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This skin mod replaces Kyle Katarn with Arnold Schwarzenegger. You all know who Arnold is. This particular skin is him from the movie Last Action Hero. This skin is also featured in GotG-ME as a hidden character I made for TIE one day.


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Download: Arnold Schwarzenegger
File Size: 170k
Date: 01/09/02
Author: Timewolf
Downloads: 1392


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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Foreign_BladePosted: 01/09/02 03:16   Report Abuse
Nice skin job man!! I commend you on a job well done, this is as good as skin editing gets in jedi knight. You should try to put together a few more skins and release a skin pack or mebe make an Arnold mod lol.


DangerBoyPosted: 01/09/02 04:31   Report Abuse
looks good, But why didn't you show some ingame shots

I'll rate it when i d\L it


McSkywalkerPosted: 01/09/02 05:33   Report Abuse
Next time you should make a skinPACK, with more than just one skin...


XanderRavenwoodPosted: 01/10/02 23:34   Report Abuse


*Timewolf*Posted: 01/11/02 02:23   Report Abuse
What do you mean.... WHY?!?


XanderRavenwoodPosted: 01/11/02 22:31   Report Abuse
Don't get me wrong, it's a very cool skin -- very well made. But what posessed you to make an Ah-nuld skin, and more so, why "Last Action Hero"? I could understand "Terminator," or even "Predator," but "Last Action Hero"? But then again, you could've made "6th Day" Arnold...[shudder] In any case, a very quality skin. Rock on.


XanderRavenwoodPosted: 01/11/02 22:34   Report Abuse
And on top of all that, I commend you for not making an "End of Days" Arnold. I guess it's all relative.


*Timewolf*Posted: 01/14/02 00:31   Report Abuse
actually you have a point there, I dunno why I made LAH Arnold... It is one of my favorite movies he does I guess. Maybe I'll do a terminator skin


gythlolPosted: 07/20/04 15:01   Report Abuse
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah,
it dont look like him at all


DingnatePosted: 11/25/04 04:58   Report Abuse
Dude, whatever. This Kicks Bum


Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/13/05 20:10   Report Abuse
You should make a mod with arnold AND weapon replacements!

Strength without determination means nothing...
And determination without strength is equally useless...!

Godo, Final Fantasy VII


joe of loathPosted: 05/09/05 14:32   Report Abuse
Is that really arnie?


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