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This mod is based on the GoldenEye game from N64. Weapons include the hand with karate chops, PP7 and DD44 Dostovei with nice reload animations and sounds, Proximity Mines which can explode when a person comes near or when you shoot it, the Phantom, KF7 Soviet, Rocket Launcher, Moonraker Laser, AR33 Assault Rifle, and Watch with tranquilizer darts and grappling hook. There are many features as well as secrets. You can set a hotkey to aim with the red crosshairs, which also allows you to zoom when you have a rifle. You can listen to Control Center music or your own custom music files from another hotkey. There are blood effects such as blood drops and blood pools, which can be disabled by turning on Paintball Mode from the options. Another feature, which was originally intended to be a secret, allows you to create Stormtroopers that use Moonraker Lasers. There are also two other secrets that don't affect gameplay, but are for additional enjoyment. There are also new skins of the different James Bond actors, realistic sounds, projectiles, 3dos, and much more. This is our best mod ever. For more information about the weapons and features, or to download more music for the music feature, visit the GoldenEye Mod website


Level Info:

Download: GoldenEye
File Size: 2.4Megs
Date: 01/12/02
Author: ID_Junkguy and ID_Matt
Downloads: 11694


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 67
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GangsterPosted: 01/12/02 05:26   Report Abuse
Hey Junkguy, first comment! Woohoo! and if it isn't then someone commented so fast it isn't even funny. Anyway, i beta tested this mod and it's really cool, so get it now!!!


lXlDestinylXlPosted: 01/12/02 05:41   Report Abuse
An ok mod, I just felt like there just isnt much action involved in this mod. For example like in EWP, or KWP I felt as if this was a true hardcore battle, but in this mod I was running from pistol and machine gun fire, which wasnt very exciting. The skins werent all that, but I liked a few.

So this is an ok mod, just not enough hardcore action, I dont feel like im dodging a lot of cannon fire or explosives, but hey its goldeneye and for a goldeneye mod its pretty good. I feel that goldeneye sure wasn't made for jk, or any online game for that reason. So id give you a 9 for the goldeneye part, but just no fun at all for actual gameplay, hope this doesnt get you down.


OmegaZeroPosted: 01/12/02 06:02   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a 10, it's not quite the best mod out there, but the idea sure was executed well. Here's some suggestions in case you decide to update the mod later:

1) Add more 007-related skins, instead of just the many faces of Bond.

2) Change the way the person holds each gun, it's kind of weird seeing him run around like he's holding the PP7, when he might be carrying a Phantom.

3) Keep the skin textures consistent. The Brosnan skin looks like he has a white neck and a tan face, and the clothes didn't look so great either.

4) Add some GoldenEye compatible levels, that'd be cool.


ZDawgPosted: 01/12/02 08:19   Report Abuse
A Very nice mod....... really beats alot of the ones out today, i give it an 8 becuse it could have had a bit better textures, but besides that i love the sprites and guns! and the watch with a graple =) very nice indeed!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/12/02 11:42   Report Abuse
I rmember when this mod was still in development, and you commented to my mod thread with a link to yours.

Well, I must applaud you, as your team actually finished yours. :)

From what I can see, it looks quite good, DLing it now. I hsall post a more formal review later.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/12/02 14:59   Report Abuse
Make sure you read the included instructions booklet to find out all the features of the mod!
And I'm also making a Bunker level, as seen in some of the screenshots.


SimoN CLPosted: 01/12/02 16:27   Report Abuse
Great mod, plays even better than the Half life Goldeneye mod. Great work, although get some more N64 Goldeneye music up along with some levels, the best aspects of the actual game.

Lovely stuff.


DruNKeY_MoNKeYPosted: 01/12/02 16:31   Report Abuse
Wow. I played the final version just before it was out, and i was AMAZED. The gameplay rocks, it felt like Tac Ops, or another one of those realism mods you hear so much about these days. I even caught myself hitting R to reload in the middle of a firefight. But the absolute best part of the mod were the secrets, those rock. I gave it a perfect 10 :).


MasterE24Posted: 01/12/02 16:43   Report Abuse
The pics look to cartoon like....I don't think i'll download it. You should of added more detail to the weapons. Maybe it plays well...but the detail needs help.


Zer-0-Posted: 01/12/02 16:47   Report Abuse
Not bad, I think it looks good. I have a Facility level I got somewhere and an Archives level I think ill dig up now thanks to you = ). And whoever said something about music, yeah, if ud like some, I have all the music files from the first bond game for the 64, but they are all midis, however, there are thousands of programs that convert midi's to wavs.

Anyhow, good job,

Zero says 8



ID_MattPosted: 01/12/02 17:07   Report Abuse
If you want more wavs for the music feature, visit the GoldenEye mod site at for some perfect GoldenEye loops and some others.


_RaSiN_HeCkPosted: 01/12/02 20:15   Report Abuse
Great Mod Junk guy! after awhile I forget I'm at the Computer and think I'm sitting infront of my TV playing my N64. Keep up the Good Work

P.S. Going to make a Tomarrow Never Dies?


Elemental709Posted: 01/12/02 22:09   Report Abuse
I played my friend's Goldeneye game, I feel like I'm playing the N64 game, this mod is kool. I give it a 9. Kool skins and weapons!!! One more thing: Tomorrow Never Dies mod? No way!!! Make The World Is not Enough mod!!!! Now that would be hella kool!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!


ZDawgPosted: 01/12/02 22:41   Report Abuse
So what us the hidden stuff? is it worth looking for? are they good? if so how can i do it? just saying its hidden gives me no clue on what to look for.


ThrawnmaPosted: 01/13/02 00:20   Report Abuse
I downloaded this expecting pretty graphics, ivolved gameplay, and the Modes.

I was disappointed.

The graphics were subpar, the weapons and the reloading graphics were terrible compared to Space Soldiers 3. They needed to work more on that. When a bullet struck something, there was no "Ping" of a ricochet. In SS3, if you stood to close, the ricochet would hurt you.

The gameplay suffered as well, the guns weren't well balanced like in Golden Eye. One might have power, another might have stealth. In the end I would have killed for a Cougar Magnum.

And finally, what would have made the above forgivable, different modes of Multiplay. You Only Live Once, Man with the Golden Gun, Pistols, Automatics, Power Weapons. Incorporate those and add a few Goldeneye based levels as well. Forget the music, give me gameplay first.

Rating: 6


ZDawgPosted: 01/13/02 00:57   Report Abuse
Dude dont EVER EVER Compair Mods!


_PremonitionX_Posted: 01/13/02 01:22   Report Abuse
I gave this one a ten, since I've been waiting for this to come out for such a long time. I don't care if the re-loading of guns isn't that great, that causes lag. This mod is fine by me, and probably over 100 of the hits on your site is me checking like every day. :P


GangsterPosted: 01/13/02 02:07   Report Abuse
Remember, graphics aren't everything, and the gameplay is what makes most mods popular. Besides, he is working on a level that will be released sometime in the near future. And does it really matter if it makes a ricochet sound, who cares if you can hurt yourself from ricochet. The part i like most is the ability to add music without losing the game sounds. Keep up the good work ID_Junkguy! Do you know how long it would take to create different modes of multiplay? And i don't think anyone has done it yet in the past. I didn't find anything wrong with the gameplay, it was actually quite good.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/13/02 02:46   Report Abuse
Nothing that Thrawnma said was correct.
SavageX did not WANT to make the bullets hurt you in SS3 when you shot the wall, but he didn't know of any other way to blow up the pipe bombs. But I found out a way, and took away that stupid bug.
And there ARE ricochet sounds, 4 in fact, SS3 only had 2 which sounded almost the same.
The gun reload animations are at least as good the N64 game's, some are better.
The weapon 3dos are almost exactly the same as the N64's.
Different modes of multiplayer haven't even been tried in JK... and this is a mod by the way, not a whole game.
And why would you want a Cougar Magnum? Its exactly as powerful as the Moonraker Laser, which shoots faster and has no reloads.


KiheijiPosted: 01/13/02 02:48   Report Abuse
Very nice mod, a 10 rating on my behalf!


TFK_border24Posted: 01/13/02 03:18   Report Abuse
I would just like to say, when I played this mod I thought all the weapons were terrible and nothing compared to some of the better mods out there for example: space soldiers 9:beta is THE best mod out there and has the best gun models and gore seen and your gun models weren't done very well. It wasn't fun to play and the paintball mod was pitiful, you should take notes from the guy who made SS9 beta. If that seems harsh, well its just what I think.


GangsterPosted: 01/13/02 03:22   Report Abuse
Well ssoooorrrryy, we never said this was the best mod ever either.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/13/02 04:05   Report Abuse
"Nothing compared to some of the better mods out there"? There are currently no better gun mods for JK (maybe other than SS3).
I can make anything. But I don't want to.
I can make nice paintballs that have colors and stick to walls, but I don't want to. This is not a paintball mod, and that would also be laggy.
I can make the mod lag as bad as SS3, but I don't want to.
I can make gore more realistic than SS3, but I don't want to. GoldenEye and JK are rated T, not M.
I can make the guns look better than the N64 game's, but I don't want to since they should be the same.
(No offense to SavageX by the way)
"If that seems harsh, well its just what I think."


ChRoNoS_GohanPosted: 01/13/02 04:20   Report Abuse
Very good mod it is well made off the n64 which was the idea to keep it to it and nothing but it. I can see why people saying the 3dos look crapy but hey You made the mod off a old n64 game which had no reload animations or blazing graphs of today. As for SS3 being better is not fair its basicly made off realism while this is sort of port of another game. what would really be great make a mots version that way you can add more guns or akimbo of each gun.


BAH_SeraphPosted: 01/13/02 05:16   Report Abuse
I can't seem to get my own wavs to work... I make it, set it to a 22050 16 bit mono (just like JK wavs) and name it music1.wav... the game recognizes it, but no sound. So I made it louder, and all I got was a high pitch squeal... any ideas?

BTW, 10 :)


BHC_Boba_FettPosted: 01/13/02 05:21   Report Abuse
Dude this is a good mod. And yes SS3 is great. But like someone said you cant compare those mods. One is meant to be realistic and one is made to be like a game. I gave this mod a 10 for
1. good models
2. having more than a couple options
3. Hard work that looks good.

This mod follows N64 great even I would liked to have more than one play type. More weapons would have been great but I like it the way it is.

Iam making a more realistic gun mod. It is made to be like Wolfenstein a WWII game. If you want gore you wont find anything more than a blood splat in a normal mod cause blood and guts everywhere gets old.

Want realist look at this.
But in the end its all about game play this mod is 10 for 10.


JipePosted: 01/13/02 06:27   Report Abuse
Weapons models/textures are mediocre, at best. Effects are ugly. I don't see much improvement from previous mods of ID_Junkguy's.. I understand that a lot of effort went into this, but hard work does not always mean excellent work.

Keep trying..


MrRavenXPosted: 01/13/02 06:52   Report Abuse
Ditto on what Jipe said.


Plasma ManPosted: 01/13/02 07:21   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a 9

Graphics and stuff were ok...but I dont really care about that unless its really bad, which this is not...its better than a lot of gun mods out there. Gameplay wise, I had as much fun playing this as I did with SS3 so whatmore could I ask for. In some ways, I enjoyed the simplicity of this gun mod over SS3. This doesn't lag as badly as SS3 either. I would like to know the other two secrets though because if they are as hard to find as the stormtrooper one than I'll never find it.

(Hilarious btw, I love launching a stormie at someone who is camping and not expecting it... but who would fire 7 bullets and before reloading turn on the fieldlight by chance?)


THEFORCELORDPosted: 01/13/02 12:19   Report Abuse
Great mod I love goldeneye for N64. I gave it a 10 good job. The main thing that would be cool for an update to this mod would be more skins like bad guy skins and perhaps an option to set the game for 1 shot kills. Those are the mains things I care about but if you add other stuff thats great aswell.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/13/02 15:44   Report Abuse
"I don't see much improvement from previous mods of ID_Junkguy's"...
My previous mods maybe had better gameplay than Gas, but were worse in quality.
This mod is way better than Gas and is comparable to SS3.
So you're saying SS3 isn't much better than Gas?

By the way, this mod has many features which no other current JK mod has:
-Paintball mode which can be turned on/off in the middle of a game
-Ability to create fun stormtroopers
-A music feature as good as this (I made the music feature before GotG1)
-Secret features
-Mines that stack on top of each other
-Mines that can actually be shot and explodes
-Pistol cogs that let you shoot fast when pressing rapidly and shoot slowly when you hold
-Blood pools
-Always working muzzle flashes (Sometimes you cant even see the ones in SS3)


JipePosted: 01/13/02 16:38   Report Abuse
A little defensive, are we? Let's get some things straight:

1. Features do not make a mod. You could have thousands of features and it could still be a horrible mod. It depends on what they are, and how they're implemented. Great ideas with poor implementations are worthless.

2. Notice that I did *not* compare Goldeneye to anyone else's mods, only to your previous ones. Direct comparisons to other mods are signs of insecurity - there's no reason to compare. A good mod should stand on its own.

3. Learn to take criticism. People who can't take it won't get very far. Criticism helps you see your "blind spots", where you went wrong, and helps you to do better. All the comments I see are praise, everyone seems oblivious to "reality"..

4. You said "Different modes of multiplayer haven't even been tried in JK... and this is a mod by the way, not a whole game."

Ever heard of Infiltrate, by the JKGangstas? That was an entirely different mode of multiplayer. JK Pong is another one..


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/13/02 16:47   Report Abuse
"Different modes of multiplayer haven't even been tried in JK"... I meant in a mod.
"there's no reason to compare"... thats true, so why is everyone else comparing?
Anyways its not that I dont accept criticism, its that I dont accept false criticism. :)


SS GogetaPosted: 01/13/02 17:30   Report Abuse
Heh, constructive criticism is how people become better, with out being insulted because they work on something for a long time and people just say it sucks. The mod is pretty nice, would of been kool if the paint balls stuck on the walls though. The tranqulizers are interesting, thought my game was screwing up when i got shot with one. Keep up the good work! :)


JipePosted: 01/13/02 17:34   Report Abuse
Infiltrate/Pong *are* mods.

"thats true, so why is everyone else comparing?"

I can't speak for everyone else, we're talking about you and me. Besides, most of these people are overlooking the rather obvious flaws present, so I wouldn't pay attention to them too much.

You're choosing to hear what you *want* to hear - everything else goes in one ear and out the other. Life doesn't work that way - someday it's going catch you when you least expect it.

This is obviously a waste of my time, since you're too stubborn/proud to accept criticism/help..


war_quickiillPosted: 01/13/02 17:56   Report Abuse
this mod is simply amazing... it looks liek your playing goldeneye. there was a james bond mod otu a while ago that sucked alot. this one, looks like your in the game i gave it a 10. an amazing mod.


C_Y_R_A_KPosted: 01/13/02 21:21   Report Abuse
very nice !!!
you got some good 3do's in this one but if you make another it would be nice to see some other skins in it like jaws or trevelian (did i spett that right?)


C_Y_R_A_KPosted: 01/13/02 21:21   Report Abuse
very nice !!!
you got some good 3do's in this one but if you make another it would be nice to see some other skins in it like jaws or trevelian (did i spell that right?)


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 01/13/02 21:24   Report Abuse
What! Anybody who doesn't like this mod should be shot and/or told to make "better" ones. This is great! Oh, and I beta tested this mod as IRT_GAThrawn. Make a Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough mods! What's even better, is if you make TCs based on all the James Bond movies! I'm trying that too, but I wouldn't include On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Lol. If anyone WOULD want to help me, the email is

Great job, ID!


strombergPosted: 01/13/02 21:36   Report Abuse
Sweet mod. The guns look like they were taken straight from the N64 game, and the levels have some awesome architecture. The onlt thing that I find disappointing, although it's not you fault, is that you called Bond's gun the PP7. There is no such weapon as a PP7. They just called it that in the game, probably because they couldn't get a license to do that from Walther. The actual PP variants are the PP, PPK, PPK/S, and TPH. Keep up the good work! I give it a 10.


PengunPosted: 01/13/02 22:46   Report Abuse
This mod was...not bad at best. I've seen worse I suppose. Suffered from ugly sprites, dissapearing surfaces on the guns, and several bugs. But hey, at least you finished it.


TracerPosted: 01/14/02 00:47   Report Abuse
I didn't really like this mod.

First off, the custom bm files were nice little collages, but they made the menu text difficult to read (especially when re-mapping keys).

Some of the weapons models were decent(PP7, Soviet), some were not (the Russian pistol, the AR-33 and Moonraker). The other problem with the weapons was the textures. Most of the weapon textures were composed of single colours and fake lighting effects. I realise that N64's Goldeneye wasn't very detailed either, but in this day & age, you should be using textures with more than rudimentary details.

Unfortunately, this mod leaves out the main component of Goldeneye multiplayer: the levels. This really detracts from the mod, because you're left running around Oasis (or whatever) thinking how much better it would be in the Archives, or the Stack, or the Facility...

There are some other minor oddities with this mod:

Pistol reload animations: They are too fast, and the arm models are missing surfaces. It's kind of hilarious to watch; Press the button, and Bond's arm flies out, does some stuff with the pistol (the pistols don't come with moving slides and clips, sadly) and goes speeding back out of sight, all in under a second. I think that the pistols should have had the same type of reloads as the rifles (Goldeneye style).

Some of the Bond skins aren't so great, featuring the same flat colours as the weapons.

All sorts of wierd bugs. Once, I even had the camera go flying around Bespin Mining Station, for no apparent reason.

Good points:

The KF7 Soviet is really well done. It benefits from the same minimalistic modeling and texturing concepts that made the other weapons look poor.

The crosshair is visible in third-person view, so you can now shoot from that perspective with first-person accuracy.

I gave the Goldeneye Mod a 6. It's got some interesting features, but a lack of levels and some poor modelling/texturing make it look and feel really amateurish...


ID_gunsurvivorPosted: 01/14/02 02:01   Report Abuse
the cross hair in 3rd person is not acurate its too low but.... junkguy tell me the secrets now... the crosshair is good in 1st person view


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/14/02 02:10   Report Abuse
Archives, Stacks, and Facility have all been previously released as JK levels by different authors.
The pistols DO have moving slides and clips, just not in 3rd person.
And some of the "weird bugs" may not actually be bugs ;)


GethroPosted: 01/14/02 02:18   Report Abuse
great mod!

when the bullets hit walls that little spark made looks kind of hokey. Other than that a wonderful mod!


HidetoraPosted: 01/14/02 03:50   Report Abuse
A good and playable conversion of a bad and playable game :D.



lXlDestinylXlPosted: 01/14/02 11:59   Report Abuse
Im sorry to have so ignorantly judged your great mod, I had first not played multiplayer with it before I commented, which is my fault, gameplay is very nice, although holding some guns differently such as the auto's, would do much better.

I said I wasnt dodging bullets and such which is also false, I was dodging bullets, but here come some complaints... work on perhaps the Dostovei first person view 3do, and the moon raker, other than that you had some great models :), also if there is a way to fix that stormies bug (can't fight together to beat them) then this would add a lot of fun to your mod, it would then appeal to a lot more rpg players as well.

So if this is done I suggest a GE Version 1.2 be made, oh and the colt is a nice weapon, I felt though the moonraker was kind of cheap, since it's strong and infinite, perhaps toning down it's strength would help it you'r next version if there will be such a thing. Nice mod, 10, OH ADD MORE SKINS, that is a downfall, at least some main bad guys from Goldeneye. Thanks for reading.


LordNader85Posted: 01/14/02 15:35   Report Abuse
This mod is great, period. If you don't like this mod, then go make a better one and stop complaining. The JK community doesn't need whiners, it needs players and editors.

BTW, I'm having the same problem that BAH_Seraph is having with the music (see above). How can I fix this?


JipePosted: 01/14/02 15:42   Report Abuse
"go make a better one"

That's the worst argument, ever. It doesn't take a good editor to know what a good level/mod/game is. Most of the professional game reviewers out there can't edit worth crap, but they know a good game when they see one.

There's a difference between whining and criticism/reviewing. Apparently you seem to think anything negative is whining. Grow up..


LilacStormPosted: 01/14/02 18:55   Report Abuse
not bad at all. When I heard this mod was out, I was strongly Skeptical. I`m more of a `saberist` then a `gunner`, so naturally I didnt take too kindly to it. Then, I downloaded it for the heck of it, so I could play with my friends. What I found was pretty damn good. I loved the wrist grapple idea, it was pretty cool touch. This music thing sonds awesome too. Overall, I say it was a very well done mod, but had much bigger potential for multiplayer. Good job, release a sequel soon ;)


SSJ2 TurlesPosted: 01/14/02 21:53   Report Abuse
looks promising, ill d/l it right now


HidetoraPosted: 01/14/02 22:17   Report Abuse
Now for a more specific comment...

The guns, for the most part, looked exactly like they did in the game. The blood was spectacular, because it wasn't just big, red pixels, but little pools that enlarge when they hit the ground. My favorite weapon is the #9 gun.

My only complaint is the skins. The only new skins are revised versions of the colored Kyles, and a few of the Bond actors, of whom had really cardboard looking clothes. Make a few of the skins from the game (Boris, Natalia, Oddjob, Travilien, maybe M or Q would be cool) and I'd give it 10/10. But on this version, I give it 9/10.

It's no fun having a whole bunch of bad actors (not Connery or Moore or Brosnan but the rest) running around in the exact same two-dimensional looking suit in MP. I like variety, so you can tell the players apart from one another. That would make this a VERY good TC.

For the most part, very good. As I said, the weapons were the best part of it. I never liked the game much, but I ended up seeing it so often that it's kind of fun to see something so much like it on the engine of my favorite game. The sounds added a lot, too.


strombergPosted: 01/15/02 01:22   Report Abuse
Before anyone else bashes this mod for having low res textures, please bear in mind that JK is five years old. I think it is safe to say that any flaws in this mod lie solely with the outdated medium and not with the author's work.


PengunPosted: 01/15/02 02:02   Report Abuse
I don't think anyone was commenting on the low resolution of the textures, just the poor quality.

Overall not as good as the 64 version.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/15/02 03:03   Report Abuse
If you can't get your sounds to work in game, try saving them as Mono 8-bit unsigned 11025 Hz (same as the Control Center music control.wav) or try 44100 Hz.


BHC_Boba_FettPosted: 01/15/02 06:57   Report Abuse
Just because Jedi Knight is 5 years old is not a valid reason. I have seen mat textures that can far far far exceed the original Jedi Knight. A very enjoyable mod indeed.

Textures could have used some work and the #3 gun just looked messed up but all in all a 10/10.


LordNader85Posted: 01/15/02 15:17   Report Abuse
Jipe, I never said that it takes a good editor to recognize a good level/mod, nor did I say that everyone who criticizes/ reviews is a whiner. In other words, don't assume something that's not there. I'm merely saying that if you or anyone else has a better mod, then give it to us. Patches, levels, and other new stuff keeps JK as exciting as it was when it was first released. To discourage instead of offering constructive criticism an editor's hard work takes away from that excitement.

Quote from an earlier post of Jipe's: "This is obviously a waste of my time, since you're too stubborn/proud to accept criticism/help.." If that's true, then why are you still here?


JipePosted: 01/15/02 22:55   Report Abuse
You seem to misunderstand the meaning of constructive criticism.. the whole *point* of it is to help people make better mods. I don't whine just to be an arsehole, in fact, I don't even whine. I criticize so that people realize where they've went wrong/need some work and can fix it..


Elemental709Posted: 01/16/02 00:27   Report Abuse
I don't lik ths mod anymore I can't play my music, IT DOESN'T PLAY!!!!! What's wrong with this mod?! Ok I did that folder crap thingy I have questions:

1. how do u name the folder, Sound or sound? do u name the files, the name of the song, name it music(#).wav or make a seperate folder for each of the wav files to name the folder music(#).wav or the name of the song? there a way to play the music?


Plasma ManPosted: 01/16/02 00:51   Report Abuse
I seriously don't care how the mod looks aestetically as long as it looks decent/reasonable. I don't pay attention to how my gun looks when I'm shooting away at my enemy across a level or sticking proximity mines against the wall, etc. As long as its fun and different, I'll like it. Aestetics should only be worth about a quarter of the consideration and gameplay should be three quarters. I understand that Junkguy could have worked on the textures and models more or asked for help but you guys don't have to repeat each other's comments.


LightsidePosted: 01/16/02 15:54   Report Abuse
Everything looked nice, and since this is a Goldeneye MOD, *relating to the game*, you should at least compare/contrast to the game. I found this MOD to be extremely close to the game......and more!! Very nice! Weapons and models look almost the same, too. :D


SimoN CLPosted: 01/16/02 23:37   Report Abuse
At the end of the day, the majority of people thought the mod played great, and everyones had their shot at nitpicking. It is JK after it really worth arguing over?


TFK_border24Posted: 01/17/02 00:20   Report Abuse
Hey, I would just like to apologize for what I said before, I submited that comment before I had played it in multiplayer, and i had not seen ALL the gun models, i had seen most of them though, upon further inspection they seem to be really nicely modeled, the rocket launcher is a blast to play with and the watch\grapple really helps getting around, there really is only one BIG complaint, whenever, i repeat, whenever I try to fire an auto matic in multiplayer the game lags unplayably, I was wondering if there was anyway to fix this, I do have the music and cross hair turned off, help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


yam manPosted: 01/17/02 13:21   Report Abuse
This mod is fun as hell.
Models- The gun models were well done. All of the weapons were very close to the original game's weapons.

Music- That little music feature is quite nice. Epecially since you can add more music, like for instance Espionage by green day. It didnt cause any lag since it was local so it helped give a better bond feel.

Skins- Pretty good although more skins on other bond movie characters would be better. Jaws and some other classic characters would improve this. The bond skins you have are good with the exception of the big feet bond, which is just weird. Like the dalton and the amusing dk mode ones.

Features- Reloading makes it harder to stay alive which is why its fun. Having a huge firefight only to be gunned down while reloading is highly amusing depending on the game. The watch grapple is cool, and the little secret features are cool. try playing sp and making 60 troopers and taking em with number 3. lol.

Overall- good mod, makes for amusing gun duels. Consider perhaps trying to get a remote control to blow up mines like the original game, as a hotkey or something. Nice job


Plasma ManPosted: 01/17/02 23:28   Report Abuse
I think the mines are too effective. They're hard to destroy without running into them, can stick in unexpected places, and are just too powerful. They hinder gameplay very much when you're respawning and dying every 10 seconds. My suggestion is that they're reduced to a bit more than a tranquilizer.


GangsterPosted: 01/17/02 23:32   Report Abuse
Alright, I understand you guys have your own opinions, and I'll accept that. Personally, I like this mod, and I don't see why anyone else wouldn't. First of all, the models were well done considering he made this on the JK engine. If you don't think it's like the N64 game, you're mistaken. Have you ever actually seen the models in the N64 version on high resolution? You can see corners and crap all over that don't look very nice, and I think that he did a nice job porting it to JK. Plus, it's not about the graphics, the only reason why JK has been popular for 5 years is the single fact that it has a great gameplay, and this mod is an extension to that. And about the skins, they're fine. It makes it a little realistic that sometimes you don't know who's who, cause friendly fire occurs in real life. Also, making a skin takes hard work and a lot of times, it doesn't turn out to be what you wanted because the textures looks bad or one of the cleaves are off. You guys don't know how hard it is to make textures either. Many times you have to buy an expensive program like Adobe Photoshop (something like $500) to make those, or you could be a jerk and rip it off someone elses image. ID_Junkguy is not like that. Clearly this mod is one of the best and why do you think it's been downloaded 1400 times, because people feel like it? No, because it's fun and addictive and it's being played on the zone a lot more than mods that have better graphics are being played.

P.S. The music feature is great! I still gotta find those secrets though. Stormtroopers are fun to use, too.


bearded_jarlPosted: 01/19/02 04:01   Report Abuse
this is a sweet mod... a few answers i'd like to answer... or whatever:
1)the way you add music is: Name the .wav file "music 1" or whatever, make a folder in resource called sound, put them in it, go into the game, go into setup, go into control options, keyboard, and scroll to the bottom. click on the music one and press your key!
2)one secret is new veiwpoints. i would assume others had found this one, but i guess not. My deal is i have the same special hotkeys for each mod that requires them, ie, in spork 1.2, gotg, sbx, and this, they all are "U", "I", "O", and of course, "P". if you don't have this, just go into Setup-Controls-Keyboard, then scroll to the very bottom where there is a blank space. put a key in there, and just press it once. then press your veiw change multiple times for all sorts of wacky veiwpoints. boy was i surprised to see brosnand's hideous mug all of a sudden. no offende. he's just butt ugly.

-The Great one has spok- Urf! *falls down the huge line of stairs*


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/19/02 23:31   Report Abuse
To play the custom music, name them from music1.wav to music5.wav and put them in Jedi Knight\Resource\sound
BTW If you find out any of the secrets, please don't post them here.


Mor5ivesPosted: 01/21/02 09:15   Report Abuse
Cool mod. Do you think that you can add more weapons. im just guessing here butt is there a way to implement the weapon system from mots. Press a button twice to get another weapon. If this would work and more weapons from goldeneye would be added it would be awsome. is there any chance that the world is not enough could be made?


NaydColPosted: 01/21/02 19:00   Report Abuse
Huh- i dont get this Mod- if you want to play goldeneye why not just play goldeneye on N64 with your friends?


noggol112Posted: 01/25/02 15:36   Report Abuse
Well done. I've played many mods before, and this is the best so far! It's much beter than ss3, for it's much faster and it has cooler wepons! althought this is based on a N64 game, it's much better.


Elemental709Posted: 02/09/02 20:46   Report Abuse
Great mod, I've played the game on this mod,of course several times at zone. Something is missin'....oh yeah! Why won't you put two guns at the same time for those guns like in the N64 game or is it part of your secret mod thing


ErucolindoPosted: 02/22/02 17:12   Report Abuse
I am impressed. Very impressed.


ErucolindoPosted: 02/23/02 12:51   Report Abuse
Ok, now I have played the mod, I am even more impressed. In fact, I have not seen anything better. This far surpasses anything else; I don't care what any of you say. I rated this a 10 and that is because it deserves a 10. I understand a great deal of work went into this and the editors have pulled this off immensely well. Keep up the good work, though surpassing yourself in this field will be difficult for you and anybody else.


dale32001Posted: 02/26/02 18:22   Report Abuse
the graphics are exelent I like the music and reloading the gun how do you make a mod like that please e-mail me @

I give it a 10


the greates bowlerPosted: 03/17/02 22:27   Report Abuse
!!!!!i love this mod i really do i would give it a 100 but they only have 10 i played goldeneye for n64 and beat it oh man i'am so happy i can hold it in wahooooooooooo!!!!ps make nude women for the next mod and i'll be in haven ;)


Wheeler-NRNPosted: 03/23/02 05:26   Report Abuse
sweet mod, i give it a 10. i especially like teh grappling hook


morphes_0Posted: 04/06/02 12:47   Report Abuse
STOP YELLING AT EACH OUTHER!look this mod is tooooo cool and if know one likes that well too bad! plus WHAT ARE THE OUTHER SEACRETS!?! i cant seem to find them! well good job i give it a 9 because well... the skins could be better and you could of had a level with it from the 64 like the bunker or something else and keep it up man!


ID_JunkguyPosted: 04/06/02 15:12   Report Abuse

1) New Camera Views - From the Control Options where you set the keys, the last hotkey is blank. Set that hotkey and press it 5 times. That will activate the New Camera Views secret. Just press F1 to scroll through the different views. Press the hotkey again if you want to turn the new views off.

2) Exploding animation - Reload with the PP7, then shoot it 6 times. Press F3 (IR Goggles) to make your player do a strange exploding animation.

Have fun! And tell your friends! :)


morphes_0Posted: 04/13/02 10:38   Report Abuse


morphes_0Posted: 04/13/02 10:38   Report Abuse


wax_beermanPosted: 08/02/02 17:42   Report Abuse
make a Jay and Silent Bob mod


DT_JK_SumIncFooPosted: 08/10/02 14:49   Report Abuse
Great mod! Loved it, even made single player more fun! Great menus, although in some screens the text was barely visible (like the jedi powers screen). Guns were, I guess I could say a bit less textured than what I thought (Apart from the Moonraker Laser) but overall a kick@$$ mod! I'd give it a 9!


Jake DarkPosted: 08/29/02 21:26   Report Abuse
this is the best mod i have the animations are good so are the charecters but id like to see some more charecters like Jaws and some of the others from the game. When will the bunker level be done?


JS_Pickle2Posted: 09/18/02 19:21   Report Abuse
THIS MOD RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say its even better than the real game! well mabey not better but a great mod anyway exept the watch why does it hurt me? -1 point add 1 point for awsome graphics and weapons (execpt watch) great mod in all gets a 9 from me


SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 02/03/03 17:37   Report Abuse
ONe word AMAZING Dudes this is so cool any little boy or big boy should get this (even thougt it has blood who cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Discman13Posted: 02/16/03 17:08   Report Abuse
Nice mod but I really enjoyed it Nice work I'll be real nice and give you a 9 ok

(Make another one)


Discman13Posted: 02/16/03 17:08   Report Abuse
Nice mod but I really enjoyed it Nice work I'll be real nice and give you a 9 ok

(Make another one)


psigenPosted: 10/11/03 18:42   Report Abuse
This mod is by far the best one I have ever seen. Its safe to say that its better than the actual game. It has graphics that are almost as good as the N64 version, but thats probly becuse the JK engin doesnt do shinging objects very well. I have noticed a few problems tho. The first is that only the first music track works. The second is that all guns are held the same way. The third is that the AR33 seems to be about the same size as bond. However these erros dont matter when you add all the god things in. I would very much like to see these fixed in another version of the mod.This being said I still give it a 9 and if you dont dl this you are realy missing out on a great thing.


_yo_tacos5Posted: 04/14/04 16:12   Report Abuse
Dude awsome level man great i give this a 10 but do u know the best place were to play this


Force master2Posted: 04/30/04 16:05   Report Abuse
007 strikes again! I like it!


a_personPosted: 08/22/04 03:30   Report Abuse
High up, in the, stars!!!!!!!!


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