way to go Shadow... this mod is definately your best yet. moves are a little shaky with saber damage off... but hey small price to pay for all the other things it gives :) Keep up the good work Shadow... and PLEASE HURRY on the JK version :) :) :)
Posted: 2002-01-07 7:05 p.m.   Report Abuse
Dude! This beats GotG forever! Greatest mod! Keep working! I hope you make future SBXs for JKII when it comes out as well as for JK and Mots! Keep at it! You're the best!
Posted: 2002-01-07 7:25 p.m.   Report Abuse
Impecable release timing ;) I enjoyed 2.0, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this.

People... I'm sure he's gonna release it for JK as well. Thats what he did with SBX 1.0 and 2.0. Patience.
Posted: 2002-01-07 7:33 p.m.   Report Abuse
Thanks =)

As a matter of fact, I started on SBX3-JK today and am already 70% complete since it's mostly a matter of copying and sorting of files. The only real obstacle I have is to add the new hotkeys I want: Force Saber Throw, Force Push, Saber Stance, Saber Damage, and Toggle Trails. JK limits new keys to just three unlike MotS, so I need to find another way. I have a really good idea I'm going to explore now: replacing useless keys like Next Weapon, Prev. Weapon, Free Look, Slide Toggle, etc. I hope it works, since it's the best possible way. The only other way is replacing items, but it would be rather cumbersome to have to go through your item inventory to do things that should be on hotkeys. Of course, that's what I'll do if I absolutely must.
Darth Tristan
Posted: 2002-01-07 8:28 p.m.   Report Abuse
This Guy who commented above, this guy is the man! Just when a GotG mad comes out, he says, "Uh oh, compitition! Better pump out a new SBx mod!" Now tell me, does this have a better Mara Jade skin thats NOT By Al mcDonald? Ehh?
Posted: 2002-01-07 8:37 p.m.   Report Abuse

Wow..... !

What competition?

If there's a v4.0, ohhhhhhhhhhh....*!
Posted: 2002-01-07 9:46 p.m.   Report Abuse
Guys, please stop putting down GotG.

I haven't downloaded this yet, 9 megs ain't easy on a 56K, but it looks fantastic. I envy the beta testers of this version ;)
Darth J
Posted: 2002-01-07 10:20 p.m.   Report Abuse
I truly wish that some people would realize that GotG is NOT in competition with SBX. They are two different mods, both of very good quality. A lot of time has been put into each one; countless hours have been spent developing new and interesting things, and then even more time is spent working out flaws. To have your months of endless work so brutally compared to someone elses months of endless work is very insulting, and very upsetting. I would really appreciate it if all of you could refrain from commenting on how this compares to other mods, and start commenting on how you like this one.
Posted: 2002-01-07 10:39 p.m.   Report Abuse
Ah it has arrived :-) At last, all our beta testing of you MOD has come to bring this Version to its true potential. I am very excited about this :-) I really hope this MOD will revive Mots, ShadowX Those great Saber Battles you myself and others had made me yearn for you to release it, and at last here it is!!! Well done my friend, well done!! If you want my help Beta testing again, you know how to reach me. :-) This is quite obviously the best Saber MOD for this game, and anyone who says differently is Jealous. I would have given you a 20 if possible!!! GREAT JOB!!
MOTL Hawkeye
Posted: 2002-01-08 12:59 a.m.   Report Abuse
We at Masters Of The Lightsabre are very honoured at the fact that we have been able to Beta test this mod over the last few weeks.

I could tell you how much it rocked to play this out in our clan. See new things and get very exited at the thought of it being released to you all. But I don't need to tell you that. Download it, play it and see for yourself. Thats why it was created. To bring sabre battles into their eliment.

Though there is no way near the same amount of levels on offer to the public as there is within j/k. The only level you will need to d/l is Hale Haven. Combined with SBX MOTS v3 you will never want to leave.

Thankyou Shadow for allowing us the first insight into your work on this mod. I'm sure your next for j/k will also rock as much as this one.

MOTL Hawkeye
Posted: 2002-01-08 6:45 a.m.   Report Abuse
This mod kicks @$$. I have been waiting for it far a long while, this mod gives life back to MotS.

*Remember: If all else fails.....RUNNNN!!
Posted: 2002-01-08 11:56 a.m.   Report Abuse
how come every time i try to download it the folder appears but nothing is inside of it?
Posted: 2002-01-08 12:07 p.m.   Report Abuse
Shadow, did you major in mod-making??!! You are so good at making these things, I wish I could do that! BTW, could you make a sort of "special move" or two that could only be done in a certain stance, or maybe with a certain character? Lke Maw's would be flying, but would slowly drain mana, or Luke's could be using the force to pick up objects/people, and so on. I just think that would be cool instead of the same moves for every stance/character. Nice job again, I don't even have to tell you what I rated it, but, I rated it a 10.
Posted: 2002-01-08 1:10 p.m.   Report Abuse
this looks great shadow, cant d/l it now though, at school. i'll rate it after i play
Posted: 2002-01-08 1:11 p.m.   Report Abuse
Seriously though. Can someone help me please, i have downloaded this 5 times now and the folder is always empty after I download it. Does anyone know what is going on? So far all the SBX's have been awesome and I really want this one but i can't get it to download properly, HELP!!!
Posted: 2002-01-08 2:37 p.m.   Report Abuse
Well Apocolypse, I sometimes have that problem when I "open from" instead of "save to". Try actually saving the zip, and opening THAT.

If your problem is completely different, then nevermind.
Marcus Lordson
Posted: 2002-01-08 3:37 p.m.   Report Abuse
Well, for the first time I can honestly mean this.


First off: the stances are punk rock. Really well done job on those!

second is the color issue: Best to date. The tweaking you did on them made them just right (I may like those colors better than glowsaber's now) Also like the handle switch as well. What could be better is trying to find a way on multiplayer to choose your own handle instead of color (think so?)

the standing secondary firing mode is way better than what was first on there. Good job on it as well.

Skin selection is outstanding. I've never seen such a library of skins on a mod that doesn't hold that as the main priority.

10. That easy.

And as I always say,
Keep it up!
SS Gogeta
Posted: 2002-01-08 5:20 p.m.   Report Abuse
From what I hear there is going to be a 4 5 and 6, but some for JK2. This is incredible, as soon as I get mots again this will be first DL. BTW, I don;t have MoTs cause i ran over it with my comp chair....whoops
Posted: 2002-01-08 5:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
Awesome MOD! I had the other one and was hoping you would add the Maul saber. It rocks! But I still see Kyle hands on Maul. I'm not sure about the other characters but Maul does still have them. I give it a ten anyway for the gameplay improvement!
Mr. Alias
Posted: 2002-01-08 6:43 p.m.   Report Abuse
GotG doesn't "suck", those types of remarks are not wanted nor needed.

Good mod Shadow, I especially like the new Saber Throw.
Darth Maul
Posted: 2002-01-08 6:56 p.m.   Report Abuse
Ok, I have 2 things to say. first of all, this was absolutely awsome, I gave it a 10. the backward strike is really usefull for fighting lots of people at once, cause people get behind you a lot, it's nice not to have to turn around. the force saber throw is also a lot of fun. one suggestion though. your specialty seams to be in animations, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include a front flip with a half twist maybe for evasion. that way you could do a front flip and land behind the person, already facing them. one way you could do it, is to use evasion to do a front flip, then press it again while in the air to do the twist part. I think I speak for all of us when I say that that would be REALLY cool, and usefull. oh yeah and one more thing, listen to MARCUS, he has a really good idea, where instead of choosing saber color, you get to choose your handle.....
SECONDLY: I have to say that I agree with Darth J. you guys really have to leave gotg alone. They're BOTH very good mods and think what would happen if darth J and or Tie got disheartened and left jedi knight editing. It would be a devestating blow to the JK community.
Posted: 2002-01-09 1:25 a.m.   Report Abuse
Actually how good is this! I loved SBX 1 + 2 but 3 is just so damn good.

The new stances are great as it adds a bit more character to your multiplayer character (Got to watch out for civvies when using that 'Jerec' stance though!). I think the 'Gorc' stance is OK but if you run forward with an extended saber you should be able to lance them instead of raising it into a running position.

I like the idea of removing saber damage for training purposes but someone needs to make a full blown Jedi Fighting Dojo or Training Area (with a ring and stuff).

Nice work ShadowX!
Posted: 2002-01-09 9:23 a.m.   Report Abuse
it looks good but the d/l is big could you realese a compressed version on you're site
because yesterday I spent 2 hours waiting for it to d/l I finaly gave up
Posted: 2002-01-09 9:54 a.m.   Report Abuse
Great work Shadow as always :), I havent got to downloading this yet because I lost my jedi knights disk 2 :\ Overall great work and if your reading this can you give us an update on how SBX 3.0 is doing for JK. Thanks. - Destiny
Darth Maul
Posted: 2002-01-09 11:42 a.m.   Report Abuse
hey destiny, my jk disk 2 broke but I found a way to play mots without the jk disk 2. go to and do a search from the main page. type "cd crack for mysteries of the sith" then it'll bring up several sites and you can get one off of there. it doesn't give good installing instructions so I'll give it to you. you have to bring the unzipped file to your mots directory and if it's a program then just double click it and it'll work. then just launch and the thing that asks for the jk disk 2 won't pop up. btw, this is not illegle unless you use it to pirate it.
Posted: 2002-01-09 12:19 p.m.   Report Abuse
... *just deleted sbx3* Thank you *hits download button* Really, thanks for the help man, I just got tired of play full single player mode and lost my cd :D

Well thanks to you I can train with this mod before its released :D
Posted: 2002-01-09 2:37 p.m.   Report Abuse
The author of this mod did a great job. I can't stress enough how well the new lightsaber options were done. The skins are even better. I hope the author makes levels that can go with this mod and others like it. Great job SavageX!
Posted: 2002-01-09 2:42 p.m.   Report Abuse
Darn! I forgot your name is ShadowX not SavageX. Sorry about man. But anyway great job! My suggestion for a level that would work well with this mod would be a single or multiplayer level of Theed, the capital city of Naboo. Keep at these mod ShadowX!
Posted: 2002-01-09 5:10 p.m.   Report Abuse
sweet mod, can't wait for the JK version.
Posted: 2002-01-09 5:47 p.m.   Report Abuse
Me want SBX 3 for JK =( well good job though =)
Posted: 2002-01-09 5:47 p.m.   Report Abuse
Me want SBX 3 for JK =( well good job though =) 10
Darth Maul
Posted: 2002-01-09 7:47 p.m.   Report Abuse
np destiny, glad I could help. Isn't it annoying when stuff like that happens? once again, awsome work shadow and once again, please add a front flip with a half twist.
Posted: 2002-01-10 6:34 a.m.   Report Abuse
Just to address some ideas and things brought up:

- Choosing saber handles vs color: This would be impossible in JK and MotS due to the nature of the lightsaber models in SBX. There's no way to separate the two since two meshes can't be set at the same time (the reason for apparent impossibility of dual glowsabers), and there's not enough room to add any more models to the saber COGs. I'm currently using three models per color with the unlit hilts in a separate COG—one stationary blade, one small trail, and one bigger trail. This amounts to 30 models, whereas the maximum allowed is 32 in JK and only a little more in MotS. I find that different handles per color provides the best deal of variety possible, however. It would be great if I could find decent new Sith lightsaber hilts as well.

- Flip with a half twist: I would LOVE to have such a move at my disposal, so I have already tried to create this effect in JK. Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to force your character to turn a little by himself in the air, and it would look odd to do the animation but land facing the same way you jumped; you'd have to manually turn around to get it right. If there was some way to detect turning in midair and change your current animation to the half twist, that would be great. I suppose I'll look into that approach later on.

- Release date of SBX3-JK: I'm practically finished with the conversion already. See the SBX Forum for details at

- SBX Site Down: I realize that 0catch is not going to cut it. I'm going to move the site to a decent server and hopefully I'll be able to get them to change the URL on this page.
Darth Maul
Posted: 2002-01-10 9:57 a.m.   Report Abuse
Yeah I'm not surprised about the twist flip shadow, not about the saber thing either. It's just that stuff I always said was impossible like 1 or 2 years ago is old news today, so I thought maybe it was possible to cog it in but I guess not. one thing you COULD do though is make a shorter flip that way when you jumped/flipped over the persons head, you could manually turn and not have to run forward. making it so that you could NOT control yourself while you flipped (for like another evasion or something)all yo could do was turn around or something. that way you could have the same effect as a twist flip. but it would probably just complicate things. also, I'm not sure that this wouldn't be just INCREDIBLY cheap or something but maybe instead of the twist flip, you could to a teleport thing that makes you teleport, oh say 5 steps forward and land facing the other direction. so you teleport and do a 180 kind of. just a thought, I think I speak for all of us when I say you've done incredible work so far so I guess I'll just let you decide (like I have a choice hehe). oh yeah one other thing. next time, use Qui Gon Jinn's hilt for the lightsaber. that would be cool, also I was thinking you could make like a jedi belt or something instead of lightsabers. so you could automaticly pick up all of the lightsabers at once. just a thought.
Posted: 2002-01-10 3:13 p.m.   Report Abuse
YAY!!! Take this GOTG 2!! Hope a JK version comes out soon, this mod kicks butt! Great job! TEN!
Posted: 2002-01-10 4:22 p.m.   Report Abuse

You guys sure take this seriously...don't you have something else to do...?

(While I'm here, nice work ShadowX.)

Luke Skywalker
Posted: 2002-01-10 7:19 p.m.   Report Abuse
Hey Shadow love your mod alot give it a 10, but there is one bug I found.
When you throw your saber single or double your hand comes off.
I found this out by useing slowmo, it is very useful. Anyway No worries Later and keep up the good work.
Exar Kun
Posted: 2002-01-10 7:19 p.m.   Report Abuse
Ingore them Tie. They don't know what they are talking about. Your Mod is Tight.
Marcus Lordson
Posted: 2002-01-10 7:24 p.m.   Report Abuse
Ugh, you guys, sbx 3 is NOT in competition with guardians of the galaxy. That is not shadow's reason for making this. He does it to simply improve the game, and opinions differ with many. I'm certain some like gotg me better than saber battle x, simply because it fits them better.

Besides, there is really no reason to have any negative stance towards other mods since you'll get nothing out of it.
Posted: 2002-01-11 10:33 a.m.   Report Abuse
this mod is cool and i meen that as well so if i was you download it NOW

Posted: 2002-01-11 12:06 p.m.   Report Abuse
Good job on this 1 Shadow and i am honoured to be testing SBX 3.0 Jk with you pitty we coudlent have had a longer game but from what i plaed after that jezus i nrly fainted keep it up.
Posted: 2002-01-11 12:51 p.m.   Report Abuse
Luke: If you read the read-me, you'd realize Shadow KNOWS about the hand. But the loss of your right hand is a small price to pay for the improved throw CONTROL
Posted: 2002-01-11 5:06 p.m.   Report Abuse
While I don't really use MotS that much because not many people play it, I'm hoping that something like this might one day grace JK. SBX2 is probably the mod used on the widest scale in all JK circles and a new version would be welcome.
Posted: 2002-01-11 5:50 p.m.   Report Abuse
TIE - Thank you, and I apologize that some people were rather harsh towards your work. You did a good job with your latest GotG mod =)
Posted: 2002-01-11 8:15 p.m.   Report Abuse
Yo dood!!! I can't believe you are making more SBX!!! These are the best on tha opinion. Only thing is I'm not much of a MOTS player so i won't dl this one. But as soon as a new SBX for JK comes out, I am sp there!!!!
Posted: 2002-01-12 8:53 a.m.   Report Abuse
Really good mod. 10.
btw it would be cool if u could do some "special moves" for different charter or saber stances. I hope that its not impossible to do that
I'm just waiting this for JK.

And please people stop those comments "GotG sucks" and others. Its good mod too
Posted: 2002-01-12 10:27 a.m.   Report Abuse
Even if SBX 3.0 is better than GotG: ME, there's no need to insult TIE. I haven't seen any mods from any of you, so stop putting him down. Not only is it foolish and ignorant, it'll also get you banned.
Posted: 2002-01-12 12:02 p.m.   Report Abuse
I agree. Besides, im not a mots player anyway...but if this mod is anywhere near as good as gotg-me, then its really good!
Posted: 2002-01-12 3:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
LOL ShadowX saying you did a good job on gotg ME.. while on his own forum he said he didn't much like it as it was far too sloppy and unpredictable.
Posted: 2002-01-12 3:48 p.m.   Report Abuse
But still a great mod- the new saber moves are cool (Still no backwards block though :( )
Pity it still has the SBX invincible staff(tm) but at least there is SOME balaance added. The extended in particular is much more useful and people are now using it.
Great mod
(ps. love the ep2 skins)
Posted: 2002-01-12 7:46 p.m.   Report Abuse
Is there any way that you can make a mod that gives more force powers (like force saber throw from MotS)? It would be really sweet to be able to use some of the force powers from MotS, since my MotS cd has been lost. I can't wait till this mod comes out for JK
Posted: 2002-01-13 9:34 a.m.   Report Abuse
No, Aerik; making them the exact same thing is illegal.

This is, once again, the best lightsaber modification out there. I can't wait for the JK version. I like the new saber animations, too. The new skins are good.

I gave it a '10'.
Posted: 2002-01-14 7:40 a.m.   Report Abuse
Hey trunks_x check his sbx site for release info and up dates. I can't get the address right now but if you go to they will link you there. Great work shadowx i really like the stance options, thank you. I just really wished you kept the ep.1 obiwan handle, it was really cool. Maybe you could replace Sariss' handle with it since his handle is more known and popular. And great fixing the sith lightsaber bug where the left blade didn't do damage for some of the skins. All i can give you is my thanks and a modest score of 10.

Posted: 2002-01-14 2:51 p.m.   Report Abuse
Simply amazing. I LOVE this Mod. Everybody, the 9 meg d/l is MORE than worth is. The Saber Throw glitch is barely noticable. I love the double saber. Keep up the good work!
Mr. Alias
Posted: 2002-01-16 3:57 p.m.   Report Abuse
I downloaded SBX3.0 JK the other day, and you've done an amazing job yet again Shadow. When are you going to submit it to Massassi? The mirror you currently use for the Jedi Knight version is rather slow.
The Crow
Posted: 2002-01-16 4:48 p.m.   Report Abuse
AHHH the mods out for JK there playing it on the zone and the SBX site wont work WHY IS LIFE SO MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!]?
Posted: 2002-02-03 9:09 a.m.   Report Abuse
This, as expected, kicked some serious @$$! If you do release any other versions, I have some suggestions:

Why not make a third fire mode (like in EP) so that the long lightsaber can be a mode on the normal saber (that's how it would REALLY have worked for a Jedi) so that weapon 9 can be TWO sabers (like Boc).

Also, you're starting to lean into EP territory, so why not explore third fire modes and so on? (those weapon effects are too good to pass that up) I know it's called Saber Battle X, but it could go even further than that!

Still, what's there is fantastic. Also, by adding a third fire mode, you could keep the Bow Caster and Concussion Rifle. They aren't the best weapons in the world, but there are some people that like them.

By the way, if you do third fire modes, Hideki can't have a go at you because he released the tutorials on the net and has given up (so I believe) JK editing.

Talk over, if I could do it, I would, but I can't :( Nice work though. Where is the 11 rating when you need it?
Posted: 2002-02-15 10:18 a.m.   Report Abuse
*has played SBX for a good while and would never dream of playing without it* I love it!

My only complaint is that almost all other mods - lie mods with more or other skins - are incompatible... But thats not ShadowX's fault.

Posted: 2002-04-14 8:56 a.m.   Report Abuse
Thats what i would say if i were stupid, GREAT MOD, BETTER THAN ORIGINAL JK, if they had these graphics, sabers etc. in the original it would have been like a 10x bigger hit
Posted: 2002-06-01 6:05 a.m.   Report Abuse
Nice mod, but... You need to mske some of the stuff like change the sabers color, damage on/off, and saber stance need to be turned into items, like in your SBX 3.1 JK Version, you should definetly make a SBX 3.1 or 4.0 for MotS, a lot better than GotG ME, but is it just me or is the Anikin in SBX 3.1 JK the same as the anikin in GotG ME 16 Bit Version (only with out the robe). Hmmm. Shadow X if u made the skin and the maker of GotG didn't have permission, i'd contact him
Posted: 2002-08-07 12:56 p.m.   Report Abuse
I havent DLed this yet, but if it's ANYTHING like the SBX for JK, I'm in heaven.
Posted: 2002-08-22 8:02 p.m.   Report Abuse
i like the graghics
Zoiloin Fett
Posted: 2002-12-24 11:19 p.m.   Report Abuse
I registered an account on Massassi just so I could rate this. I have been using Saber Battle X 1.0 for as long as I can remember, and I didn't think a better one was out there, but this.... Heh. This just made it worth playing MotS again.
Kyle Kelasheskee
Posted: 2003-04-28 5:33 p.m.   Report Abuse
This is NOT a review, but rather a means to fix a most annoying bug that is frequently encountered in both the "Saber Battle X (SBX)" and "Stories Untold (StUn)" mods.

More often than not, when one plays through Jedi Knight levels with these mods activated via Patch Commander, one may find that if a saber duel against a Dark Jedi is saved and then later replayed, that when it is reloaded the enemy's blade is INVISIBLE to the eye, yet it is still there because it can still do damage against the player when the invisible lightsaber strikes the player's body. Nothing kills the immersiveness of these dueling levels more than facing an opponent who's lightsaber is invisible.

After MANY hours of tinkering around with different approaches to restoring the glow to these invisible blades, I've found a solution that has worked for me every time for the original Jedi Knight missions, and has worked in the few custom levels that I've tried replaying. I'm assuming that due to the similarities between the coding of the games, that this solution may also work for the SBX mod for the Mysteries of the Sith expansion missions.

First, make sure that you save the dueling level immediately when it first starts to play the in-game movie. ALWAYS reload the level from this point.

When you later reload the level, you MAY still be facing an enemy with an invisible lightsaber, BUT if you allow yourself to be killed you WILL be able to see the glowing lightsaber when the dueling level RESTARTS.

Yes, it is sort of anticlimatic to allow yourself to get immediately hacked to pieces, but at least when the level restarts you will be able to experience the level in all of its glory and as the mod makers originally intended.

Now, will someone PLEASE come up with a patch that allows Non Player Characters to have their sabers generate glowing motion trails during a single player game?

I LOVE these mods. Great work everyone! I hope that this solution helps everyone enjoy these mods more thoroughly.
Posted: 2004-06-14 8:43 p.m.   Report Abuse
This is--without a doubt--one of the top five mots patches ever. I can't believe the author isn't getting paid for this work, its the best.
Posted: 2004-06-14 8:43 p.m.   Report Abuse
This is--without a doubt--one of the top five mots patches ever. I can't believe the author isn't getting paid for this work, its the best.
Daniel West
Posted: 2004-08-26 4:55 p.m.   Report Abuse

........Very easily I think.

Of course I give it a 10.
Posted: 2005-04-26 3:43 p.m.   Report Abuse
An excellent mod. The best. Only one regret: Force defense has a bug.
ShadowX made a confusion in his spirit :
- 2 stars : instead of stopping 25% of the damage it undergoes only 25% of the damage.
- 4 stars : instead of stopping 50% of the damage it undergoes only 50% of the damage.
- 6 stars : instead of stopping 75% of the damage it undergoes only 75% of the damage.
- 8 stars : instead of stopping 100% of the damage it undergoes 100% of the damage.
It's a pity because force defense is a good force skill for beginners and game format personalities loses its interest with SBX.

P.S. I'm french. Sorry if you don't understand me.
Posted: 2020-11-25 7:11 a.m.   Report Abuse
Helloo there, I'm trying to get this mod to work but I don't know how install it, and can't find any installation instructions, maybe I missed something? I will appreciate any help thanks in advance

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